22 October 2014

Recent Lomography Photos

All taken on Film using Lomo LC-A+ and a range of films!

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21 October 2014

2015 Diary Planning - A5 Flex by Filofax Option

Today I will go over the basics of my idea of using a Flex by Filofax, which would have to be in A5 size due to none of the other sizes working with other notebooks other than the Filofax notebooks which could get costly.

This is the cheapest idea of all of them due to all I would need to buy is a Diary, I have loads of unused A5 cute notebooks and plain ones too which could all be used as part of my plan!

Today I went in to TK Maxx to see what binders they had on sale and I saw a Flex cover, I thought what a PERFECT time to buy it as I can use it to see if it would work as a bound planner. I wouldn't of bought it if it was expensive as it is only a test, it was £7.99.

Here is what I bought:

This is what the two notebooks look like:

I will use the Things To Do notebook as a To-Do list, of course just as part of my test, to see if I can use it instead! I am not sure how much I can move to  a bound diary.

All the reasons are the same as the Midori as to why I would go for this idea as a Diary, except they are held together differently!!!

Here are some of my previous posts on the Flex:

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Size Comparison

An unboxing video I did a long time ago!

Here are some other photos:

I will be back soon with some other possible options!!!!

20 October 2014

Paperchase Haul - Brussels Tape

Last week in UK Planner Addicts, someone posted this amazing photo of this tape, (main reason I am sharing this haul with you)!

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to own it, it was £2, but postage was £3.25 therefore I felt I had to order something else to make it feel a little less like a waste of money, so I ordered some stickers that have months on with gold borders as I felt they would look cute with what ever diary I use for 2015.

When it arrived, to my surprise it was normal tape size, which isn't in all a bad thing as I can use it to wrap my presents but it will be a bit harder to use to decorate my Filofax, we shall see how that works out.

Here is a close up of the tape:

You can buy the tape HERE, CLICK HERE

And finally here are the less exciting but still cute Stickers

I will give you an update on how the tape goes...

17 October 2014

2015 Diary Planning - Midori Option

Today I am going to talk about my Midori option for 2015 (I know you are all thinking, oh no not another one)

This would be my third I believe, I can't help it I love them but have struggled to use them, but for this time I will actually be using them for a certain reason!

First of all, to see all my previous posts on the Midori click on the link below: -

Here we go....

(photos borrowed from The Journal Shop)

What you get in the pack is 2015 Diary, in two books (that is the one thing I am not sure about) the cover and some stickers.

The diary is a week on one page with a page for notes, which I have always found seems to be a great combination for working with.

The two books are blue, one an Aqua and the other a Navy blue. The only thing I do not like is that it comes in two books, they also do have a monthly diary you can have but I would like my diary all to be in one, but I really love the functionality of the Midori as you can have different notebooks for different things.

I have been experimenting with the Midori diary (as I have a 2012 diary) photos will be below, and I have noticed I could probably include my to-do lists, and finances all on one sheet, I can keep track of my finances at the side of the diary and on the other side I can have my to do lists, with the main diary part being a place to keep track of everything I need too.

Also here is the last time I used the diary in 2012, November, I like the size of the pages as they are a lot bigger than Filofax pages and a lot more room!!!

The notebooks are quite cheap as well, and you can customise the outsides!!! I could cover the outsides in Washi Tape and they are a lot easier to file away and keep!

Here is a close up of how I have done my Finances and To-Do's on the pages.

I haven't been using this solely as it is out of date and I am using my Gillio up until the end of 2014! I want to have a fresh start in a new diary which is why I feel the beginning of 2015 will be the best time to start with a bound diary!!

I obviously will be able to go and grab my Gillio and use that if it all failed but I think it is worth a try.....

What do you all think?

16 October 2014

2015 Diary Planning

I really really want to use a bound diary for 2015, I want to use soemthing that I am more likely to keep and not just get rid of like I do with my Filofax refills.

I have come up with a few options;

- 2015 Smythson in Crocidilla my beautiful gillio 
- A6 diary in a hobonichi cover 

I will do a few posts with a bit of an in depth discussion on my options over the coming weeks whilst I decide on the option I want to choose 

I will do the results of my poll also soon 

Sorry for my delay