01 March 2012

Temperley London for Filofax - The Guinea - LOVE

I Went to London this week and had to go and look in the Filofax shop and spend money as you always have to when you go to London, as they say "when in Rome"....

So I wanted to look at the Alice Temperley organisers, I had kind of written them off completely because of the ring sizes, but I saw the Guinea on Sunday night through the bars and fell in love instantly!

So on Monday we went to the shop on Conduit Street, to make some small purchases and have a look at the lovely Filofaxes......first thing I did was look at the one I wanted to buy and decide yes I am going to buy it.


I wish I had just bought the Guinea, then worried about the money when I got home, and sold things like crazy to pay for it, I love my new Finchley but all i can think about is that beautiful Guinea!

I completely fell in love with two things on that trip..

So here are some pictures of the Guinea (before i got told off for taking photos, hence why there will not be a Affair post, but to be honest, i preferred the Guinea over the Affair in real life)

It just looks so impressive sitting there! I WANT I WANT!

Opened it up and WOW Beautiful instantly, in love even more....the more i look and read and write about it the more i want it!

Now with a Blackberry in the Blackberry holder.....(I have amazing friends, supplying Blackberry's on request, THANK YOU)

It has a very nice sort of animal print leather for the pockets, it is wow, and the pony skin on the outside feels gorgeous!

It has lots of lovely pockets....

And in the back i was supprised to find a notepad slot!!! This kind of made it for me!

I didn't look at pen loops and wanted to do so much more detail but got told off so that ruined it for me!

I love this Filofax and I want to buy it!

If you ever need to go to a Filofax shop only go to Neal Street! hehe Dee is AMAZING but she wasn't in on Monday hence why I went to Conduit Street, and i got to look at Mulberry on Bond Street too!

PERFECT HOLIDAY TO LONDON!!! Even though I had to go to Hospital! 



  1. Imy, it's lovely. I sure wish you could have taken pics of the other one thats the one I wanted!

    They didnt want you to take pics???? OMG


  2. I don't understand why people get their shit in a knot when someone takes photos in a shop. I was getting the stink eye when I was in a stationery shop in Vancouver and they only had a tiny little locked case with Filos. ?? Do they think you're going to come home and make knock-off Temperleys? And what did you see that you can't see online and in videos anyway?

  3. It's beautiful...I've sort of fallen in love with the Affair one though. The zipper looks a bit rough..how was it? :)

  4. Tracy - I have taken 3 photos and done a mini blog post about it...


    I wanted to take more...but they told me off.. I was thinking of going home and making counterfeit ones OBVIOUSLY!!! lol

    Terriknits - yes it drives me mad, i really am not planning on making fake ones, if anything i am planning on buying one!! lol

    Wind - The Affair is beautiful...


    But i prefered the Guinea in real life!!

    The zipped felt fine from what i remembered!

  5. I love the guinea too :-) except from the zipped detail, for some reason, I find Filofaxes with the zip not as nice as Filofaxes that open and close with a clasp button thing. :-)

    It's beautiful though and it will last forever and you wont need a new filofax after this one (that's how I justified mine :-) ) xxx