03 March 2014

Breast Reduction Update

A tail of disappointment....

I finally got my date for my operation, 19 March 2014, I was so excited, I was getting myself all psyched up.

Last Thursday, 2 weeks and 6 days before the operation was due to commence I got a phone call at 9:10 in the morning.

It was to let me know that my operation had been cancelled and they would have to reschedule, I believe I am back on the waiting list, but it feels like it could be a very long time until I get the op.

I was feeling so disappointed and let down and upset, I went to Google, I typed in Breast Reduction Cornwall, not really expecting anything to come up! I honestly was desperate, I just want them gone so much, I just had got so excited that the date for my boobies to be reduced had finally came, I had no nerves just excitement.

After finding this website for a surgeon, I was reading all the information, I have to be honest and say the information on this site is brilliant, I felt like I learnt stuff I had never thought of asking, and it put my mind at rest. It felt more at rest then it had before.

Cornwall Breast Surgery  < the website

I had Googled it all but never came across this site.

It was all planting little seeds of doubt in my head:

First the fact the Dr was not there for my first consultation.

Secondly, the operation had been cancelled with no reasons.

Thirdly, seeing this website, and that my mums friend recommended me to the surgeon.

All this made me really want to move down to Cornwall for my operation, after all it makes sense as I live down here, before I was happy to have it in London, but since the cancellation something in my mind has changed!

Therefore I emailed the surgeon, he replied a few hours later, I was so surprised I never expected to hear back from him.

Today, I made the phone call to London, they were not the most helpful, I was expecting they could send the files down to this surgeon and pass the information on and then it would all be up to date and I wouldn't have to go through the whole process. It appears I have to go through the whole process AGAIN.

I have contacted my GP to get a referral letter sent to the surgeon so I can see him as quickly as possible and get on the waiting list and get my surgery, I just want to have it done more than ever! I am so determined to get it done!

I just want this back pain gone and be freer to do what I want! I HATE MY BOOBS EVERY DAY!

I really hope I can get Iain Brown to do it and soon!!!

Please all cross your fingers for me! Will give you another update soon!!!