27 November 2013

Hello All

Why hello there, I know what your thinking, and saying......

Where the hell has she been?

Was she abducted by aliens?

Did she die?


Well I am HERE and I am not queer, sorry about that, I know that may be a disappointment? or not?

I thought I would update you all a little on what has happened over the past few months, nothing too exciting.....

I saw Scott Redding, number 45, in Moto2 win the Silverstone Moto2 race in real life!!! IT WAS AMAZING

I got my new car, I know not all of you will know what I am on about, but OMG!!!! I got a Volkswagen Polo 1.2 tdi Match Edition it is in Black with 5 door and my number plate ends in OMG, isn't that cool

I bought a Gillio Medium Compagna in Black Croco

I am having my breast reduction but no idea when as I am waiting on the NHS to give me a date, but I don't mind waiting, but would of loved to have it by now!

I got a Samsung Galaxy S4, and HATE every minute of it, bring on May when I can get the iPhone 5S

Now it is the countdown to Christmas, I will try and get back to blogging as I am in a better mood these days, I was a bit low for a while and am feeling a lot better, a lot has changed in my mind and my life over the past few months.

I just wanted to come and check in and say HI :)

Talk to you all soon

23 August 2013

Hobonichi 2014 Covers - Excited

I got in to work this morning forgetting what was happening today, I was a bit down and in a bit of a bad mood, then I notice on my phone I had this tweet:


I was thinking Angela seems a bit excited today (in case you didn't know that is Paperlovestory, but if you didn't know that where have you been? under a rock?)

Then I clicked on the link and what did I find...

I found that Hobonichi revealed all their 2014 Covers for their lovely diary, it is an A6 day to a page dairy, which I have wished to own for a long time now! I didn't think it would be up so early, but it was and I was excited.

I then thought I should share the covers with you I like and tell you what I like and don't like about each one, in order to help me decide on the two I want to buy :) Sorry about the bad screen shots but it was the only way I could get photos of them!

Angela and I have spent all morning tweeting to each other about this exciting time. Sorry if we filled up your feeds!

Untitled Untitled

Milky Blue

I like this one as it is purple and pink I would say, but the pink inside looks a bit sickly? Maybe but I do love the colour combination!


Vintage Chief Flower

I love the brightness of this one and how cheerful it is, but could it be a bit too much cheerful? I feel the yellow is a bit much to look at every day?


Donkey (it does have a longer name but Google Translate is not translating too well!!

I love the front with the cute donkey I love the colour combination, but I really do not like the back of the cover, it lets it down a bit for me! :( I love the pink inside though!


Robin Egg

This is one of my favorites! I really love the colour combination, its the perfect blue and a peachy colour, it is all leather but it looks like it is suede? Absolutely beautiful but not the most practical material? But I really love this design!


Red & Blue Look for Minnie 

I love the little book marks in this one!! They are so adorable!!!  The bright Disney print, oh so exciting!!! Just not very professional?


Minnie Mouse

This one is adorable but not very professional, I love the pink and red!


Bear in the Forest

This is my favorite!!!! I love it so much!!! But I have a phobia of buttons! Also the ears could get annoying?


SOULEIADO La Fleur d'Arles

Sorry about the strange formatting of the text, but I copied it off the site, as I couldn't type it! I like the print very bold but it hurts my eyes a little. But it looks so cute still :)


Gold Leather Zip

This is another one of my favorites, very understated but still cute!!!

I now need to decide on two covers before the release date next week!!!!! This will be tough choice!!!!

14 August 2013

The Start of my Weight Loss Journey

In March I posted a blog post about Breast Reduction, and how I was thinking about having one....

If you want to read that post click here

I got some absolutely amazing responses to it, they all said, "it has changed my life", I can totally see how that would be, as the weight in my breasts is ridiculous.

Therefore I decided, enough was enough, I told my Dr in London at the clinic and he referred me to another DR, within a few weeks I had an appointment to see him, at my first appointment the Dr was not there but I saw someone from his team and she was so lovely and helpful, she told me everything and all I needed to know. I was given two months to think about it.

