23 April 2012

Colour Co-ordination for Filofax

I was not quite sure as to what I should call this post, so I have a NAFF title!

I wanted to show you that I have decided from now on to colour code my diary.....like appointments and everything will have a different colour!


As you can see here it is in action as to speak...


So do you all use different coloured pens for different things in your Filofax and how do you use them??

I would love to see how you all do it, so if anyone wants to do a blog post about how they colour co-ordinate things in their Filofax I would love to see it!!! Message me at filofaximy@live.com or comment below!

This is a first look at my Pocket Filofax (but the binder it is in is not my pocket Filofax it is going to be used....good luck)


  1. I love using different colours in my diary. I use my Bic 4 colour pen in fashion colours. Different colours for different things. Xx

  2. I use colours, but so far haven't actually managed to remember what colour is for what. But I do manage to do my work stuff with my normal BIC 4 colour and my personal stuff with the BIC 4 colour fashion colours :o)

  3. Hi Imy!

    I ordered a Bic 4 pen with the colours rose, purple, green and blue. At the moment I am not knowing which colour I am using for what kind of stuff.

    I will post a pic when I made a decision.

    Best wishes from germany :)

  4. I have 2 4-colour Coleto pens where you can choose which colour inserts to use- I use:
    Black for appointments
    Red for uni-work
    Blue for general to-dos
    Green for housework
    Pink for fun stuff
    Purple for recording important things that have happened
    Light blue for reminders for the whole day etc
    Pencil for things that are uncertain, and can be erased or inked in later :D

  5. Here is my color coding:


    I still use this system for adding color to my days. =)

  6. You just responded to my comment on one of your videos on YouTube & sent me over to your blog! My username is "s0yunagataaa".. I will definitely keep you posted on how I set my pocket filo up :) About the different colors, I color coordinate EVERYTHING! For school I use colors for my different courses and different topics. It's definitely super handy! When I type up my blogpost I'll send you a link :)

  7. I also use different colours. I started with a lot of colours (just as you do) but soon it annoyed me because I was always missing the colours I needed! So I grouped categories together and "downsized" to 4 colours: Pink for everything boyfriend-related stuff (business trips etc.), Green for the fun stuff (cinema, dinner appointment, etc.), Violet for To-Do's and a very bright blue für University stuff. In addition I use a simple pen for all the other things that do not fit into these categories :-)

  8. Imy, I love your YouTube posts! While I admire those organized people who color code their Filo, it is not practical for me. I write with a Lamy Safari fountain pen and I love it!

  9. How lovely & colourful!
    I don't tend to use different colours in my filo as I mainly use my Lamy Safari.

  10. What pens are you using? they are really strong and definite! Some pens I try to use are too pale to be serious.