05 February 2013

Help Imysworld Fund a Mulberry Agenda


Now this will seem like a very strange post, and I thought why not, what harm can it do.

I have dreamt for a long time about owning a Mulberry Agenda, and I was going to try to treat myself to one but lots and lots of bills came up, as usual!

As you all know I have made Youtube videos and done my blog for a long time, a very long time, and I thought about contacting Mulberry saying can I have one for review etc, but I thought that is never going to work!

I was having a little discussion on Twitter and someone said as a joke I should make a donate to the fund button, and I started to think maybe I should.

I did have an adsense account but Google decided to close it, I had earn't £50 when they closed it and had nearly reached the £60 fresh hold and there was no way to reactivate it they said it was their final decision, therefore I was unable to get it back or claim any money or anything, so I have never earnt anything at all from doing my blog posts or youtube, and I know there are lots of people out there who do end up earning a living from it.  But I have a full time job and when I am not working I am either spending time with my boyfriend or running the group on my condition or replying to emails from people who have my condition who are in a lot more unfortunate place than me and are struggling so they ask for my help.

It can all get a bit much sometimes so I distance myself from the world.

Hence why I left Facebook for 5 months and why I don't say much on twitter any more and why I have been off my blog recently.

The past 2 months have been so busy in my office I have not had time to do anything really other than work and sleep, I have been exhausted.

Therefore I thought about it for a while and even though it is selfish and all to have a donation button to get a binder, but I just want a little treat. I know I have had many Filofaxes over the years free but I have also given away quite a few Filofaxes to people in competitions etc!

You can ignore this post and the button to give money to the fund completely, you can leave nasty comments to me about doing this, or your can donate, its up to you, I am not asking for £1,000,000, the binder is only £350 and once I reach that goal I will remove the button instantly.

What you will get back from this is.......

I will do regular blog posts - 3 per week, I will try to do one video per week, I will do weekly or monthly updates, and when I go to get the binder if I manage to get it in store rather than online I will let someone film it for me so you can all see my excitement of going to buy it. Also you will see lots of blog posts on the binder.

Once I have got the binder, I will get my hands on some Filofaxes and give them away to you all! I will also make sure they have perfect rings etc.....

But I will try my hardest to have more competitions etc...

So please do not hate me!!!!!!

Here is a picture of the binder I would like, if they stop making this one there also is another one I like.

But obviously I really love pink as you all know!

So if you want to help me, click below and enter the amount you want to give, it can be as little or as much as you like!

Click on the "Buy Now" button in the sidebar on the right hand side at the top to donate money to the fund! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!!!!!!

If you have any questions let me know.

Blogging will be on Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will try to blog on extra day's too!!!!


  1. No nasty comments from me but I do think its worth sending them an email asking if you can review one. After all the worst than can happen is they say no or ignore you. Good luck on your quest!

  2. Hi Amanda, I have just emailed them but I think its a very slim chance they will do it for me.

    But I have emailed them!!!

    Thank you :)

  3. Also, if they did give me one any money raised would be returned to the person who gave it to me. or given to charity, depending on what the person decides!

  4. Hi Imy! I'm here in the states, I absolutely love your blog, it was you who convinced me to get a filofax, I have te Malden from Rori! Anyways, no nasty comments here, and I think it's a wonderful idea to email the company, what harm would it cost? I look forward to seeing how you progress with this. I love your honesty too.

    PS: how is the Kate Spade working out? I was thinking about getting one for awhile, but wasn't sure about it. I'm currently using te FC inserts compact size, is there room for the wider pages? Your reply would be appreciated. Thank you!!

  5. Hi Imy!! I'm from the states, and I absolutely love your blog! After watching your YT videos, you convinced me to get a filofax!! Anyways, I think it's a great idea to email the Mulberry company, what's the worse, they could just say no. I'm looking forward to following your progress, and good luck!! I have a question to ask:

    How is the Kate Spade binder? I've been thinking about it for awhile, I'm currently using the compact FC inserts, would they be too wide for the Kate Spade binder? Thanks for your reply!! MissElectra

  6. Miss Electra - Thank you :)

    I have emailed them today to find out what they say! Fingers crossed!!!! I will be doing updates, I am not expecting money to come flooding in or to get to my target but its worth a try!!!

    I am going to sell some things on ebay to help but I dont have much to sell :(

    I love the Kate Spade, but i have always dreamt of a mulberry to go with the bag my mum got me for my 21st, but i dont have that kind of money unfortunately!

    The Kate Spade is not really wide enough I dont think here is a picture of my inserts inside:


    How wide are they? I could cut one tonight and try??

    Imy xxxx

  7. No words of hate here - if you don't ask you don't get right? :-)

  8. What is your health condition, Imy? Sounds like it's pretty tough.

    Good luck with the Mulberry Agenda. I have no idea what it is so I'm taking a peek at the link you provided as soon as I'm done here.

    1. Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, it is a condition which makes it so you have XY chromosomes and Testies inside rather than female reproductive parts, everything else about you is female except your insides. It is more of a thing that messes with your head then anything, and a lot of people feel alone because of it! I offer a lot of support to these people and try to help as much as I can. I can't always help but sometimes it is just nice for someone to be there and to help them out! I put a lot of time in to helping others before myself. Therefore I thought I would try something for myself for a change! Sometimes you have to be selfish! x

  9. Completely inappropriate. Even if mulberry decided to send you a £350 organiser if they take a look through your blog they will see that in a few weeks/months you will move on to something else. You do no want the free binder for review purposes, you just want a binder you don't need / cant afford. When things are sent to people for review the blogger reviews it and then instantly puts it up as a competition prize or sells its for charity money.

