08 March 2012

The One

I have been thinking for a while what "The One" means, and how you know if you meet them...

My idea of love is someone who takes your breath away, someone that makes you feel safe just with a message, someone who just wants to hold you and look after you, when they kiss you, you feel like the world is going to stop, when they touch you, you feel a tingle across your body, when they hold you, you feel so safe, you want to be with them and in their arms, you don't care about what your doing as long as your doing it when them.....I could go on forever....

If I am honest I have only really felt this once, I may of said I love you (usually because they have said it and i felt i had too) to people in the past but I have truthfully only felt this once!

If I am more honest, I never felt like that with my ex, I just felt like he may be my only shot at having a partner in life, which obviously that was untrue but that was how I felt. I may of felt happy sometimes but not all that often.

But it has made me question, what is "THE ONE", I believe you should know when you have met the one! I just feel that something inside you just tells you maybe?

But I do feel that when you find someone special who you fall in love with you should put 110% of yourself in to the relationship you should try and just be yourself, but also be the best you can be when you are needed to be, support them at all times, when they really need you be there etc...

But you should NEVER let go, well try not too!

Don't you sometimes wish life was easy? Its all so very complicated!

So what are your ideas of "love" and "the one"?

(Obviously this is all my opinion and others will not agree with me, we all have different opinions on things like this, but i just wanted to ask what yours was, so please no nasty comments, not that i am expecting any but you never know)


  1. At first I have to say that english is not my motherlanguage. So please quote that I maybe will have problems to discribe something.

    Second I have to say that I don´t think that there is just one "the one". Not just one big love in life. I think you can have more than one real love in life.

    Love and the one...I think it is the breath-taking-away-one, like you said. The One who makes you complete in some way(s). There is no thought´s of "is there someone better etc". You wanna see how he would be with 30, 40 or 50 years. The one who cares more about you than himself. (I´m realizing that it is hard to describe.)

    Thats all for now. Can´t wait to read what the others will write.

  2. Jana - I have to completely agree the with things you said about love....there more things i should add lol

    Your English was very good :-D


  3. The older I get (well, not THAT old), I keep thinking that maybe the whole concept of 'the one' does not exist.
    Maybe there are multiple 'the ones', who are the ones who teach you something. 'the one who you first loved', 'the one who taught you who not to go out with', the list goes on and on.

    The one thing that is common with them is that they are the ones who you will remember, in good and bad. The people who change you and touch you some way. And the ones that are the good ones make you feel OK about yourself, no matter what, with no changes required.

    (Or maybe I am just massively cynical by nature :-p)

  4. My husband is 'the one', most definitely. I've only had 3 relationships in total (including my marriage now) & I guess I always knew the other guys weren't, but ignored it for a while.

    One day, when I was driving he pulled out in his car further up the road ahead & when I realised it was him, I had the weirdest sensation. It was as if my heart flew up into my throat, did a somersault & then dropped back down into my stomach! That's when I knew I'd fallen for him.

    I think many people just aren't nice enough to their partner & I count myself so lucky to have found such a sweet & thoughtful man.