31 August 2011

Pocket Domino WINNER!!!!!!

Pocket Domino Filofax Review + Giveaway WINNER!!!!!

Me and a colleague at work (who was forced in to this) helped me choose a winner, I chose the 3 best answers, then I let her read through them, and chose the winner!

I will tell you who I chose in no particular order.

  1. Jotje entering for her daughter, which I thought was so cute, I would love to see a mum and daughter with matching Filofaxes, and two people had voted for her, Ro and Steve!

  1. Ghostie, who does not have a Filofax from the sounds of it and really wanted a nice diary for the new term!

  1. And finally Caroline who entered just a day before the end of the competition, saying how she needs a nice Filofax as she has a rubbish diary that’s falling apart!

Now it was VERY VERY hard to choose the winner! And when I say very hard I mean very very hard! As they all had such great reasons!

I didn’t want to just pick one at random, so that was where my colleage at work came in, she knows how mad about Filofaxes I am so I gave her the three I liked best to choose the winner, there was one I was slightly leaning towards, but I didn’t want to be the one to choose!

So the winner is CAROLINE!!!!!

Not only had she entered this competition with the following entry: -

I would love the gorgeous ultraviolet filofax for a number of different reasons:

1) my current diary is pants and has fallen apart (this is the diary i photographed for the filofax college competition)
2) purple is my most favourite colour, it would look wonderful in my purple bag, with my purple phone and my purple purse.
3) i desperately need a filofax to get my life/social life in order
4) i'm in a filofax college without owning a filofax...wtf is that about!

Please please please pick me to win this gorgeous piece of handbag candy
- Caroline x

Which she gave plenty of reasons to have one! And she had also entered Filofax Colleges competition to win the Special Edition Filofax!

Here was her entry for that, the picture did make me want her to win a Filofax just because how can you love Filofaxes and not have one?


Look out for the voting for the Special Filofax College competition later!

Caroline if you could contact me at filofaximy@live.com we will sort out postage!!!!! (or on Facebook)



Today not only do we get to announce the winner of my lovely Domino competition but also VOTING starts for the Special Edition Filofax!!!!!!

As of 12pm today you can vote for any of the following pictures you wish!

It has taken a lot of thinking to choose the 5 I liked the best, there were so many others that I liked and if I could I would of put at least 10 or so through but I thought its best just to keep it to 5!

Vote for your favorite Picture!!!!

So here you go VOTE TODAY!!!!

Get all your friends to vote too!!!!

Voting ends on 15 September at 12 noon lunch time!!!!!

If you want to get your friends to vote, here is a direct link for the website!

If the voting above does not work click on the link above! 

And also different things for posting on Twitter and Facebook!




Vote for your favourite Picture!!!!  - Vote at http://acepolls.com/polls/1228037

Don’t remember to vote for your favourite picture!!!



All Stars Guest Post: Laurie (What's In My Bag)

This is an All Stars guest post from Laurie, who writes Plannerisms and contributes on Philofaxy.

Many thanks to Imy for letting me do an All Stars guest post!!

Here's what's in my bag! You're not going to believe the amount of stuff I carry around with me on a daily basis!!

First, the bag: it's a Filofax Finchley expandable tote, in its expanded state. You can read more details about this bag in my post about it on Bagsey blog.  In this expanded state this bag can hold A4 file folders, that's how big it is. Notice it looks a little stuffed.

Here's my bag open with everything in it:
Below is my bag and everything I carry in it on a daily basis! Yes it's an insane amount of stuff. I'll go row by row and explain what each thing is and why I need to lug it all around with me! 
The short answer is, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia so I carry a lot of things I would not need to have on my person constantly if I lived in the US or UK.

Below is the top row of stuff I carry in my bag. The first item is reading materials, in this case a Science News magazine. I spend a lot of time in the car as a passenger--traffic here is so insane everyone has to have drivers, which is not nearly as fun as it sounds. Think loss of independence and aggravation when the driver is not there to pick you up.  Anyway, I never leave the house without something to read, because it takes at least 45 minutes to get anywhere at all, even the grocery store, and often longer when traffic is gridlocked. The next item is my planner, an Extra Large Moleskine 18 month weekly notebook (which you can read about in my post here) in a Nubuck leather cover from Dodo Pad (which you can read about in my post here.)  The XL Mole measures 7.5 by 10 inches, giving you an idea of the size of it.  It's kinda huge.
Next to my planner are a Sharpie pen, Bic 4 color pen (traditional colors) and a Bic 4 color pen (fashion colors, read my post about it here).  Next to my pens is a map of Jakarta that I never leave home without.

