30 June 2013


Apparently Google Reader is not going to be used from tomorrow!!

If you still want to follow me you can on Bloglovin click the link on the side :)

I promise I will get back to blogging :) I am really rubbish at the moment with everything, I am at that stage where I really need my injection...

If anyone still reads my blog..... the competition ends tonight!!!



  1. I've been told that google reader dying shouldn't affect any of my bloog reading stuff, so I look forward to seeing your new posts in my usual way :-) If I find it doesn't work for any reason then I shall find you :o)

  2. Hello Imogene,

    I no longer get your posts, which I find quite sad. I have heard that you re very busy at work and do not post as often as you used to, but even then I still get nothing from you.