I went away and came back two months later, met the Dr, I had hardly any questions as the lady I saw before was so amazing! I decided to go for it, I am now awaiting for my letter to say when my surgery will be, but I wanted to do a blog post journey for you all!

Whilst I was at the Dr's office, he said ideally loose as much weight as you can before the operation as it can change the way it heals if you loose too much after.

A week later I signed up to Weight Watchers, my mum was supposed to be joining me, I am doing it online as I am far too shy and terrified to go to an actual meeting.

My starting weight was 14 stone and half a pound, I decided I want to loose 2 stone before the operation then 1 1/2 stone after the operation.

I have been told the time for waiting could be 4 to 5 months, therefore I have 4 months to loose 2 stone in.

This "diet" is not as such a diet but a change in the way I eat for ever, because once I have had the operation I cannot go back to eating the way I did before, otherwise my boobs will just grow back and I will have to have another operation.

I started this "Life Change" on 30 July 2013 at a weight of 14 Stone and half a Pound

At the start of my "Life Change" Weight Watchers put me on 33pp per day and 49pp weekly

I am now just over two weeks in.

The first week at weigh in I was 13 Stone 11 1/4 Pounds

After loosing my first few pounds Weight Watchers reduced me to 32pp per day and kept me on 49pp (I have felt that point missing, strange isn't it)

The second week at weight in I was 13 Stone 10 Pounds!

I have lost so far 4 1/2 pounds!


It is a good start but I still have 1 stone and 9 1/2 pounds to loose! I think it is do able!

I will try and check in once a week, any other post to do with this you want me to do let me know!

I am so excited that I will be able to get rid of the weight on my chest and enjoy my life properly again!

02 July 2013

Millie Update - Breif

First thing is I have had to move my diary to the front of my binder, and have all the notes sections at the back, at the moment little Millie is in a bit of a organisational stage as she is a MESS, I am trying to organise her inside but it is just one HUGE mess! I am sorry about that.

One thing I did was to re do my month tabs, what do you think?


As you can see the past few weeks have been very empty in poor Millie...




I have honestly had not much to write, I have really tried to write things but not been sure what to write!

His & Her Binders


I recently received some FiloRAK's from some people, but Kristy sent me some cute bits from Disney... 



One of the reasons little Millie has been left out a bit is because of Animal Crossing New Leaf.... 

I cannot stop playing it!! 




But I have used Millie with my game to record what I have given to the Museum, I need to start recording my projects I am doing and when I clear my mortgages.... yes I am a gEEk 


I've been making lots of Bells!!! 


Favorite outfit! 

It has kind of taken over my life!!!

So thats a tiny update on Millie I will tell you more soon!!! 

01 July 2013

Winner of the Parragon Life Canvas Stationery!!!!


Ann Cutcliffe!!!!!

Please check your Facebook email and your normal email (check your others and junk boxes too) and you should have an email from me!!

If no please email me at filofaximy@live.com


30 June 2013


Apparently Google Reader is not going to be used from tomorrow!!

If you still want to follow me you can on Bloglovin click the link on the side :)

I promise I will get back to blogging :) I am really rubbish at the moment with everything, I am at that stage where I really need my injection...

If anyone still reads my blog..... the competition ends tonight!!!


19 June 2013

Set the Scene for Summer Challenge - Filofax Saffiano Review

At the beginning of May I was sent a beautiful Personal Purple Saffiano as part of the “Set the Scene for Summer Challenge”. For this challenge Filofax’s PR company asked for us to use the Filofax sent to us and capture summer, with yourself, friends, family etc.

I had a really good idea, but due to the weather I could not do it, my plan was to get a few friends sitting on a bench looking over the beaches, holding their Filofaxes open, and I take a photo from behind. As I could not organise this because the people I wanted to use for the photo were unavailable and the lack of a summer, I came up with another idea, a lot simpler. It was still quite effective, my idea was me to be holding the Saffiano in front of some flowers, that went well with the organiser, that would make it look pretty and stand out, I originally had some violet flowers in mind but the rain killed them off.