Below is the middle row of things I carry in my bag. The black thing on the left is my awesome wallet that my sister gave me years ago. It has a metal frame and latch so it opens out flat like a book, has loads of cards and currency pockets, and is by far the best wallet I've ever had. Even though I got the pink Finsbury Filofax wallet before it was discontinued, I'm waiting for this awesome wallet to completely die before I switch over into it.

Next is my Nokia phone, which you can read my post about here.  Next is my beautiful personal size Finsbury in Aqua (read about it here) as my Medical Filofax. After my daughter had a couple of medical emergencies here I realized I can't leave the house without my Medical Filo.

The brown leather book next to my Aqua Filo is my Moleskine Info book (see my post about it here) in its Renaissance Art leather cover (see post here).  I write all Indonesia-specific information here including contacts, doctor and dentist numbers, school info, restaurants, friends, etc. This is a great way to consolidate all local information so it doesn't get lost and I don't have to wonder where I wrote it.  Next is my makeup case containing lots of lip balms and glosses, comb, mirror and paracetamol. Next is a tube of Avon SuperShock lip gloss. I love the gloss, but why does the tube have to be so gigantic? Next is my soft case containing my Bloc sunglasses I bought in Scotland back in 2001, they are practically indestructible.

Below is a bunch of other gear I have to carry everywhere. A bottle of water, because it's hot and I'm always thirsty. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent, because we are so close to the equator we'll burn in just a few minutes without sunscreen, and because daytime mosquitoes carry dengue fever here so I have to always have mosquito repellent for myself and my kids. Antibacterial hand wipes because it's dirty. Children's fever-reducer medicine sachets, because if we are stuck in traffic for hours and someone is ill with a fever (which has happened already more than once!) I need to have meds with me.  Immodium, because tummy trouble is all too common here, and again I don't want to be stuck in traffic for hours and have a major tummy issue. (Hasn't happened yet, luckily!!)  And tissues, because the pollution gives me sinus problems and I'm constantly blowing my nose.
At the bottom are Ricola lozenges for throat irritation caused by the pollution, and food bars to have something to eat in case I or my kids get hungry in the car.

As you might imagine, I'm looking forward to moving away from here next year, for lots of reasons including the fact that I won't have to lug most of this stuff around with me anymore!

Thank you very much to Laurie for doing a What's in my bag post for my blog for the Philofaxy All Stars tour, i feel very lucky to have all these great people posting on my blog it makes me happy!!! :-) <3 xxx


28 August 2011

All About Choices from a College Dropout


I have been a bit slack recently, and I haven't had much time for blogging, then today i got an email from the lovely Kanalt from Life Well Planned who we had agreed on a All Stars blog post, i had no time frame for it, and today she said it was ready, and i thought what perfect timing!!

As i don't have a desk at home i feel very unmotivated to type on my laptop!

I hope you really enjoy the post :-)

When Imy first mentioned her idea of teaching Filofax College, I thought, What a great idea!  I wanted to join but was a little leery about being able to do it—I was going on vacation, my days are packed enough as it is.  How was I supposed to put my all into it?  I’m a serious student.  When I start on an educational adventure, I’ll like to see it through to the end and to give it my all in the process.  And if I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it, was it worth enrolling at all?  Imy assured me it would be fine, that I could start when I chose to and do the assignments I wanted to, that there’d be no pressure.

And she was right! 

She was right because I am a college dropout.  In fact, though I enrolled, I never showed up for the first class.  I had every intention of making up the assignments I missed while out on vacation.  But the truth is, I had so much other catching up to do that I dropped the ball on Filofax College.  I will never get my degree.

However, this is not to say that I haven’t been paying attention.  I have read the background information and instructions for all assignments.  I have thought about my projects seriously.  I just haven’t done any of the work.

But that all changes now.  I am writing up an extra credit report on how I choose the Filofaxes and inserts I buy.  It may not be the greatest makeup assignment in history, but this topic is something that is close to my heart.  I am always looking for the next best thing.  Imy’s write up on the topic was very concise—choosing the right size of the planner, what kind of opening it should have (zipper, snap, or open), the color, style, and inserts.  All of these factors are very important.  And should anyone ask me what kind of Filofax they should purchase, I would also offer these tips to help them choose the perfect planner.