    Im sorry you have bills and I am sorry you have a busy life.

    I hope you are able to have a little more patience until you can afford what you want. Or you can set your gaols at a more affordable item. I have always wanted a BMW but I simply cant afford one.

    1. Clearly SSA you have never met Imy in person. I have and I have to say that I find the tone of your comment quite distasteful and bordering on harassment and bullying. By hiding behind a virtually anonymous profile, you are also raising further suspicion too.

      I think Mulberry are being quite short sighted to have not taken up Imy's offer to review and use one of their products and for her to be able to compare it to a Filofax and other brands.

      If they have a policy of not sending out review samples then that is their policy. I'm surprised they didn't offer Imy a discount on the purchase of the item, but may be that will be something Imy can look in to.

      A couple of years ago Filofax were very keen to tap in to the enthusiasm shown by Imy in her blog and You Tube videos, and asked me if I could put them in contact with her, which I did. Older well established companies such as Filofax will bite your arm off if they can get someone who is young and vibrant to show off their products, they spread the word amongst their peer groups and it then brings along new younger customers to their products.

      We are all getting old... and you need to bring in younger people otherwise companies lose customers and they do bust.

      What Imy has done after being turned down by Mulberry is both modern and courageous. She could have just turned her back on the brand and walked away. But in fact she remains as 'keen as mustard' in wanting to use a product that to many is out of their comfortable price range.

      'Crowd Sourcing' is happening all over the internet, a lot of blogs wouldn't exist today if it wasn't for the generous donations of the reader. Whilst Philofaxy doesn't directly ask for money, it is funded by the readers if they purchase items via affiliate links on the site. Any excess money that Philofaxy gets through this commission arrangement is donated to charity or is used to pay for postage to send out items after they have been reviewed etc. So Imy's request is totally in line with current practices used by bloggers, photographers etc.

      Imy has been very 'up front' with this small campaign of hers and I think we can trust her and applaud her sense of responsibility, it's not like she is asking us to fund a drugs habit or to clear her credit card bill.

      And finally I would ask SSA who ever you are, please be more considerate with your commenting in future.


    2. Steve, I apologise that my opinion may not be the same as others. However, I take offence to your comment. The definition of harassment:
      To irritate or torment persistently.

      ^ note persistently. I have not done that at all.

      The definition of bullying:
      A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing,

      ^ Seeing as you are the one to say that i dont know Imy (true). You also dont know me to know if I am habitually cruel.


    3. In fairness I did say 'bordering on' may be that doesn't translate so easily.

      It means or I meant that your comment is getting close to rather than actually being. There is a difference.

      Additionally I didn't want this to become persistent, hence 'nipping it in the bud' before it got any worse than what it is.

      I think you will also find that the definitions vary depending on the type of harassment, and persistent isn't always present in the definitions.

  10. Sorry to hear that Mulberry can't send you one to review & I agree with the 'if you don't ask, you don't get' too :)

    Maybe friends & relatives could donate to your Mulberry fund for birthdays & Chrismas?

  11. SSA, perhaps if you'd spent a bit more time working and less time being bitter and ripping into people on random blog posts then you'd be able to afford a BMW. Priorities are priorities though, I guess. Just to rub salt into the wounds I've donated and I'm off to collect my new M3 this afternoon so the timing couldn't be better. Trying to belittle someone who does a lot of selfless work for people just makes you look like an ass.

    1. Well put Andrew. All I can say is SSA doesn't know Imy very well. Enjoy your new car. Xx :)

  12. No need to be rude, nobody is being forced to contribute are they?!

    Good luck with it Imy! xx

    1. Not at all, it is a voluntary thing :)

      thank you :) x

  13. Aloha Imy!

    Major props to you! From being upfront with your intersex condition to being honest about wanting a Mulberry planner, your being genuine to yourself and to the world is a breath of fresh air. A lot of people online can be fake and put on ridiculous airs, so you, darling, are very special.

    SSA, it takes courage for people like Imy to ask for.something knowing they will be likely ridiculed. I understand that you may not agree with her decision to solicit donations for a Mulberry fund. However--and I say this with respect for you--that does not mean you should come into her house (which is essentially what a personal blog is) and make her feel like shit. So what if she.changes her mind about planners every few weeks or months? ThT does not mean she deserves them any less. Freedom of choice is wonderful.


    1. Thank you Leilani :)

      You are very sweet!!!!! <3 xxx

  14. Nice one Andrew. I've also donated; even tho I've never met imy and very much doubt I ever will but the effort and time she's puts into all this is well worth rewarding.I enjoy reading the site, the reviews and peoples supporting comments and because of that I don't mind giving a few quid; the same as I'd pay for a walking, motorcycle or electronics magazine.

    1. Thank you so much Simon!!! it is very kind of you!!!

      I guess my blog is like a stationery magazine... if only there was one you could buy in smiths, I would buy it religiously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you again :) x

  15. I'm of the 'if you don't try you will never know' school of thought. Donating is not compulsory and Imy puts so much time, energy and effort into her posts and videos for us and for people with her condition that she deserves something back, I think. I get tired of my Mulberry agenda now and then too - it doesn't mean I will never use it again. It was a lifetime investment and there is time enough to use it over the rest of my lifetime. I return to it regularly and will love it forever.

    Good luck Imy!

  16. If someone asks me for help I generally give it if I can. I won't miss a few pounds. I imagine few of us would. It seems a fairly small thing compared with what I've learned from Imy's blog and videos.