19 June 2013

Set the Scene for Summer Challenge - Filofax Saffiano Review

At the beginning of May I was sent a beautiful Personal Purple Saffiano as part of the “Set the Scene for Summer Challenge”. For this challenge Filofax’s PR company asked for us to use the Filofax sent to us and capture summer, with yourself, friends, family etc.

I had a really good idea, but due to the weather I could not do it, my plan was to get a few friends sitting on a bench looking over the beaches, holding their Filofaxes open, and I take a photo from behind. As I could not organise this because the people I wanted to use for the photo were unavailable and the lack of a summer, I came up with another idea, a lot simpler. It was still quite effective, my idea was me to be holding the Saffiano in front of some flowers, that went well with the organiser, that would make it look pretty and stand out, I originally had some violet flowers in mind but the rain killed them off.

I had a look around my garden to find some perfect flowers and found these beautiful pink flowers, (I am no flower expert) and decided to hold the Saffiano up and take a photo (the sunlight was added after as it was a very miserable day).


You can go and vote for this picture to win on Facebook, on Filofaxes page, CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY PHOTO, or CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE ALBUM. IF you vote for me and I win, that is a huge IF as there are some really amazing entries on there! I will get 5 Filofaxes to give away to my readers! And I know how much you all love to win Filofaxes, so here is your time to win a lovely Filofax, I am not sure on which you will win, but I am sure it will be worth it! If I come second or third I will still get Filofaxes to give away, so do not give up if I am not in first!

Share my picture as much as you can and get as many to like it as possible!!!

You have until Friday 21 June to do this!

I thought whilst I had the Saffiano I should do a review, I was very presently surprised when I received this organiser! I never expected it to be as beautiful, the colour is amazing! But it is very hard to show in photos I have found.



It has some amazing features which I will go in to in a second!


The material feels lovely, it is man made but it has a lovely texture, you know it would not slip out of your hand, and I know that some Filofaxes I have had in the past were a little slippery and I dropped them!

When you open it up, you see a secretarial pocket on the left hand side with 3 card slots. The pen loop is also on the left hand side which is quite unusual, as there usually on the right side (I think) it is ALSO elastic therefore no issues with pens not fitting! YAY. At the back instead of a pocket there is a place to put a notepad, so your able to carry spare notepaper everywhere you go! Its not a pocket like they usually do for a notepad but it is a slide in style so it just covers half the cardboard at the back.



One thing I love about the new Filofaxes is they no longer have the standard thing behind the fly leaf, they now instead have a sheet that just says Filofax that compliments the binder, it looks a lot better than seeing the diary first. Also they appear to of changed the layout of the inserts, all notepaper is at the front with the diary at the back, which works out well for the beginning of the year as you have paper to lean on! Mine came with a diary from July 2013 to December 2014, so you have plenty to keep you going!

One thing I like is the new packaging the Filofaxes come in, I know it is not as sturdy, but it means you get to look at it and see what it looks like without having to get it dirty, so when you take the plastic cover off it feels new and clean!

I have to be honest and say, I like the plastic cover on there, I haven’t taken it off and I am using it for 2014 appointments as it goes very well with Millie!

Thank you Filofax for letting me take part!


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