However, in this area, I don’t always practice what I preach.  I do take into account all of the factors mentioned above.  But there is something else.  I also choose (some) planners and inserts based on what other people have purchased, how they feel about them, what they say and/or write about them, and how well they work for them.  I often have planner envy and will sometimes (so long as it’s workable for me and my needs) take into account other people’s systems and binders.

For example, back when I was having planner angst (though do we ever not have some kind of planner angst?), there were a number of posts about downsizing to pocket binders.  The Flickr photos posted were creating lust in my heart.  I thought perhaps I could do the same, that it would solve all of my problems.  But I just couldn’t make up my mind, and in the end, I had to let go of that dream.

Then, when the Malden was introduced, I wasn’t crazy about it.  I wasn’t sure that I liked the front zippered pocket.  It just wasn’t like anything I’d seen before.  But then I read a post on a friend’s blog (the post has since been made private, so I’m sorry to say that I cannot link back to it) about how wonderful the Malden is.  She included pictures.  She couldn’t say enough about it.  I loved what she had done.  All of the sudden, I had to have it.  And she was right—it’s a gorgeous binder, one I didn’t move out of for almost nine months.

When I was having an insert crisis, I scoured the web for advice and suggestions.  First, I came across this photo from Plaiditude and decided to try DayRunner inserts.  When that didn’t work, this post from Zoe helped me to give Franklin Covey a try.  For a while, I was in love, but in the end, it wasn’t meant to be.

Then, when I saw SNARLing’s three videos, I had to have the Compact Chameleon (to be fair though, I was looking for something a little thinner than the personal, and my slimline Guildford, beautiful as it is, was too small).  This was the only reason I moved out of my Malden.  But I am enjoying the sleekness of the compact binder, so it has been worth it.

My process in which I choose a binder and/or inserts is one of great difficulty—it’s a balance between what I need, what I want, and what works for others.  Like most things though, even if it looks good and works for someone else, it may not work for me, despite how wonderful it appears.  But seeing what other people have is a starting point.  It may make me question what I want and need, but I definitely know when I don’t like something.  And that is a help too.  It helps me save money by not buying something and it helps me to hone in on what I do like.

I have yet to achieve that ultimate planner nirvana where need and want and availability blend so perfectly.  But then, if we reached planner nirvana, we’d have nothing to strive for, nothing to write about, nothing to learn about.

So, my fellow Filofax College enrollees, may we never stop learning about Filofaxes, may we never stop learning from each other, and may we never stop striving for our goals.

Let the journey for ultimate planner perfection continue...

I am really enjoying the All Stars thing we have going on, its so fun to have people guest posting!!

And i will be blogging on Tuesday about a few subjects for you! I also will do lots on the train for you! P.s.  all the guest posts i am supposed to be doing will be typed this weekend!


26 August 2011

Filofax college

Sorry Filofax college is closed for 3 weeks, as I am away for a weekend and have lots to do!

Have a nice long weekend and rest

Imy xxx

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24 August 2011

Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to you.


My Jess, I cannot look at him without my eyes filling up he was the most loved cat in the world and he is greatly missed!


23 August 2011

Filofax reunions?

I saw a tweet today that looked like this: -

And it made me wonder, are there any beautiful romantic stories about people being reunited with a long lost Filofax that they were lost without?

If anyone has ever found a Filofax and contact Filofax about it what free gift did you get? There are so many questions I have but would love to hear your stories if this has happened to you!!!

Comment below and maybe I will do a blog post with them all???


Day 23 – 15 facts about you.

1 – I am Intersex
2 – I was born in Australia
3 –  I love the colour Pink!
4 -  I am obsessed with Handbags
5 -  I once moved out and got my own flat, but couldn’t afford it and had to move in with my Boyfriend parents! Lol
6 – I am full of love, and kindness!
7 – I believe in Karma
8 – I have an eating problem
9 – I spend too much money, without even noticing
10 – I cannot drive
11 – I wear virtually the same thing every day, just the colour varies (I'm bad with clothes and fashion, well for my body anyway)
12 – I have 34 HH boobs, and it hurts
13 – I want a boob reduction
14 – iPhones are better than anything else!
15 – I drink mainly water!
16 – I am Tee Total!


