09 September 2014

How YOU use your Filofax - POLL

I have been thinking a while about the big boom of Filofax in the past 2 years, when I started my Filofax journey, there was very little on the internet, and very little on Youtube, Facebook, Blogs etc. But then in the past 2 years I have noticed a huge explosion, as have many others, but I have been wondering when will this big boom end, after all it isn't too much different from the economy, that goes up and down, so does the excitement for Filofax organisers and other brands.

Here is the question I asked:

I got lots of comments about technology and all never being good enough to replace their Filofaxes as expected, and a few comments saying what the boom could be due to, but it made me more curious! Therefore I decided to create this poll!!!

Everyone can take part, all you need to do is "vote" on each of the options, then at the end there will be a result.

Once you have voted, please leave a comment with any other views or ideas you have, I would be really interested to read it all!!

Thank you in advance!!

(p.s. when I say Filofax it can be any brand that is bound together like a Filofax, write in the comments anything you would like to add)

If you have used your Filofax for over 3 years please click on this link below just to say how many years

Thank you

There is so many more questions I could ask, but I think it is best that I stop there!

If you have any other things you want to add put them in the comments, I just am curious as to how people got in to using a Filofax and how long they have used them and how long they will continue to use them!

Tell me as much as you want or as much as you want to share

Thank you all in advance and I look forward to seeing the results! I will close the poll on 30 September and collate the results!


  1. I got my first Filofax (actually a Collins Debden, but it's personal sized) when I lost my school provided homework diary about 6 years ago now! Nowadays I use it for tracking which work I'm doing for what company (I'm a freelance contractor), important/due dates for my Masters, and anything else that feels like it should be there!
    Inside my Filofax, aside from the diary sections (MO2P & WO2P), I also have finance sheets, travel itineraries (I travel for work), a million to do lists - one sheet per context, and sometimes contact details for people if I only need them for a short while.
    My custom inserts consist of holiday/travel planning sheets, packing lists, shopping lists, reading lists, to watch lists, maps (transport too), countries (to) visit(ed), etc!
    I try to keep the decoration minimal, I do colour code things, just to make life easier. I also use small stamps/stamp pens and add my own doodles from time to time :)

    Unfortunately I've been unable to vote in the polls, I click the vote button and nothing happens! :(

    1. Hello Rose

      The survey is all fixed now it is in a link on the blog post if you want to take part still :)

      Imogen :) xxx

  2. Hi. Some follow-up to my survey responses:

    I've been using FF for more than 25 years.
    I use 3 sections in my work binder, but 8 in my personal.

    Thanks!! Looking forward to seeing the results.
    Good research topic!!

  3. Completed the survey for you...
    - I use 5 binders - Home Planner, Walkabout wallet and appointments, home business, travel journal, and home journal
    - I'll continue to use Filofax because I simply prefer the brand to any other -I think it may have something to do with the variety of cover finishes and the pocket variations.. Just love them!"

  4. Hi Imy,
    Here are some extra responses from the survey:
    1) I've always liked stationery & used notepads in the past. Whilst doing a search I came across Filofax & then came across Philofaxy some time after.
    5) I only tend to use lined & blank paper.
    10) I will definitely stick to Filofax as I find the flexibility of a ringed binder so useful. I've considered trying out a Midori, but I love being able to easily remove & move stuff around.
    Thanks for creating the survey & it'll be interesting to hear the results :) xx

  5. Imy,
    I was introduced to FC classic 20 years ago by a friend and found philofaxy 2 years ago. I use my planner for everything, EVERYTHING. I make my own food/health log and daily/weekly Flylady lists. I draw my shopping list by hand and would make my own inserts but they never seem to work. I will continue to use paper as I have never found electronic to even come close to being as sinple to use or all in one place.

  6. Hi Imy! How is everything since the operation? I have a black Malden personal size I will probably use until it dies. It is my wallet, appointment schedule, shopping list, and coupon holder. I use plastic folders from daytimer (5 of them) with a pocket on each size labelled with coupon categories. I cut my own grid paper down to size and only
    buy a month on 2 page calendar. I use a hobonichi for my home planner and journal.

  7. It's exactly 20 years since I was introduced to DayTimer by a teacher. I used wirebound DayTimers for 4 years then switched to the ringbound versions. I can't remember how I found Philofaxy about 3 years ago. I write appointments with a green Frixion pen (.5) and everything else in pencil. I have stopped purchasing DayTimer pages (except for their calendar dividers) and now print pages from Philofaxy.

  8. Howdy Imy! I was turned on to filofax by a New York Times article about paper planners in the digital world. A woman used a filofax she had bought in London in the 1980s and I was intrigued!

    I started using my planner in 2011; just over three years ago.

    I just have the A-Z index tabs in my planner.

    I use my planner for work (80%) personal (10%) and landlording (10%). It is with me all the time and I can't quite imagine using anything else.

    I have tried other brands and formats but always come back to Filofax. To be more specific, I return to a vintage, personal size filofax.

  9. Hi Imy!

    I'm a one binder girl! Have been since I started using planners waaaaaay back in 199-something! ツ. I bought my personal black malden in March 2013 and she's been my partner in crime ever since. I make my own inserts. They are actually DIYFish inspired. I couldn't get hers so I made some and I love using them. I showed them to her and she really liked them! Before my malden I had an Erin Condren life planner. I liked it and for what I paid for it there was no way I wasn't going to use it so I did until I needed a something else. Enter Filofax. Prior to my eclp I used Franklin Covey and Day Runner for years. In my malden I have 3 main sections: personal, diary, and mvp's (most valuable priorities). I'm slowly migrating my MVPs into my tablet to keep ebony light, but my MVPs are hubby, kids, house/car, and projects. Everything but projects and house/car have made it to my tablet. I do the 365/30 challenges and I journal. I keep drawings and notes and little keepsakes. She goes everywhere with me and I'd truly be lost if I lost her! ツ

  10. I'm a One True Binder user as well :) I've bounced from personal to A5 to personal for about 8 years, but I keep my journal in the back so have shifted into an FC classic and have been happy ever since. I don't have divided sections though - all the finance/fitness/lists smooshed together in the front, weekly pages in the middle and the journal in the back, separated by business card inserts filled with pics of people I'm a fan of.

  11. I haven't used a filofax for three years, but this is my third year :3 Got one at the beginning of university and never looked back! I've been in a mixture, but my current longest is the Holborn I'm using now - bought it for Christmas last year and can't see myself ever moving out.

  12. I am into filofaxes since beginning of this year, when the filofax hype broke out in Germany/Austria :) Some people used filofaxes there before but to this time it got very popular really fast.

    I am pretty sure i will stick to my filofax cause it's the first time, I am able to organize myself or at least i get better in it!
    I have the year and the months at a glance, week on 2 pages, the day at one page and to do lists.
    I use my filofax for personal stuff, work and mainly university :)

  13. To follow up the last question : "Will I continue using Filofax?" The answer is "Hxll, YEAH!" It literally and figuratively helps me keep in sane and organize and not miss anything I can't or shouldn't miss. Sometimes, yeah things got fall off and missed, but most of the time, I can keep track where I am (in terms of work progress, study and exam prep) and where I want to be and how to get there. Also I like looking pretty things. So decorating my pages or drooling over stickers and stamps on ebay or other hobby store makes my eye and mind happy and joyful. Thank you for your question, it was a really interesting experience.

  14. I had two false start with Filofax when I was in university. Finally I started using Filofax again for real in January 2014 when I started to have baby brain during the end of my pregnancy.
    Now, I don't know how I can function without one. In fact, I have no idea how I function before that!
    My full Filofax story on my blog.