06 January 2011


Seen as i am a Tee Total, i originally thought that ment you were really drunk! But now i know that it means you dont drink and you never drink at all.

So this is my new idea, the new alchol should be fruit juice, and they should have pumps of orange juice, apple, mango etc, so then the next day instead of a headache you get an upset stomach, but at least its alot more healthy and you wont have people falling over the streets being sick in every possible place!

As you can tell im not much in to the alchol fuled years we seem to be in, people going out everyweek, if i do go out i just drink glassess of water, but when i get REALLY hardcore i drink BOTTLED WATER!!!! So that is what i think!

YES IM 20 AND I DONT DRINK OR PARTY BEING HAMMERED, i would rather remember my night and dance and have a good time, at least then if you get in a fight its for a reason and not because your so pumped of alchol you cant controll you actions!!!!! Get your head on and fix it!

But wouldnt life be so much simpler, just think a pint would be lik £1.50 if that!!!! What an amazing world we woud live in, and instead of snacks you have nice fruit and vegtables!

Anyway after that little rant im going!

Much Love <3

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