BrAiN sToRm


I have been thinking a lot recently and wanted to unload my brain on all of you!

I feel a lot better after writing things so I wanted to write it all down, like a brain storm!

I am first going to tell you my worries!

My first worry at the moment is money, as usually I'm always worried about it, I hate money it ruins your life! I have tried so hard with the No Spend thing but its just not working at the moment, I really need something to change and I don’t know what, but I'm not going to give up I'm going to keep trying.

Part of my money worries are the fact I'm going to Brussels, its going to be a big weight on my finances! I know that my parents and grandparents are helping me a lot, as it was a last minute thing and its for a really important conference, that will affect my life a lot, so I have to go, but the stress is making me feel uneasy!

The other money worry is that I am supposed to be going to Hospital in October in London, and these trips are really important as I get my medication changed but because of all the expenses its going to mean I have to put if off until February at the earliest! Which is not good!!!

So those are my main worries at the moment, I just hate having to think about money and everything, so I'm putting stuff on ebay to try and make some extra money but to be honest leaving it this late to book the tickets wont work.

I do have one other money worry, and this is an important one, (sort of), well I am going to the Philofaxy meet up in September and I need to buy my pocket Filofax, and all my 2012 diary inserts, including my mothers, my boyfriends. And plan some xmas presents whilst there!

But I don’t know if I can afford it, so I'm auctioning off some of my Filofaxes!!

Here are the Links: -

Cow Print Lloyd Baker Diary Like Filofax Pocket

The other thing on my mind is that I have been thinking for a while I really really really would love to learn to be a Wedding Planner!!! I love everything to do with it and I love organising people and planning things and I think it would be such an interesting, exciting, complicated, difficult job, with things always changing!

I was going to use my birthday money to start the course but I never had enough or got around to it, so maybe my Christmas money?

Would be such an amazingly fun thing to do!

So what is going on in your heads at the moment? Anything difficult, hard, stressful?

Love you all you lovely people!


22 August 2011

What's in my bag? - All Stars Tour - Femke


As part of the Philofaxy All Stars, Femke from deligted.blogspot.com has come to do a lovely post about what is in her handbag! Check out her blog too as i will soon be doing a post on it!

This is my work bag, which I recently got from H&M. I don't normally buy bags from H&M, but I saw this in the window and fell in love with it. Got it the next day.

Now, for work, I carry a lot more than I would when I'm off (I tend to take a smaller bag with me when I'm out and about).

This is the bag (the colour is off, which you will see in the next photos).

Here it is, open, with all the stuff in it.

I keep my keys on a lanyard on one of the handles so I don't have to look for them. My lanyard is one from one of my previous jobs, and you can see a "100 % Bristonian" keychain (I lived in Bristol a couple years ago), plus a keychain of the evil eye, which I got from a coworker who's been to Tunisia on her holiday.

Here is everything dumped on my bed:

From left to right: iPhone, iPod (yes, I carry a seperate iPod for my music), my Marc Jacob purse, and my sunglasses. I didn't take a photo of my sunglasses as they change almost every week!

And now the other stuff: my current read, my little toiletries bag, my crimson personal Malden, a plastic (shame on me!) grocery bag bc I often get groceries after work and my Paperchase pencil case.

Hope you enjoyed my edition of "what's in my bag"!

I hope you enjoyed her post and dont forget to check out her blog!!!! deligted.blogspot.com


Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.


22 August 2011

Mr S & Mrs N Haters
28 Haters Avenue
H8 T35

Dear Haters

There is no reason why you should hate on me.

I do not do anything nasty to you, and I never hate on videos or anywhere else for that matter. If I do not like a video or post I just click back or go off the page, as I don’t really want to waste my time writing nasty things.

So why do you feel like you should do it and hurt people like me!

I have been through a lot of shit in my time and I was born a bit different but that still gives you NO reason to say such nasty things, how would you all feel if you had people saying horrible things about you all the time!

Just give up, no one wants to know or deserves it!

Karma is a bitch!

Yours faithfully



20 August 2011

Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name.

Its only my name, and I thought as that everything I do is in my world then I would call it Imysworld, simple as, there isn’t much too it, its not complex in any way!


Operation Before my Birthday

After I was given a diagnosis I had to go and get an MRI scan, I was so scared about it, as I thought it was only for use with brain scans, I was in tears in the changing room, Martin was there to help me, they laid me down on the machine, with martin sitting behind me, and put some earphones on me.

