09 April 2014

Update on my Reduction


After a month since I posted that blog post about my update with the London Hospital cancelling on me, I thought I would come back with an up to date post.

Also I apologise for not really using my blog much any more, but I just do not have time! Nor the energy or effort... ANYWAY


Last Wednesday I phoned the hospital to see if they had received my referral from my GP, Surgeon in London and my Doctor in London, they told me I had an appointment for Tuesday (yesterday) I was so excited!! At the same time nervous as not knowing what might happen with all the disappointment so far!

I received my letter on the weekend and it asked for a pee sample (I am going to tell you the full story as why not) I said to my mum I really don't see why I would need to do one, but she was convinced I had to do it. She hunted for a sample pot and found one in the house.

That morning I did my sample and all, and went to work. My appointment wasn't until 11:45 so I had to go in for a bit, and my mum went around town whilst I worked.

As we drove down to the appointment I was getting more and more nervous.

We arrived too early as I expected as I decided to leave really early just in case as I wasn't 100% sure on where the hospital was, it was so easy to find in the end! hehe

Went in, and there was a message on the board saying there was a long wait....

We went and sat down in the area.... we were sat there an hour past my appointment time, but it seemed to go really fast, I was feeling less nervous and more excited about the whole thing.

The nurse came out and got me and took me to a room and told me to put on a gown so I would be ready to see the surgeon.

First of all one of his colleagues saw me, and he measured my breasts and wrote notes and explained the procedure, he took down all my details and got the main surgeon in.

He was such a lovely man, he was really calming and nice and welcoming and friendly, the sort of person you would want doing an operation on you, as I had been nervous he made me feel relaxed (I was still shy, I am probably the shyest person you would ever meet). He explained everything really thoroughly and I am feeling really relaxed about it now and excited.

Apparently it has to be done within 3 months, which is exactly the weekend of Lovebox, so hoping it is before that!

But fingers crossed and all things go well before the summer I shouldn't have such big boobs and I will be able to enjoy myself a bit more!!!

I am so excited!!!

I am so happy at the moment, everything is going so well, I feel absolutely amazing! I haven't felt this good in so long!

03 March 2014

Breast Reduction Update

A tail of disappointment....

I finally got my date for my operation, 19 March 2014, I was so excited, I was getting myself all psyched up.

Last Thursday, 2 weeks and 6 days before the operation was due to commence I got a phone call at 9:10 in the morning.

It was to let me know that my operation had been cancelled and they would have to reschedule, I believe I am back on the waiting list, but it feels like it could be a very long time until I get the op.

I was feeling so disappointed and let down and upset, I went to Google, I typed in Breast Reduction Cornwall, not really expecting anything to come up! I honestly was desperate, I just want them gone so much, I just had got so excited that the date for my boobies to be reduced had finally came, I had no nerves just excitement.

After finding this website for a surgeon, I was reading all the information, I have to be honest and say the information on this site is brilliant, I felt like I learnt stuff I had never thought of asking, and it put my mind at rest. It felt more at rest then it had before.

Cornwall Breast Surgery  < the website

I had Googled it all but never came across this site.

It was all planting little seeds of doubt in my head:

First the fact the Dr was not there for my first consultation.

Secondly, the operation had been cancelled with no reasons.

Thirdly, seeing this website, and that my mums friend recommended me to the surgeon.

All this made me really want to move down to Cornwall for my operation, after all it makes sense as I live down here, before I was happy to have it in London, but since the cancellation something in my mind has changed!

Therefore I emailed the surgeon, he replied a few hours later, I was so surprised I never expected to hear back from him.

Today, I made the phone call to London, they were not the most helpful, I was expecting they could send the files down to this surgeon and pass the information on and then it would all be up to date and I wouldn't have to go through the whole process. It appears I have to go through the whole process AGAIN.

I have contacted my GP to get a referral letter sent to the surgeon so I can see him as quickly as possible and get on the waiting list and get my surgery, I just want to have it done more than ever! I am so determined to get it done!

I just want this back pain gone and be freer to do what I want! I HATE MY BOOBS EVERY DAY!

I really hope I can get Iain Brown to do it and soon!!!

Please all cross your fingers for me! Will give you another update soon!!!

