05 April 2013

My Week in my Mulberry - Week 13

Hello all,

This is really a delayed post as I have been away!

Week 13 

Here is my week 13, the week before Millie was sent away! When I still got to use my pretty!!!




I have had a kind of busy week all in all, I have had all sorts on and quite a bit of work, I will explain it all to you.

 As you can see throughout the week I have watched lots of Grey's Anatomy, this is due to LoveFilm taking it off their Instant app as their contract has ran out! This is very annoying as I have not got the DVD's I am 2 episodes away from finishing Series 4 and it feels a total waste, is there anyone who would like to send me the Series 4 DVD to borrow for a few days and I will return it? I just need to see Meredith and Derek get back together, I read she makes a large romantic gesture, then I will buy series 5 but I don't want to buy one for two episodes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME OUT!

Work wise I had lots of work to do which sucks and had to organise what I did, so I used my Mulberry! YAY!

I ordered some stationery for my National Stationery Week Competition, and I created a Imysworld Facebook Page

I had a really nice Thursday as my mum and her friend went to see Alice In Wonderland, the Royal Opera Houses Ballet streamed live to my local cinema, it was amazingly fun, I have not yet attached the cinema ticket, which I am planning on doing!

I went to Plymouth and met Kate, we went in some stationery shops but I never got to the Aquarium as my boyfriend and I were tired and had a busy day on Sunday! As he had a race!

You can see I went for an easter theme with the washi tape and used some cute stickers!!!

This is all for my week 13 I hope you have enjoyed it!!!

If you want to lend me Greys Anatomy Series 4 (UK version) please email me filofaximy@live.com

Thank you!!!

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  1. http://www.tvmuse.eu/tv-shows/Grey-s-Anatomy_316/

    You can watch all the seasons of grey's here, for free! Each episode has a couple of links for free streaming or download. It's pretty easy to navigate once you get the gist of it the site.