The played the magic numbers through the earphones, I had never really listened to them, and I didn’t realize how depressing their songs are, I was lying there being told to breath in and out and hold it.

After that finished we left, I have a blank spot in my memory, I don’t remember anything until a couple of weeks before my operation.

I remember them giving me the option for surgery or to keep them in, but there was a 10% or something cancer risk if I didn’t have them removed, but then now I found out it’s a similar percentage to breast cancer, so I didn’t really need the operation as much as it seemed at first.

(be aware there will be some graphic pictures below)

So the day before my operation we went up to London, I had to go straight to the hospital, I was absolutely terrified as the next day I had to have an operation I was so scared that I would never be able to cuddle martin again and that I wouldn’t survive, I know that’s a bit over dramatic but I had never had an operation and I was terrified.

The next morning I was told that my operation would be sometime today, so I had to be ready to go down, so she gave me some of those tights socks, and the gowns, she gave me two though as they are open at the back. One to wear as a dressing gown, the other to wear as a gown.

The nurse came and said its time to go down now, so she walked me and Martin down to the waiting room before going in to be anaesthetized (I don’t know if that is the right word) so they called me in, I was nearly in tears I was terrified, they got me to lie down on the bed and Martin was aloud to stay at the end, I was just looking at him trying not to cry thinking about how much he means to me, and how much I love him.

He held on to my toes as they put me to sleep, I just remember seeing his face and just feeling so sad.

I don’t know how long it was or how long I was under, I woke up in the resus room not really with it, I saw Martin and said I love you.

After all I can remember is, you know in horror movies in hospitals when they show you the lights whizzing over you as your lying in a hospital bed, well that’s how I felt.

I woke up a few times whilst I was coming around, I woke up around 4 hours later I was sort of ok, but I kept being sick, I wasn’t even drinking I was just being sick every 10 – 15 minutes, to help with this they gave me some anti sickness drugs, the first lot did nothing, so they gave me more.

Martin had to leave and I hated the fact that as he left all he saw was me being sick.

The next day I woke up as the anti sickness knocked me out a bit, I slept quite well!

They had a sort of school thing in the hospital as I was 18 in a week they still put me on the children’s ward. They had a string cortet (is that right?) come in form the BBC Proms to play for us. Really not my sort of thing but they made me go to watch it!

Then my mum thought it would be fun to go to the school sort of place, to make a box in the shape of a book, well cover it in these pictures of DNA.

I had to eat something though as I had not eaten anything since my operation as I was being sick, so I had to eat crackers and walk around the hospital before they would discharge me as we had to catch the train back that night.

Luckly I did eat enough and was ok to catch the train. We caught a taxi to get to the train station and bought some food before getting on the train, my mum didn’t want me to have any food on the train as she was scared I would be sick, but I knew I wouldn’t.

In the end she let me have some food, it was the most uncomfortable journey of my life!

Martin later told me that he was crying outside whilst waiting for me in the operation, and a nurse was comforting him as he was so upset.

Here are some pictures from this part:

What they were taking out!


After the op

Went to London to buy a heat magazine! HEHE

So more to come soon!

Sorry if I have put you off your lunch!

Have a nice weekend!


19 August 2011

Day 19 – Another picture of yourself.


Filofax College Week 8 - Caring for your Filofax Organiser

Today everyone needs to bow, and take off your hats, as today’s guest lesson comes from his royal highness, the Filofax King, or Steve as everyone else calls him!

He is very lucky as he get to do magnificent posts for my favourite website, Philofaxy, and he also has his own blog here. I hope you enjoy this, and remember who it is that wrote it! The Filofax King! You can just click over there on the right hand side to view it hehe!

And yes he is another culprit of the Malden, its like a disease! Once you buy one you want MORE!!!!

So you have taken either weeks or minutes to choose your new organiser, you have agonised over inserts and diaries and crammed it full of stuff, and then you stick it in your bag and use it a lot. But how do you care for your organiser, so it will keep it looking like new?  Here are some hints and tips that I hope will help you care for your organiser.

1. Don't over load your organiser with too many pages and pens. I know it is tempting to put a full pack of To-do list in along with that multi pack of colour paper but do you need to carry them all around? I have a storage drawer in my desk reserved for my Filofax 'stash'.  I then keep enough pages of which ever type in my organiser without over loading it. This makes it easier to turn the pages and makes it less bulky to carry.



