03 March 2012

How to make Sweet Toast...

A few weeks ago the lovely Louise requested I do a blog post all about how to make a slice of toast, I decided to do it as a Valentines Day post, but I am lazy and I am only just getting around to it now!

So items you need to make some toast...


Step one:

Grab a slice of bread, ours was frozen....(no picture as phone went wrong)

Find your toaster....(The toaster from my flat) (Yes i needed to know it was a toaster)

Step two: 

Put your bread in it, and press the button then wait...

Step three:

Take the toast out the toaster.....yay

Put it on a chopping board or a plate ready to butter that piece up!

Spread the butter

BUTTERED!!! oooo arrrrrr

Step four: 

Now that the bread is buttered, you can either put another topping on or cut it in a pretty shape....

And it is DONE!!!! :-D Toast is done!!!! :-D YAY!

I have made this piece of toast for someone special, even though he isn't here tonight, its a little present for him that can go via picture hehe

That is my Saturday night :-D


  1. Why is your toaster labelled 'Toaster'... have you found another use for your Toaster? May be as a inter-planetary transport system?

    Like the heart shape though... never seen that before.

    French baguette toasts nicely....

  2. I love that it's heart shaped. And just cause I'm not there doesn't mean I don't remember that you love me!!!

  3. Steve - I labelled it just after buying it all those years ago in my flat! I bought a label maker and went a bit mad and coudlnt stop labeling things hehe Fridge even said fridge, the kettle one faded tho :(

    The heart shape was for Mr D lol but i cant give it to him so i sent him a photo ;-)

    Do they now lol alright for some living in france hehe

    Miss_Oakden - hehe :-) your funny xxx

  4. Did you actually just give a tutorial on how to make a slice of toast?

  5. SSA - YES I DID and i loved it :-)