17 October 2014

2015 Diary Planning - Midori Option

Today I am going to talk about my Midori option for 2015 (I know you are all thinking, oh no not another one)

This would be my third I believe, I can't help it I love them but have struggled to use them, but for this time I will actually be using them for a certain reason!

First of all, to see all my previous posts on the Midori click on the link below: -

Here we go....

(photos borrowed from The Journal Shop)

What you get in the pack is 2015 Diary, in two books (that is the one thing I am not sure about) the cover and some stickers.

The diary is a week on one page with a page for notes, which I have always found seems to be a great combination for working with.

The two books are blue, one an Aqua and the other a Navy blue. The only thing I do not like is that it comes in two books, they also do have a monthly diary you can have but I would like my diary all to be in one, but I really love the functionality of the Midori as you can have different notebooks for different things.

I have been experimenting with the Midori diary (as I have a 2012 diary) photos will be below, and I have noticed I could probably include my to-do lists, and finances all on one sheet, I can keep track of my finances at the side of the diary and on the other side I can have my to do lists, with the main diary part being a place to keep track of everything I need too.

Also here is the last time I used the diary in 2012, November, I like the size of the pages as they are a lot bigger than Filofax pages and a lot more room!!!

The notebooks are quite cheap as well, and you can customise the outsides!!! I could cover the outsides in Washi Tape and they are a lot easier to file away and keep!

Here is a close up of how I have done my Finances and To-Do's on the pages.

I haven't been using this solely as it is out of date and I am using my Gillio up until the end of 2014! I want to have a fresh start in a new diary which is why I feel the beginning of 2015 will be the best time to start with a bound diary!!

I obviously will be able to go and grab my Gillio and use that if it all failed but I think it is worth a try.....

What do you all think?

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