25 November 2012

Filofax Spot!

Has anyone seen that Batiste Dry Shampoo Advert on TV at the moment??

I have quite a few times, and the first few times I thought hmmmm....

What is that?? Is that what I think it is??

Then I would wait to watch the advert again and again on TV until it suddenly twigged!!

Watch the advert here.... and see if you can notice??


I was so excited when I saw it I jumped up and down a little....

Here it is as a screen shot, I eventually decided I needed to screen shot it!


It was the Filofax Botanic which is no longer on the Filofax website!!! But it goes very well with the can of hairspray!!!

So that was my Filofax spot this week, where have you seen Filofaxes????

1 comment:

  1. This was on webfinds last week I think, I forget who, the Botanic is still available on the French site but only in green!