01 March 2012

Temperley London for Filofax - The Affiar - Interesting....

Whilst I was in Conduit Street, I was taking photos of the Affair which was what got me in trouble...

I will start to make some fake ones now....seriously how would I even start to do that..

I was tempted to say DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM...but i thought that would be a bit over dramatic!

So i got 3 photos and I have a few views of it, but to see more pictures visit PAPER LOVE STORY'S blog she just bought one, she is magical and has an amazing blog.....mwah

Here the Affair is in all its beauty, this was the one i was originally in love with, if you remember all my posts about the Temperley Filofaxes...

First impressions, its very thick and looks a lot cheaper in real life and does not feel as nice in your hand, I don't know what it is, but there was just something about it I do not like as much, just didn't have the instant love!

I opened it and the idea of the flex is quite amazing...

I love the fact it has the flex area and also the Filofax area, but i don't like the patent leather bit there, it really takes the prettyness away i feel, cheapens it a bit, this is just my opinion.

Its a lovely Filofax but i don't feel it is as special as the Guinea!

Last picture i got...

I love all the credit card pockets!!! Exactly what i need i love pockets in a Filofax!! That is one important thing for me!

But this Filofax just DOES NOT DO IT FOR ME!!!

I so much prefer the Guinea!!! AND I AM IN LOVE

Louis Vuitton is up for sale now........hehe :-D


  1. You should have said it!!! Anyone who has a Filofax shop should know who you are, or they should have to hand the shop over to someone who is more au fait with the Philofaxy world and all its fans :o)

  2. Beautiful! I hope you get your guinea. Than tons of juicy pictures to show us more details! :)