24 September 2012

Temperley for Filofax - Violet Review

I am going to do a completely honest review of what I really thought of the Violet Temperley for Filofax!

I had a look at it and took a few photos, but I didn't want to take too many in the worry that my camera could possibly break....

I definitely could not take one of the iKat at a risk of being sick on my iPhone, and that would be a costly mistake, just like buying the iKat would be, I possibly think I would rather spend money on an Apex over the iKat, and that is saying an awful lot! Try giving them away....you will see they are as popular as an Apex!

Here is the Violet.



What comes to mind is....


It does not look as shiny in real life it is more matt, it does not feel like leather.

The stroke-a-bility would be a mear -100 maybe?

The inside...


Ooooo these inserts look like they could be pretty...


No I was wrong, they have already filled in the diary for you!!!!

You have no room to write your own things as all the languages take up all the page.

Now this is where my review is going to stop.

I am supposed to be of the age of people this is aimed at I would say, people who are Fashionable (which I am not) what happened Filofax?


I think you just gave a piece of hideous bus seat to a person in a sweat shop and some plastic and said can you make a really simple cheap Filofax that we can charge outrageous prices for! Put some designers name on it and try to sell it to the masses! It is supposed to also be a clutch bag...I would say more of a break pad holder? Add it to the car family along with the Violet.

That was my review.

I know people will not agree with me. You can say what you like to me in the comments. It is just how I feel about Filofaxes latest range.

Have a nice day, I shall enjoy my beautiful new Personal sized Filofax which you shall see more about soon!


  1. hi Imy

    I'm sticking with my vintage Hampstead (currently subbing for my Malden - I can't imagine why anyone would want one of those Temperley things.....unless, of course, they were victims of fashion and just *had* to have the newest model regardless of whether it was any good or not....ah, sorry, didn't Apple already do that?....

    If you have it and it's not broken, don't try to fix it.

  2. You made me laugh :o) I checked Ikat on the filofax site ant it`s really hideous. Let's hope David's letter will open their eyes.

  3. I'm going to do a post about my opinion of the Temperleys too as I was a bit gobsmacked at how little I like them all...

  4. I totaly agree Imy. I haven├čt seen them in the flesh and the iKat looks just hideous, the Violet I thought looked reasonable, until you check out the pockets inside - it just looks as though they would serve pretty much no purpose... don´t they understand that we love our pockets...? Substance & functionality over ´fashion´ please Filofax...

  5. Oh dear, this Filo is worse than I thought! I thought this one was the lesser of the Temperley evils, but no, it's just as bad as the iKat :-/

  6. Got to say...and I am going to be very unpopular here...that I absolutely LOVE my 'Violet' Filofax which I bought at City Organiser this weekend whilst on the Philofaxy Meet-Up in London.

    That said I am using it as a wallet, have ditched ALL of the insides and (for those of you who saw it) no longer have to keep my old (and much loved) Compact Classic together with a red Royal Mail elastic band! Filofax stopped putting clasps on their Compact range for a short (mad) while and that - about 10 years ago - is when I got mine.

    I did look at at least 5 'Violets' whilst in the shop. They are all slightly different and the one I chose is gorgeous...and smells like leather too (and so it should!). Sorry Imy - most of the time I agree with you. On this occasion I have to differ...

  7. I like the look of the binder, but if I actually held one maybe not..would I pay the full price probably not....ok I just looked absolutely not..but the inserts remind me of a freebie diary I received a couple of years ago...to be fair I'm loathed to pay more than £40 fo a filo hence I go man made material as opposed to leather

  8. *sigh* not another one where you'd have to visit a store to chose which one to get.

    Ok. I'll wait until I can visit both CO and the conduit street store until I judge the Violet.

  9. I actually really like the colour and the leather print design. I just don't like the fact it's more like a purse than a Filofax. If they made it in a Personal style I'd be very tempted. But as it is? Definitely not!