25 September 2012

Moving on up.....

I really am oh so very much in love with my Regency as you all know!

There comes a time when Compact will no longer work due to the small rings!

I came to thinking, well I am going to City Organiser this weekend, and I will be surrounded by the best enablers this side of the world, so what is a girl to do.


Here is the beautiful Rose the Regency, she has got me through some tough times, but the signs off too much is starting to show. The pages are stiff to turn, her rings are not enjoying the pressure she has been put under. I am going to need an extra 4 months of Diary in my Filofax minmium with my up and coming hospital trip for a check up so I need space to plan my next appointments.

She just can't cut it anymore.

It will be sad to stop using her, but I do not have much of a choice. Me and COMPACT Regency have to part ways.....

The replacement Filofaxes I shall be looking at are:
  • Personal Malden in Purple
  • Personal Aston in Orchid 
  • Personal Regency in Black (I prefer brown but I believe they are sold out) 
  • Personal Osterley in Plum
  • Personal Cuban (not sure as to colour, I like the ink)
The best thing about Compact is the rings are same spacing as personal, so I get to move all this....


In to a bigger ringed Filofax, how exciting is that! 

So what do you think I will buy??

(This is a scheduled post, the Philofaxy meet up and my trip to City Organiser was a week ago, so I have already bought a new organiser, post to come soon....)


  1. I knew this will come.

    I think you should buy a Malden Purple or the Regency (brown).

    I do not like the Ink color of the Cuban and the leather is too hard in my opinion.

    I am looking forward to see what you buying.

  2. I had a feeling this was going to happen!
    I was hesitating over making the jump to compact but I didn't do it, I carry around too much stuff. As for your next Filo...hmm, I think maybe you will go for the Osterley in plum??

  3. Hi Imy,
    have you seen, that the Osterley is available in its new colour orange now?
    I wonder how it really looks like...
    This could be another opinion.

  4. Jana - Hehe I did too, but I was enjoying the Regency soooo much!!!

    It will be posted this week sometime!!!

    Acclair - hehe I know, since moving back to personal I have loved it, only issue is rings annoy me a bit as they are bigger, but at least i can carry more!!

    Maus - yes it looks interesting in Orange!!!
    Don't think Orange is me though, I am pink/purple kinda girl!

  5. Ling I am so sorry I pressed Delete by mistake instead of POST... here is your post...

    Ling has left a new comment on your post "Moving on up.....":

    I think you'll miss the pockets when you get the osterley or malden, so I's go for the Regency, but I really don't like boack. Have you thought of the Holborn in wine? It's so soft and has the same lay-out as the Regency, but you get to try a different model.

  6. Would it be weird to say that I too saw this coming? Your compact regency was SO FULL! I thought for sure the rings would bother your sometime soon.

    Can't wait to see your next purchase :)

  7. I too love the purple Malden and Aston orchid! I keep telling myself I really do deserve a new filo as my raspberry Finsbury is damaged bless her... But I do not have pennies to replace her :( xx

  8. For my money I would go for the Cuban because based on your review that's what I bought and I an more than happy with it. Flatability is a problems but with the right training, anything is possible.

  9. I'd wish you would have removed the spelling mistakes while you were at it. ;-) But what do you think of the Holborn?

  10. Hi Imy,

    I've seen the personal size in brown on amazon. Black too! I prefer brown as well! Just received my compact regency (brown). I'm using it just as a planner and weekly/daily to do's. So projectplanning/monthly etc stays in my A5 Cuban. Saddle brown is a good color too! Ink as well.

    Have you already decided? The regency is such a lovely binder...

    Good luck!
    Lady Filo

  11. Imy, add the personal Holborn to your consideration.

  12. Purple Malden or Plum Osterley. I wish I could have both. I guess it comes down to how much you are willing to spend. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you choose!