10 September 2010

Barry M Dazzle Dust

Before I go away I fancy doing a post on all my different Dazzle Dust eyeshadows and all the different colours I have, below is a list, I would love to have the whole collection one day as I love to have really birght cheerful make up.

First of all the Pinks

Berry Pink 927
64 x 2 - pearlecent pink purple colour
86 - bright pink
A baby pink that the number has rubbed off
Candy Floss 931


Violet Star 927
31 Light purple


94 - Kind of an Aqua
23 - Black metallic blue
20 - Sea Glitter Black/Blue (Favorite colour at the moment) only just opened the wrapping lol
22 - Navy Glitter Blue
98 - Mix Between blue and purple and black
57 - Aqua
not too sure of the number but its a glitter aqua


75 - Lime green with glitter - its beautiful only just opened it! lol I have another half used one of this colour but it looks a totally different green as if they have changed the formula?
Christmas green dont have the number
6 - Dark green aqua


76 - Sunshine this colour reminds me of, i have two of it, i went through a stage of doing a kind of tropical sunset


96 - really nice gold
Slight traitor here - this one is a Gosh powder, in Glamour


71 - not too sure if this should be classed as orange its like glitter bronze
77 - more of a peach

I do eventually want the whole colection of the colours as i love their eye shadow so much :) i find it beautiful, so easy to apply over a base coat, :)

As i was writing down all the colours i realized some weren't even unwrapped yet, which is kind of sad lol just keeping pots unopened

Much Love <3 <3 <3

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