20 April 2012

Pocket Planning

I have been planning my pocket ideas for a few days now....

I am getting the Imperial Purple Finchley in Pocket, then if all goes well upgrading to the Purple Malden in Pocket in May! I have made a deal with Tracy that we are using Pockets until 30 May! We are only aloud to change back to Personal on that date if we cannot handle the Pocket any more!

The most important thing in the pocket is the diary, before I was using a two days to a page in the pocket and that worked soooo well for me!!! The only reason I moved back to Personal was because me and my ex split up and I kind of wanted a change I guess. But I really loved using my Pocket! The Diary insert worked so well for me!

This time, I am planning using the diary a little bit differently! As I do not do much at all really, and when I do its still very minimal (examples below) I will be using quite a few diary layouts just for one diary! It is going to be MAD!!!

For starters I will show you how little I write in my diary

Quiet weeks:



Busier Weeks (but its just me writing pointless stuff down really):



As you can see I don't write too much in my diary unless I have a big weekend planned, something like visiting London or going to visit a friend etc....my life can be pretty boring (as far as my diary is concerned) so what I am proposing to do with my Pocket Filofax is the following:

For my normal diary I am going to be using a week to view, but it will have only one language on.

As times get busier, I have a day to a page 2012 diary which I bought last year for my pocket, but I don't like the lines too much, so this will be used on days where I have a lot on, like trip to London for Philofaxy meet up etc...

I also have a week on a page which I may use if a week is EXTRA quiet! I want to be quite versatile with what I use and I do not want to stay restricted to one type of layout, but if all that fails May I am buying 2 days to a page!

I also have a month to view diary for the front, as I love to see what is going on, even though not much does go on!

The only other issue I ever had was writing notes in the Pocket Filofax, I have decided, I will use plain paper turn the Filofax on its side then I have a better sheet for writing on! ISSUE SOLVED!

I am also going to be using a lot of Hello Kitty inserts in it, as they do better sized lined paper etc.... all in all I am very excited to be setting this up and using it!

Thank you Yasmin for my Hello Kitty Inserts, you and Tracy gave me the final push to move back to pocket!

Thank you Judith for having a Pocket Finchley for sale!! I cannot wait to see it!

Look out for my blog post on my Pocket maneuver next week!!!



  1. I have a few pockets and have only used them for travel stuff so far (and not very successfully). Now I see how they can be used. Fabulous!!! And pocket Finchleys are beautiful :o)

  2. It's in the mail, Imy! I hope it'll be with you SUPERFAST!!!

  3. LJ - :) yes they can be used so easily :) afterall its not the size its what you do with them ;) haha

    Jotje - THANK YOU SOOOO excited!!!

  4. Ha ha ha!!! It's a good job really ;o)

  5. I have a pocket Malden and although i have since bought a few more it remains my much loved, shiny, adored bundle of joy! I tried using a personal just to see if I fell in love with it more.

    I didn't.

    Too big and for some unknown reason I found it much more difficult to write in as the rings somehow got in the way much more.

    BTW I love your enthusiastic love for all things filofax. I think shopping with you would be very dangerous for me. I must never go on a philofaxy meet up...

  6. This is a very interesting post! In December I moved from Personal to Pocket and I love it! It is so much lighter in weight and still it fits my needs.
    I really like your idea of combining different layouts and hope to hear if it works! So far I am using W2P but I am also thinking about buying the 2 Days per Page.

    Have fun with the Pocket Finchley! I have a lot of Finchleys, also 4 Pocket sized ones. I just got the Imperial Purple one and my move from my Soft Jade into it next week :)

  7. I only use the Pocket size - and I´m so satisfied with it!!! (Only for work, there I´ve got an A5.)
    Happy to see, that you´re getting a Purple Malden!!! ;-)

  8. Sydney - :) I am glad you fell in love with pocket more! I do feel its the way forward and it is such a nice size :D better for carrying in my bag too!

    You should go shopping with me sometime ;) in Staples I go mad, i get so excited all the time! :D Please come :D

    Izzie - get the 2 days to a page, it is an amazing layout i find it was the best layout i ever used in a Filofax! :)

    I am so excited for my Finchley, but i do really feel that i will need to upgrade to Malden Purple pocket hehe :D

    Maus - YAY I love all the love for pockets :D I really hope i get on well so i can get pocket malden :D

  9. Ha ha! You would find it hard (actually very easy- but financially hard maybe)living where I live. Staples is probably a 2 minute walk away from me.
    I have been known to shop there once or twice..

    It tends to be quite expensive though. However I did get a couple of paperblanks notebooks from there (I love the covers) that were 99p each!

  10. Sydney - where do you live?? staples is a 30 min drive or hour long bus trip :(

    yay i love going there xxx