13 January 2014

Tips for buying a Mulberry Agenda

The group on Facebook has gone a bit crazy, and lots of people have asked the same questions, therefore I thought I would write a quick blog post with some advice on buying a Mulberry Agenda

The obvious - be careful with eBay as there are lots of fakes out there, and you have to be pretty magical to know the difference (I don't know much really)

The sizes:

They only sell two sizes now, one which is Agenda the other which is Pocketbook:

Agenda size has a completely different size rings to a Personal Filofax, the spacing is completely different. The page size is also different, Agenda size is A6, which is very nice and proportional but it means anything you use in a Personal size Filofax will not be able to fit.

See picture below:

Do not buy the Agenda size thinking it will hold Personal sized pages. 

If you do go for Agenda size I recommend buying the Rapesco Diary Hole Punch (it is so cheap on amazon) then take the back cover off and put it so both sets of hole punches line up with the middle (thank you Steve for that tip)

Pocketbook size holds Pocket sized Filofax inserts, so that is quite easy (I do not own one so I cannot give much more information on them)

They used to sell an A5 size one, which Anita has done a blog post on Philofaxy about, it appears the ring spacing is personal size Filofax spacing, just to be really awkward.

Here is a paper size comparison from Philofaxy which Steve did back in 2011

Any questions let me know and I will try and help you :)

27 November 2013

Hello All

Why hello there, I know what your thinking, and saying......

Where the hell has she been?

Was she abducted by aliens?

Did she die?


Well I am HERE and I am not queer, sorry about that, I know that may be a disappointment? or not?

I thought I would update you all a little on what has happened over the past few months, nothing too exciting.....

I saw Scott Redding, number 45, in Moto2 win the Silverstone Moto2 race in real life!!! IT WAS AMAZING

I got my new car, I know not all of you will know what I am on about, but OMG!!!! I got a Volkswagen Polo 1.2 tdi Match Edition it is in Black with 5 door and my number plate ends in OMG, isn't that cool

I bought a Gillio Medium Compagna in Black Croco

I am having my breast reduction but no idea when as I am waiting on the NHS to give me a date, but I don't mind waiting, but would of loved to have it by now!

I got a Samsung Galaxy S4, and HATE every minute of it, bring on May when I can get the iPhone 5S

Now it is the countdown to Christmas, I will try and get back to blogging as I am in a better mood these days, I was a bit low for a while and am feeling a lot better, a lot has changed in my mind and my life over the past few months.

I just wanted to come and check in and say HI :)

Talk to you all soon

23 August 2013

Hobonichi 2014 Covers - Excited

I got in to work this morning forgetting what was happening today, I was a bit down and in a bit of a bad mood, then I notice on my phone I had this tweet:


I was thinking Angela seems a bit excited today (in case you didn't know that is Paperlovestory, but if you didn't know that where have you been? under a rock?)

Then I clicked on the link and what did I find...

I found that Hobonichi revealed all their 2014 Covers for their lovely diary, it is an A6 day to a page dairy, which I have wished to own for a long time now! I didn't think it would be up so early, but it was and I was excited.

I then thought I should share the covers with you I like and tell you what I like and don't like about each one, in order to help me decide on the two I want to buy :) Sorry about the bad screen shots but it was the only way I could get photos of them!

Angela and I have spent all morning tweeting to each other about this exciting time. Sorry if we filled up your feeds!

Untitled Untitled

Milky Blue

I like this one as it is purple and pink I would say, but the pink inside looks a bit sickly? Maybe but I do love the colour combination!


Vintage Chief Flower

I love the brightness of this one and how cheerful it is, but could it be a bit too much cheerful? I feel the yellow is a bit much to look at every day?


Donkey (it does have a longer name but Google Translate is not translating too well!!

I love the front with the cute donkey I love the colour combination, but I really do not like the back of the cover, it lets it down a bit for me! :( I love the pink inside though!


Robin Egg

This is one of my favorites! I really love the colour combination, its the perfect blue and a peachy colour, it is all leather but it looks like it is suede? Absolutely beautiful but not the most practical material? But I really love this design!


Red & Blue Look for Minnie 

I love the little book marks in this one!! They are so adorable!!!  The bright Disney print, oh so exciting!!! Just not very professional?


Minnie Mouse

This one is adorable but not very professional, I love the pink and red!


Bear in the Forest

This is my favorite!!!! I love it so much!!! But I have a phobia of buttons! Also the ears could get annoying?


SOULEIADO La Fleur d'Arles

Sorry about the strange formatting of the text, but I copied it off the site, as I couldn't type it! I like the print very bold but it hurts my eyes a little. But it looks so cute still :)


Gold Leather Zip

This is another one of my favorites, very understated but still cute!!!

I now need to decide on two covers before the release date next week!!!!! This will be tough choice!!!!