2. Try to not let your organiser be bashed about by the rest of the contents of your bag, particularly sharp items like house keys. Most Filofax organisers are quite tough, but if you just throw them in with a load of other stuff in your bag they will start to show early signs of wear and tear.

3. Avoid contact with things like make-up, things like nail polish and lip gloss etc can easily stain the cover of your Filofax, whilst it is possible to remove such substances from a leather cover there is a risk of damage to the cover when removing the make-up.  Obviously fabric and non-leather covers can be more easily damaged, although some of the vinyl type covers are easier to clean after such accidents.

4. Try to have a 6 monthly or 12 monthly clean out of your organiser. Remove all of the pages from the organiser and give it a very light clean with a slightly damp cloth (multi fibre cloth) to remove any dirt or dust. If the interior of your organiser is a textile or suede type material (Finsbury or Domino for example) these can get quite dusty with paper dust. The trick to cleaning the interior is to us a strip of sticky tape (scotch tape, sellotape or similar) and press the sticky side down on to the material and then lift it off quickly. This should remove the dust without leaving a sticky residue behind. You might need to do this a few times but it is quite effective.

5. Cleaning the leather. Whilst a slightly damp cloth will take off any light dirt and finger marks I find it also worth while to clean the leather on my organisers about once a year. This restores the shine and feeds the leather so it remains soft and supple and will prevent it from cracking and splitting.  I have tried several leather cleaners in the last year or so. I tend now to use a cream cleaner which I apply with a soft cloth and then buff it off. The sort of cleaner you might use on a hand bag or similar. The one I have been using recently is Autoglym Leather Care Cleaner, it's made for leather car seats and I only need to use a small amount on a cloth and it takes off any old polish and restores the shine of the original leather very well.



If you have a coloured organiser (red, purple, cream etc) test which ever cleaner you are going to use on a very small area to start with to make sure it isn't going to change the colour of the organiser too much.

Don't forget to clean the interior leather of your organiser as well.

And whilst you have all the pages out of your organiser use the opportunity to review what you put back in to the organiser and what to archive and what pages need replenishing.

6.  If the interior of your Filofax organiser is cloth or part of it is cloth and it's starting to look a little 'grubby', mainly from paper dust, try this.

Open your organiser and lay it flat. Take a length of sticky tape or packing tape and press the sticky side down on to the cloth and then lift the tape off. Repeat this with a new length of tape until you have done both front and back of the organiser.

The dust will stick to the tape and leave the cloth looking like new again. The tape shouldn't leave any residue behind as it is only on the cloth for a few seconds.

7. Care of the ring mechanism. There is no need to lubricate the ring mechanism on your Filofax organiser. The only thing you should remember to do is to use the tabs to open the rings and then carefully apply even pressure to close them. This will ensure that you don't bend the ring mechanism and cause it permanent damage.

8. Use hole reinforcing rings. I have some inserts that date back to 1985 and whilst they are a little dated they are still in remarkable condition. Some inserts will be in your organiser for many years, such as information sheets, maps, etc. So it's worthwhile using hole reinforcing rings to prevent the paper from tearing on pages like these.  My 1985 maps are a bit dated now... they still show East and West Germany and a few other countries that have changed their names!

Look after your organiser and it will last you a long time. My 1985 Filofax Winchester is just as serviceable today as it was when I bought it. Enjoy.

So that was a lovely post from the Filofax King on looking after your Filofax! And it is making me want to go get some Autoglym leather care….I really need to clean mine!

I hope you have enjoyed Week 8 of Filofax College!

Look forward to seeing you all next week!


When I was in school, I always thought I was going to be one of those girls who gets pregnant after school, even though I always used protection, I just felt that unlucky.

I hadn’t started my periods at all, but I was just under the impression that it was all because I was underweight.

I had quite a few teachers telling me I needed to gain weight and telling me to drink these special milkshakes to help you gain weight. I just didn’t have an appetite, I just never really ate, a typical days food would be, breakfast - plain crisps, lunch – water, or a cookie if I felt adventurous, tea – peas, or if I was out for the evening (which was a lot) nothing. I went on eating like this for a long time, I don’t remember how long really, it didn’t seem to affect me. I know that I was under eating a lot, but not on purpose. If my mum cooked a proper meal (she did most nights) I would have some but only a small portion.

