23 August 2013

Hobonichi 2014 Covers - Excited

I got in to work this morning forgetting what was happening today, I was a bit down and in a bit of a bad mood, then I notice on my phone I had this tweet:


I was thinking Angela seems a bit excited today (in case you didn't know that is Paperlovestory, but if you didn't know that where have you been? under a rock?)

Then I clicked on the link and what did I find...

I found that Hobonichi revealed all their 2014 Covers for their lovely diary, it is an A6 day to a page dairy, which I have wished to own for a long time now! I didn't think it would be up so early, but it was and I was excited.

I then thought I should share the covers with you I like and tell you what I like and don't like about each one, in order to help me decide on the two I want to buy :) Sorry about the bad screen shots but it was the only way I could get photos of them!

Angela and I have spent all morning tweeting to each other about this exciting time. Sorry if we filled up your feeds!

Untitled Untitled

Milky Blue

I like this one as it is purple and pink I would say, but the pink inside looks a bit sickly? Maybe but I do love the colour combination!


Vintage Chief Flower

I love the brightness of this one and how cheerful it is, but could it be a bit too much cheerful? I feel the yellow is a bit much to look at every day?


Donkey (it does have a longer name but Google Translate is not translating too well!!

I love the front with the cute donkey I love the colour combination, but I really do not like the back of the cover, it lets it down a bit for me! :( I love the pink inside though!


Robin Egg

This is one of my favorites! I really love the colour combination, its the perfect blue and a peachy colour, it is all leather but it looks like it is suede? Absolutely beautiful but not the most practical material? But I really love this design!


Red & Blue Look for Minnie 

I love the little book marks in this one!! They are so adorable!!!  The bright Disney print, oh so exciting!!! Just not very professional?


Minnie Mouse

This one is adorable but not very professional, I love the pink and red!


Bear in the Forest

This is my favorite!!!! I love it so much!!! But I have a phobia of buttons! Also the ears could get annoying?


SOULEIADO La Fleur d'Arles

Sorry about the strange formatting of the text, but I copied it off the site, as I couldn't type it! I like the print very bold but it hurts my eyes a little. But it looks so cute still :)


Gold Leather Zip

This is another one of my favorites, very understated but still cute!!!

I now need to decide on two covers before the release date next week!!!!! This will be tough choice!!!!


  1. Oh pretty! I like the Gold, Robin Egg and Milky Blue the best but I don't know in which order I'd place them for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

  2. Haha, I did sound really excited in that tweet - you're right!My favourites are:

    - Either Milky Blue or Robin Egg for non-zipped and
    - either the Fleur one or Gold one for zipped :)

    Have fun choosing! :) xxx

  3. Robin Egg and Bear in the Forest are my favourites! I would probably never get Bear in the Forest or anything like it though because it is pretty impractical really! Cute though!
    Robin Egg is definitely my top favourite though!

  4. How would I go about ordering one? These are awesome!

  5. Arghh I want a hobonichi planner now ! I first saw one of these on Sachiko/Japan corner's flickr and thought it looked interesting, but now seeing these covers makes me think I actually NEED one...
    My favorite cover is the Bear in the Forest. I don't do planners with a zipper though. The Red and Blue look for Minnie is super cute but I think I'd eventually grow tired of it if used on a daily basis, so I would need a second cover for a change. Robin Egg looks perfect for when I'd want a more subdued look.
    Of course this is all hypothetical as I already have my 2014 planner.

  6. I have the yellow one and love it! It could be a little bright to look at everyday, but then again, I love bright colors. That gold zip-up one looks nice.