11 August 2011

Day 11 – What’s in your handbag?

Critters…..Today it is supposed to be a post about What is in my Make-up Bag?

But I could not be bothered with that, as my make up bag is full of so much rubbish and not much make up other than brushes and some foundation, so it wouldn’t really be of much interest, I will do it when its a lot better off, but at the moment I'm running out of foundation so I feel as if it would be a waist of our time!

So you all know my most beautiful and amazing bag in the world, which the best mummy in the world bought her daughter on her 21st birthday, her name is Dora, and if you don’t know about her, if you ever hear me refer to Dora, that is who I'm talking about, so here she is in all her slouchy glory!

So she is a twisted lock ;-) hehe and to little magnetic things on the flap, and oh I love her so, everything feels so safe in her, as if I struggle to get in to her, a criminal is going to find it hard! This is a good advertisement for getting this bag!

I’ve got my little compact spotty umbrella, it was drying so I had to take a photo like this, as you know it rains A LOT in the UK!

Then a few other things that were on my desk that were not in my bag, which I carry in my bag are following: -

My Mulberry Keyring which my Boyfriend bought me for Christmas, with work/house keys attached, and a bottle of Buxton water, not my favorite kind but cheapest, and yes I refill it, so I don’t just use a bottle every time I run out, I refill it 3 or more times a day, then bin it the next morning for a new one! (well recycle).

Lamsters and my Pencil, as the Lamy goes in my Filofax and the pencil goes in my zipped pocket!

A little shot inside my bag, as you can see I have a pink pocket Metrapole here, but not in the next picture, this is my Fab Frugal Filofax!

I will tell you everything else that is inside during the next photo.

Right so I am going to list things, clockwise starting on the left working my way over to the right: -

Vivienne Westwood Scarf for my hair
Model Mirror
Lip Smackers Fanta Lip Balm
Moo Business Cards
Chanel Astral 104 Lip Gloss
Clinique Foundation Compact
Pearly Shine Nivea (I think?)
Little Criminal made of felt my mum made me the other week, he comes everywhere!
Ipod earphones
Oyster card (other side is my bus ticket)
Foundation brush
Post it notes from Paperchase, revealed yesterday!
Secretary/PA Convention invite that came in post today (not going)
Elizabeth Arden Double Density mascara
Blue inhaler
Be Delicious body spray, just in case
Rayban Wayfarers originals in black (LOVE THEM)

There is also tissue but you don’t ened to see that!

The bottom of my bag is so dirty!!!

That is all that is in my bag, I hope you have enjoyed it!!!

Toodle pip




  1. Oooh I enjoyed it! I have to do another what's in my bag but I carry the same stuff around so not that exciting! Hehe.

  2. CP - I thought you would like this :-D hehe xxx

  3. I think Dora is looking fantastic. Shows that you sometimes have to ignore the purse forum. A wonderful present from a wonderful Mum to an amazing daughter! hehe

  4. I think Dora is looking fantastic. Shows that you sometimes have to ignore the purse forum. A wonderful present from a wonderful Mum to an amazing daughter! hehe

  5. I think Dora is looking fantastic still. A wonderful present from a wonderful Mum to an amazing daughter! hehe

  6. CP - I know she is, but im wondering if i should get some leather cream worried she might get a little dry i dont know need to go on tpf and have a look :-) hehe

    i do have an amazing mum and i love her lots hehe :-) and she knows it! lol

    you have done same post 3 times lol :-) xxx

    Emma - hehe you did the same post twice as well hehe :-) I love whats in my bag posts too there so good :-)

    Thank you :-) x

  7. I love Dora! She's so beautiful! Things I also love about this post:

    1. The old fashioned key- please tell me it is real! I've always dreamed of having one to open my house door someday!

    2. You use be delicious! When I had the money to spend on anything more than the cheapies, that was my favorite summer scent :)

    3. You ended with Toodle Pip! Makes me feel so boring being an American...

  8. J

    Thank you :-)

    1. yes its a real key, i dont use it often as i dont need to lock or unlock office as im usually middle in and next to last to leave but if i work on weekends i need it lol

    2. i have the perfume be delicious as well but thats a cheap drug store body spray lol :-) hehe

    3. im not english but it just felt fitting with my mulberry hehe xxx

  9. Your bag is even more gorgeous up close and personal, and I didn't think that possible!!! And so much fun to see what you carry every day. So sweet of you to share with us! Thanks, Imy!

  10. Ro - THANK YOU im going to do a very detailed post on her soon to show all the details then a review a bit later on hehe xxx