19 August 2014

I am back!

Hello All!!!!

It has been a long time since I have been blogging regularly, but I am back!

I want to get my blog up and running and ease my way in to blogging again! I hope your all still with me!

I am going to be posting about all sorts of normal random things, as you all may of read the past few months I have been awaiting a reduction, I have had my reduction, a post will follow about that later on! I am very happy with the results and it is nice to have a weight off my mind!!!

I am getting a bicycle soon to start exercising and swimming, so much will open up to me that I wasn't able to do before! I am so excited!

I hope you are all well and if there is anything you want to hear about in particular please let me know in the comments (I know it is unlikely that anyone will even be reading my blog, but worth trying, even if I have to rebuild all of it!!)

Will be back soon with further posts!


19 July 2014


Unfortunately I was driving along the M25, terrified, I got a phone call, I have hands free Bluetooth so it's as if the person is next to you! 

It was the hospital, my operation has been moved! 3 days before! My little heart is broken :( I was so ready!!! It was supposed to be Monday and they waited until Friday to tell me, when I was all prepared left work and excited! 

I really hope they don't move it again

Chase and status was amazing though

17 July 2014

4 Days to Surgery!

I decided I should do little posts randomly throughout my surgery adventure, I will tell you my thoughts yesterday first (random blog post I know)

You can read about my previous appointments regarding my Breast Reduction here:

Breast Reduction Help and Advice

Breast Reduction Update

Update on my Reduction

I won't be able to link to these in each blog post as I will be mainly posting from my phone!

7 Days to Surgery

I went to Asda tonight to stock up on some things I may need:

Baby wipes
Roll on deodorant
Pyjamas (couldn't get front opening ones due to a phobia of buttons)
Cheap Zip up hoody

I have also bought on the weekend Bio Oil, ready for after, and a few days before some sports bras from Marks and Spencer due to not being able to wear normal bras for ages! Really getting excited!

6 Days to Surgery

Getting a bit nervous today, ordered three front opening bras, a Royce one, which sounds really fancy and two Asda ones, I am expecting to return an Asda one as I ordered two sizes, I really hope the Royce one isn't too big as well!!! I really cannot wait to see my small boobs!

5 Days to Surgery

Someone in my office who I sit next to has a cold, I am concerned I may catch it, as if I do then I cannot have my op!!! Worrying all day about catching it, he moved to work downstairs for the rest of day just to help me not catch it. I sanitised the whole desk and anything on it and my hands!

Asda bras came today, I tried them on, it looked so funny my huge boobs bulging out of them! But so excited about what they may look like after!

4 Days to Surgery

Starting to feel nervous and excited, mainly nervous due to driving to London tomorrow by myself! I have never done such a thing before! But I am meeting my friend Alice on the way up and she is going to go shopping with me for a bit around a huge shopping mall!

I am going to Lovebox tomorrow too

Cold worries are departing a little, I am less worried I have caught a cold, I have a bit of a scratchy throat and runny nose but I think that is hay fever as I get it badly!!! Please only be hay fever I cannot miss out on my surgery! I will be heart broken!

Drink lots of water, is what I shall do! And eat lots? Feed a cold or something?

My boss asked if it was a operation I had to have done or something else, I just told him it would make my every day life better, as it is true, it will!

I hope I am not asked too many questions as I do not think they will understand that it is not a cosmetic thing!

Will try update you tomorrow :)

09 April 2014

Update on my Reduction


After a month since I posted that blog post about my update with the London Hospital cancelling on me, I thought I would come back with an up to date post.

Also I apologise for not really using my blog much any more, but I just do not have time! Nor the energy or effort... ANYWAY


Last Wednesday I phoned the hospital to see if they had received my referral from my GP, Surgeon in London and my Doctor in London, they told me I had an appointment for Tuesday (yesterday) I was so excited!! At the same time nervous as not knowing what might happen with all the disappointment so far!

I received my letter on the weekend and it asked for a pee sample (I am going to tell you the full story as why not) I said to my mum I really don't see why I would need to do one, but she was convinced I had to do it. She hunted for a sample pot and found one in the house.

That morning I did my sample and all, and went to work. My appointment wasn't until 11:45 so I had to go in for a bit, and my mum went around town whilst I worked.

As we drove down to the appointment I was getting more and more nervous.

We arrived too early as I expected as I decided to leave really early just in case as I wasn't 100% sure on where the hospital was, it was so easy to find in the end! hehe

Went in, and there was a message on the board saying there was a long wait....

We went and sat down in the area.... we were sat there an hour past my appointment time, but it seemed to go really fast, I was feeling less nervous and more excited about the whole thing.

The nurse came out and got me and took me to a room and told me to put on a gown so I would be ready to see the surgeon.

First of all one of his colleagues saw me, and he measured my breasts and wrote notes and explained the procedure, he took down all my details and got the main surgeon in.

He was such a lovely man, he was really calming and nice and welcoming and friendly, the sort of person you would want doing an operation on you, as I had been nervous he made me feel relaxed (I was still shy, I am probably the shyest person you would ever meet). He explained everything really thoroughly and I am feeling really relaxed about it now and excited.

Apparently it has to be done within 3 months, which is exactly the weekend of Lovebox, so hoping it is before that!

But fingers crossed and all things go well before the summer I shouldn't have such big boobs and I will be able to enjoy myself a bit more!!!

I am so excited!!!

I am so happy at the moment, everything is going so well, I feel absolutely amazing! I haven't felt this good in so long!