22 April 2013

Day 1 - National Stationery Week - Filofax

Welcome to Day 1 of National Stationery Week, today the company that we will be talking about and having a prize from is Filofax... YAY

Before I tell you about the prize and why I love the company please READ THE RULES < click there 

The prize is one of three Doodle Filofaxes, in Personal Size! Two come with full sets of inserts, and the final comes with just a diary! But it is still customisable! 

I fell in love with Filofaxes many years ago, I have used them the majority of my life and ring bound systems are what works for me best. 

There is just something you get from writing everything on paper, and then being able to remove a page or move it to a different section that just makes me excited! 

The first grown up Filofax I bought when I was an adult in 2010, it was a Slimline Adelphi in Scarlet, I bought all the inserts and I felt really bad buying it as it came to £50 in total, I was really worried I had spent too much (now knowing that it is nothing), I then on my 20th birthday decided to get the A5 Cuban Zip, which is just after I started to make videos.

Before all that I owned a few different Filofaxes, I had bought them all in WHSmiths and at Carboot Sales with pocket money and Fun Faxes from book shops.

But in 2010 I had my first experience of doing a video for Filofax, They put a post up about how they are looking for a few people to have a Filofax Domino to review and then do a video on, it was the Christmas Gift, and it was to have the Gourmet Gift Card with it, I think this was towards the end of 2010 (not 100%). For a while I appeared on the Filofax website, my little face as a video, then they replaced me for Plannerisms, this was before I knew about her, at the time I felt a little jealous, I enjoyed my little bit of fame, even if it was only on a page that not many people would look at.

As time went on Filofax were very good to me, I got to do a few competitions and give away some AMAZING Filfoaxes, it has all been so good and I have enjoyed it to much!

I have enjoyed the fact that people have won Filofaxes that have been part of competitions  and that some of them had never used a Filofax, and because of me, I got them addicted to Filofaxes. It is amazing to of had such an effect!

Filofaxes are just the perfect thing to use when you need a diary!

Here are some of my old videos when I first got in to Filofaxes properly!

Some Classic Imysworld videos there! I hope you enjoyed them all!

Enough of my rambling! Now on to the prizes and the questions:

I have 3 Doodle Filofaxes in Personal size to give away!


Two with full sets of inserts and one with a Diary in, to enter this part of the give away answer the following questions. The bonus is just for fun you do not have to do it, but I would love to see some ideas! 


Question 1: Which Filofax from the new range do you like best?

Question 2: Who saved the Filofax Company in the 1940s Blitz in London, and how? 

Bonus - Design an idea for the cover of the doodle and take a photo to attach to your entry

Now write down your answers somewhere safe ready to email them in on Sunday, the email address will be revealed on Sunday!

If you have any questions just ask!!! 

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  1. I tried to follow your blog before by email but I can't find an option for doing this. Does this mean I can't enter your competition?