20 April 2012

Pocket Inspiration

At lunch time I decided to have a look around Flickr for some "Pocket Inspiration" and I wanted to share with you the pictures that I find inspiring, I will put a link and details back to the owner of the image, none of the images below are mine, they are all borrowed off Flickr, below each image will have details of the owner.

Vintage Pink Pocket Malden

Inside Jotje's beautiful Pocket Malden

Owner: Jotje

As seen on Philofaxy for a blog post about her Pocket - A Pocket Full of Life 

Interior leather detail

Another Pocket Malden

Owner: Stirwise 

Blog post  

My notebook

Probably the most used paper I have EVER seen but something is so beautiful about it!

Owner: Georgie R 

Bonjour! Welcome to the beginning.

There is just something about the Malden isn't there!

Owner: ModCons&Parklives

 Like a Fan - My Pocket Malden in Grey fanned out standing up looking pretty <3

This is my previous Pocket Malden, I just LOVE this picture, its so pretty! 


Overstuffed Filofax Ready for a Trip to Hong Kong

I love this picture, its just so used and loved! What is there not to like about the inside of this Filofax!

Owner: hellobo 

I hope you enjoyed my little Pocket Inspiration post, these are all pictures of pocket Filofaxes that have given me so much inspiration to make my Filofax look amazing!! I am so excited!

But all the pictures were taken from peoples posts on Flickr and the owners name has been posted below with a link to their profile.



  1. It's great to see these notebook photos :)

  2. Pockets really are a beautiful size. I have a crimson malden, and it would always look so...comfortable. It fit the hand well, the tabs - filofax and homemade - looked huge (compared to the same tabs in a Personal) and this made them even cuter. In fact, fitting SO MUCH in such a compact space really made the filofax look thoroughly useful and personalised...a lot like that last photo. I actually miss it a lot :( but right now I need a Personal page for the note-taking space.

  3. Wonderful pictures and a great post!!!
    I love the Pocket´s!!! :)

  4. Georgeredgrave - :) There all so amazing

    Rabbit - it is such a beautiful size!! I Really want to make mine look used and beautiful like these!! I love the last photo so much!! Could you turn a pocket on its side and used plain note paper then you could still use for note taking?? just an idea?? xxx


  5. I have a pocket domino and I really like it, but I find it a bit small sometimes...I am so conflicted about finding a good portable size filo for my handbag.