17 April 2012

Guest Post - Caroline - Filofax Competition Winner! Domino Pocket!

Hello All

Last August I had a competition with WHSmiths, and also a competition to win a Pocket Filofax.

Caroline won the WHSmiths competition, but she had entered both!

The competition she won was the Domino Ultra Violet Review Giveaway here is the announcement!

To enter the competition to win the other pocket Filofax everyone had to send in a picture of their diary doing something or in a random place, as she didn't have a Filofax at the time she used her little diary, which I will put a picture of below!

caroline archer

I was so happy when she won the second competition! As I thought she really deserved it!

I asked if she would do a guest post so we could all see what she is doing with her Filofax prize....and here it is!

Hi, I'm Caroline and I won a Personal Domino (in beautiful Ultraviolet) by entering a competition on Imys Blog/Facebook Page.

I really wanted a Filofax, so much so, that I was part of Imys Filofax College on facebook, without actually owning one, this seems a little sad I know.
Imy hosted a competition for a limited edition Swarovski Filo, it was beautiful, and all you had to do to enter was take a photo of your Filo/Diary and post it to the Facebook group.  Unfortunately I didn't win this beauty, but I wasn't gonna give up, after visiting Imysworld again, I saw that WH Smiths had donated a Pocket Domino, which Imy was offering up as a prize.  All I had to do was comment on her review of what would be my baby, to possibly win.  Below is my entry:

I would love the gorgeous ultraviolet filofax for a number of different reasons:
1) my current diary is pants and has fallen apart (this is the diary i photographed for the filofax college competition)
2) purple is my most favourite colour, it would look wonderful in my purple bag, with my purple phone and my purple purse.
3) i desperately need a filofax to get my life/social life in order
4) i'm in a filofax college without owning a filofax...wtf is that about!
Please please please pick me to win this gorgeous piece of handbag candy
- Caroline x 

So after a couple of weeks waiting, I found that not only had I made the final 3, but that I had won.  Imy promised to send it as soon as she could (wrapped in Moshi paper no less).  She did make me promise that I was to let her know how I was getting on with it (if you ask me, i think she expected this months ago.... eeek).

Me & My Baby
So here goes:
Filo Front

She's beautiful, if not a tiny bit battered from being in my massive handbag, which holds my life in it.  As above, she is an Ultra Violet Pocket Domino.  At the moment she suits my needs perfectly and I'm so glad that she is my first Filo, I decided a while ago, that if I got on with her, at some point in the near future, I would either upgrade to a larger size, or a more formal Filofax.  

Open Filo

So, on the inside, she has 4 slots for cards (business/superdrug points card/mirror etc) as you can see I make use of these, I have my dads work information, two copies of my contact card and a print out from moneysavingexpert.com about consumer rights.  She also has a flap which is where I keep my most current prescription.

I have a plastic pocket, which holds a couple of silly things, the "well hello pretty lady" card, a mini sized birthday card, and a couple of vouchers from the Sun newspaper for free Alton Towers tickets.  Next is my contact information, now i'm not sure how many of you fill this out fully, but I just have my name, mobile number and email address.

Open At Diary

Now I know that these pages look a bit too neat, but this is how my Domino is used, I'm currently trying to lose weight, and my Filo gets used to remind me of classes/gym times, this is so i can track my progress and keep an eye on how much I work out.

As you can see, I've been cat sitting for my parents this week, which has given me the time to sit down and write this, take the photo's and finally sent it to Imy,  I use sticky notes almost every day at work, and this has rolled over into my Filofax, I use organisation stickers (the tiny dots in the picture) and also coloured tabs/notes to remind me, to do tasks I don't normally do (i.e take the bins out).  The Organisational Stickers were purchased from the filofax.co.uk website.

Sticky Tabs

My notes section is split up by 6 dividers, I have attached stickers so I can hand write over them, and they are listed as follows:

To Do Lists
Random Notes

They are mostly quite self explanitory, I keep a list of the things I normally forget in "Random Notes", things like my oyster card number, and the contact information for my bank etc.  In Holidays I have two trips listed, Marbella (hen party) and Mexico (family holiday), I have listed how much I have left to pay for both trips, and a running total of how much I have saved so far for both. 

At the back, is the Names/Address/Contact info section, organised into A-Z, I keep everyones information in here now, I used to use my mobile phone,but after a few mega crashes/breaks, I like to use my phone, as a phone.  I purchased some extra address pages and also some blank paper, which were from my local WH Smiths, when they last had a sale.

As I mentioned in my contest entry, my Filofax is used to keep my life in order, I am lost without it now, and would highly recommend the Pocket Domino for anyone looking for a starter Filo.  
Thanks for having me, and I hope I haven't bored you

Thank you for that Caroline, it was great to see how a new person to using a Filofax has set it up and got on with it :) I am so glad you have loved using it!

I hope everyone else has enjoyed this blog post! And if anyone fancies doing a random guest post let me know! I love them! 

P.s. There is a competition coming sooooooooooooon


  1. Welcome to the crazy world of Filofax Caroline!!!! lovely post. xx

  2. YAY! I was worried it was going to be boring, but it looks ok!

  3. I agree, lovely post, Caroline! Your filofax looks so well-used and LOVED! You totally deserved to win this!