10 October 2012

Midori Traveler's Notebook Unpacking - London Haul #1

Sorry for the small quietness on my blog, I know I have been very regular recently, daily in fact, I had scheduled lots and lots of posts and had it scheduled for 10 days, but then over the past 3 weeks I have been extremely busy!

Last weekend I had Bristol, and the past two days I have been in London for the Hospital, my 6 monthly check up, I had scans, blood test, and appointments, I was in all morning! I even had 5 medical students watching my appointment, felt very scary having them all listening to you! But it is over for another 6 months, YAY!! So It is time to get on with blogging. As I went to hospital I had to buy somethings to cheer me up, not that I could actually afford any of it, but if I hadn't I would of regretted it very much so!

Here is my reveal of my Midori Traveler's Notebook, which usually online costs £40, which I managed to get for £27.20! It was in a kind of Japanese Department Store (I think) it was like walking in to a house with lots of stuff on sale, and downstairs there was a shop called JP Books.

To get to this store all you need to do is get off the tube a Piccadilly and then go down Regent Street (away from Oxford Street, the opposite direction), and it is on the left hand side!


c/o Mitsukoshi 
Dorland house
14-20 Regent Street 

The Department store is called... Mitsukoshi

When you go inside, walk all the way to the back of the shop, and then when there are some stairs through a door way walk downstairs, there is a sign about a bus or something (I cannot read Japanese). When you get to the bottom of the stairs it is like a chocolate shop, turn to the right and you see a shop full of magazines and books, as you enter turn right by the till and there are the Midori notebooks, and there are some inserts, I just wanted to buy the cover. I didn't look to see if there was any other stationery but as far as I know there is other stationery (another trip in April I think).

The staff were very nice and friendly and I very much enjoyed going there even though I felt so shy as I was concerned there could be a language barrier as I overheard them talking to all the other customers in Japanese!

Here is the beautiful Midori Traveler's Notebook (FINALLY you are all saying) (from here on there will only be pictures as I have to leave work) Thanks for looking and if you have any questions let me know!!!







Sorry about the rubbish photos but it was late in my hotel room!!!

Any requests let me know, if you want any specific videos about it let me know!!

Thank you for reading!!!

London Haul # 2 coming TOMORROW!!!


  1. On your video you talked about your frustration with Filofax and that you were waiting on a Binder coming over from Germany. On the vid. you had difficulty pronouncing the name - I would be interested if you could write it down somewhere and I would certainly look them up.

    Many thanks
    John McVey

  2. Love this notebook! And the packaging is SO cute too. Definitely will have to look in this store next time I'm in London, though I probably won't be buying one anytime soon. Thanks for revealing a gem of a store! x

  3. JohnofJenkins - Roterfaden, google it :)

    Thats ok Angela :) x

  4. please provide a video of this asap!!!

    question: it has one elastic strap to hold the notebook insert...does that mean you can insert only one at a time?
    how thick is the spine when the leather is closed?