08 March 2013

Breast Reduction - Help/Advice?

Hello everyone

Today I have a very different to the usual post.

For two years or so I have been thinking about a breast reduction, I have decided I am going to talk to the Doctor about it next month when I go to hospital.

It all originally started when I was put on Estrogen, they started to grow at an alarming rate, and even though they have slowed down now I get lots of trouble from them.

Before hormones I was a 30 C and after hormones I am not a 34/36 HH +. So you can see why I would be considering it!

The issues I experience are:

Unwanted attention;
Back Pain;
They make me feel low, and down;
I have awful posture;
I find exercise very hard as they are so heavy no matter how much support I have they are always hurting me;
No where sells bra's in my size in Cornwall, it is near enough impossible to not get industrial scaffolding!  

Due to the fact I am on HRT I have to have a DEXA scan every 3 years to check my bone density, but on the first scan I had my spine had a slightly reduced density to the rest of my bones, I have been re tested recently and it hasn’t got any worse nor has it got better. And this scares the hell out of me if I am honest. 

It made me wonder, is my spine loosing bone density because of the weight from my boobs, as I try to get as much dairy into me to keep my bones strong and healthy and I make sure I do not miss an injection of testosterone etc, I try to keep on my hormones as much as possible no matter how much they make life awful the majority of the time.
But anyway, I have been thinking about this decision for so long. I know I have to go through the NHS and through a board and all to see if I can get it done as I could never afford to do it privately but I feel like this is the first step, I guess it is admitting I have a problem!

The reason I am writing this blog post is because:

1. I have read lots of stories where they have gone wrong and have had issues after.
2. I am scared of operations.
3. I want to get some other peoples feedback on the issue.

Has anyone who reads my blog had a reduction? 

Does anyone have any advice? 

Know of any good surgeons, etc…

I don’t really want to have it done in Cornwall if I am honest as the Hospitals down here are not the best!

Any good clinics, any help would be great, I am just trying to get as much research before I go to Hospital and talk to them, I know they may tell me to talk to my doctor but as it is kind of related to my condition they may be able to organise it up there! But this will obviously mean MORE trips to London!

Look forward to hearing your views.


  1. Hi!
    I had a breast reduction four years ago in London. I went from a 32GG to a 32C and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.
    Mine was through the NHS; there was a bit of a waiting list and I had to jump through a few hoops for them to make sure I knew what I was doing, but the hospital had funding for reductions so my case didn't have to go to the board or anything for approval.
    The op went very smoothly, I had two weeks off work to recover but felt absolutely fine afterwards - I can honestly say there was no pain at all, didn't take so much as one of the painkillers they sent me home with. I'd totally recommend my surgeon and hospital.
    If you'd like to chat more about it, feel free to email me. :)

    1. Oh wow :)

      Thats amazing that you didnt have any pain, wwho is the surgeon and the hospital?


    2. The hospital was the Royal Free in North London and the surgeon was Patrick Mallucci, consultant plastic surgeon (with a breast specialty, I think). Being the NHS you don't get to choose who does it though - I could have ended up with any one of their plastic surgeons, but I was totally happy to go with that. The whole thing was a great experience. :)

    3. Hi

      I am having it done at the Royal Free... I am finding out my date today, I am so nervous!!!! Feeling really nervous right now hehe :)

  2. As your adverse to operations (I can't blame you!) maybe your doctor could suggest alternative ways to reduce, or help you cope with, your burden?

    Diet and weight loss is always a good place to start; maybe your doctor could refer you to a nutritionist who could develop a diet that would boost your bone density?

    Have you considered physiotherapy or specialised exercise that would help strengthen your back and core muscles?

    As a big busted woman myself, I know where you're coming from. Good luck with what ever you choose to do. If you do decide on surgery; hospitals in Wales are 10x better than English ones. They even wash their hands!

    1. Have tried the diet and exercise but the pain is too unbearable I just want to get rid of them, I don't want them

      HAHA they even wash their hands i like that!!!

      I found UCLH a good hospital for my last operation :(

  3. Have you considered going private (Bupa or something) I had my septum realigned through them and all the care as well as the quality of the hospital was SO much better than the NHS!

    1. I would love to but I just could not afford too :( xxx

  4. The thought of an operation is often way more scary than the actual operation its self. I've had 2 sinus operations and they always warn you of what can go wrong but this is EXCEPTIONALLY rare. I had gone years without an operation the 1st was difficult mentally but the 2nd was much easier. I've never had a reduction myself but I knew a girl years ago who was only in her late teens who had it done. When she hit puberty her breasts were way out of proportion with the rest of her body, the operation changed her life. Talk to the doctor but don't let him fob you off. Good luck.

  5. I haven't had one but my mother has. She was scared too, but with the problems with her back it was just necessary. She is really glad that she had it. She feels much better and lighter now. She had it a few years ago and she has not regretted it once.

  6. My ex sister in law had hers reduced on the NHS due to the fact that they caused so much backache, hers went well and she said "it's the best thing she ever did.

    I managed to reduce mine with diet and exercise but as i've started to put weight on again and don't seem to have the time or energy for exercise mine are growing again and i'm already suffering from backache. It's back to the diet for me, but breast reduction is something I would definitely consider if it was to improve my life. Go for it!! :-)

  7. I had reduction in 2005. I weighed 140 lbs at the time of the surgery and was a 36G so I was very disproportionate. At that time, my job was a sign language interpreter with a lot of arm/shoulder/neck movements and C7 in my spine could not even be touched without me in terrible pain. I can - without a doubt - say this was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm in proportion; I have no more neck pain. The actual pain of surgery is very minimal. No regrets! :)

  8. I had reduction in 2005. I weighed 140 lbs at the time of the surgery and was a 36G so I was very disproportionate. At that time, my job was a sign language interpreter with a lot of arm/shoulder/neck movements and C7 in my spine could not even be touched without me in terrible pain. I can - without a doubt - say this was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm in proportion; I have no more neck pain. The actual pain of surgery is very minimal. No regrets! :)

  9. I had reduction in 2005. I went from a 36 G+ to a 36 C/D. I am much more in proportion and no longer have neck pain. The actual pain of surgery was far less than the neck pain I had every day. Without a doubt, the best thing I've ever done for myself. NO REGRETS!

  10. My mum had a mastectomy for Cancer before the menopause, and afterwards her remaining breast got bigger! She had a reduction and it was excellent. Things we don't think about like the weight of a prosthesis which meant that her mastectomy bras were causing deep ridges in her shoulders.

    I agree about them getting in the way and that has effects on other things which are healthy, like your ability to take decent exercise.

    I'm not sure, from what you say whether you can have children or if you might want them. If you can and do you MAY find you can't breastfeed at all or that it's very difficult, but breastfeeding is just one bit of a life so don't worry about that.

  11. Everyone's offered good advice - my only additon would be if you are to remain on HRT or other hormones, will the breast tissue increase again?

  12. I think you've had enough reasons listed to pursue this, Imy. Though my problem is the complete opposite of yours, I think I understand you as I am a woman too. :) Furthermore, if you're developing poor posture because of it, it only means that the aesthetic shape and size of your breasts are not matched with your chest dimension. You have my support, if only morally.:* -->Terry

  13. Hi Imy. I personally had a breast reduction procedure by Dr. Jerome Edelstein in Toronto, because of the back pains and that I hated their look. They were too big, so I decided to go for a procedure like this, which helped me a lot. :)

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