Then after we left school, about a month after I went to college, I met Martin, and started eating, for some reason being with him has helped me eat, I'm still not a very good eater by any means (but this isn’t part of the story), 6 months later I had to go to the doctors as my periods hadn’t started, I had this lovely doctor she was softly spoken and so nice to talk to.

I had a few tests and was referred to the hospital to have a Ultra Sound, now at least I will know how it feels to have one thing from pregnancy. In the ultra sound, they looked at me funny, and told me to drink more water, which I did, and had to wait, they scanned me again, and still nothing.

 I went to see this doctor, the was a gyne, she only let me go into the room with her, not my boyfriend not my mum, I asked it I could have them as it was obviously going to be bad news!

She sat me down (ALONE) and told me I was born without a womb, ovaries and had XY chromosomes. I could not have children, and I would never have a period. And the final thing she told me was I have testies inside me.

As she was saying all this her head was getting bigger and smaller, you know that thing when you hear your pulse and you feel like your about to have a panic attack or something, well that’s how I was feeling at the very moment she told me all that, I didn’t really hear any of it.

You don’t realise how much you want your OWN children until you are told you cant have any and at the age of 16, its not very nice.

Now that’s all for that for today, another extract another day!

I was thinking on the bus about the things that I really will miss about not having my own children (as I would only have a child if I got pregnant by accident). And I came up with the following things: -

  • Giving her, her first Pink Personal Finsbury Filofax. (I even decided the one to give her)
  • Platting her hair before she goes for her first day of school.
  • Taking her shopping in Harrods and Benneton for clothes (yes I would be rich in this world haha)
  • Having a spar day
  • Having mummy and daughter days out.
There are just so many things.

And the one thing that I hate the most, I can never feel a child growing inside me, feel it kicking, just have all that.

Anyway after depressing you, I hope you enjoy your days.


18 August 2011

Day 18 – Something you crave a lot.


The thing I crave the most is CHOCOLATE and sweet things, its really bad but I just have so many cravings for them!


17 August 2011

Pocket Domino Filofax Review + Giveaway!

Hello Muffins

The lovely WHSmiths have sent me a very pretty Pocket Domino Filofax to review! 

P.s there is a competition at the end ;-)

I didn’t know what Filofax to expect, I was not told what would be delivered, I felt so excited, I got home and saw the parcel, I didn’t even know what size, but I had a feeling it could be a personal, just as that is the most popular size.

I opened it up, and I was amazed by its beauty, its not a top of the range one, but the colour just stands out so much and looks so beautiful! It just goes perfectly against the white band.

As you can tell I got a bit carried away at taking photos of the outside, and I even got out my DSLR too take the photos to make them extra special, it was so hard to catch the beauty of this colour, I think it’s the Ultra Violet, I’m not too sure.

I will give you a brief set out of the details of the Filofax then will show you more inside and what it comes with.

The Pocket Filofax has 19mm rings which are plenty big enough for the size of the diary, on the inside it has 4 credit card pockets and two full length pockets, at the back it has an elasticated pen loop, which means any pen can fit in to this lovely organizer. Inside it has a sued look material which is between cream and grey, and it shows the purple colour through the credit card slots!

So now on to the inside of the Filofax, and what it comes with.

The inside looks like this, it comes with a 2011/2012 week to view diary, which goes from 27 July 2011 to 2 January 2013, so that means it can cover you for an academic year, for school, college or uni depending on what you do.

Also to cater for people going “back to school” it has a space to write your classes and grades to keep a record throughout the year, and on the next page it has a timetable to record your lesson plans for school/college/uni. Which is very useful as it means it is all in one place!

After the diary it has an address section with A-Z dividers, and plenty of address pages to put one in each section.

Behind this are 6 numbered dividers to use for your personal preference, whether it is keep notes or just write to do lists.

At the very back is a clear plastic wallet to put in pictures or other bits and bobs.

It is a lovely Filofax and a perfect Filofax to have for Back To School!

If you want to buy one go on to WHSmiths, you can view all their lovely Filofaxes and 2012 inserts!

I was not paid to do this review it was my own honest opinion!

It breaks my little heart to give this beauty away, and I know I already have a competition going but, if you want to win this lovely Filofax then all you have to do is comment below telling me why you deserve it! Leave an email address if you do not have any type of account so I can contact you, the winner will be chosen at random on 31 August 2011!

Look forward to reading your entries!