I had a look around my garden to find some perfect flowers and found these beautiful pink flowers, (I am no flower expert) and decided to hold the Saffiano up and take a photo (the sunlight was added after as it was a very miserable day).


You can go and vote for this picture to win on Facebook, on Filofaxes page, CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY PHOTO, or CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE ALBUM. IF you vote for me and I win, that is a huge IF as there are some really amazing entries on there! I will get 5 Filofaxes to give away to my readers! And I know how much you all love to win Filofaxes, so here is your time to win a lovely Filofax, I am not sure on which you will win, but I am sure it will be worth it! If I come second or third I will still get Filofaxes to give away, so do not give up if I am not in first!

Share my picture as much as you can and get as many to like it as possible!!!

You have until Friday 21 June to do this!

I thought whilst I had the Saffiano I should do a review, I was very presently surprised when I received this organiser! I never expected it to be as beautiful, the colour is amazing! But it is very hard to show in photos I have found.



It has some amazing features which I will go in to in a second!


The material feels lovely, it is man made but it has a lovely texture, you know it would not slip out of your hand, and I know that some Filofaxes I have had in the past were a little slippery and I dropped them!

When you open it up, you see a secretarial pocket on the left hand side with 3 card slots. The pen loop is also on the left hand side which is quite unusual, as there usually on the right side (I think) it is ALSO elastic therefore no issues with pens not fitting! YAY. At the back instead of a pocket there is a place to put a notepad, so your able to carry spare notepaper everywhere you go! Its not a pocket like they usually do for a notepad but it is a slide in style so it just covers half the cardboard at the back.



One thing I love about the new Filofaxes is they no longer have the standard thing behind the fly leaf, they now instead have a sheet that just says Filofax that compliments the binder, it looks a lot better than seeing the diary first. Also they appear to of changed the layout of the inserts, all notepaper is at the front with the diary at the back, which works out well for the beginning of the year as you have paper to lean on! Mine came with a diary from July 2013 to December 2014, so you have plenty to keep you going!

One thing I like is the new packaging the Filofaxes come in, I know it is not as sturdy, but it means you get to look at it and see what it looks like without having to get it dirty, so when you take the plastic cover off it feels new and clean!

I have to be honest and say, I like the plastic cover on there, I haven’t taken it off and I am using it for 2014 appointments as it goes very well with Millie!

Thank you Filofax for letting me take part!


07 June 2013

Parragon Life Canvas - Review PART 2

Hiiiiiiiii all!!!!! 

Here is the long awaited Part 2 to my Parragon Life Canvas review. I am sorry about the delay!

You can see Part 1 if you CLICK HERE!

At the bottom there is a competition to win some of their lovely stationery!

First of all it is the beautiful Diet Doodle Diary – I cannot wait to try this, but I am saving it until after my operation as I do not want to waste it!

I had a full look through last night and made lots of notes, so I can tell you so much about this.

First thing I MUST say is at £10 this diet diary is amazing! The features it has and all the information you can put it, it really is worth it.


As you can see it comes with a lovely pink cover that has the title written on it and some pretty pictures, BUT you can remove this dust cover and unveil a simple pattern of food and bits in case you do not want people to know about the book you are carrying around, you can see that just below the main cover.

This idea is amazing! As I don’t know if I would have the cover on.

Once you open it, it has a lovely introduction to the book and it gradually eases in to the hard part….

Entering your weight, measurements and heart rate, but if you do not know how to work out our heart rate, your lucky, it has instructions!

Once you fill this out there is a section to enter your target weight, which is on a bulls eye, you can see above in the picture.

I am sorry I haven’t taken more photos at the moment but I will take loads and show you all the features once I start filling it out!

The diary is so you can record 30 weeks of food diary and exercise diary, each week on the last bit has a little scale to write in your weight, measurements and heart rate, they try to keep you updating this so you can see your overall change.

Each week has a different pattern, some with more colours than others.

  • There are random things to fill out thought out, some examples of this are:
  • A place to draw/write all that is in your fridge/cupboards then on the next page the same picture but to draw your ideal food, so you can try and change what you are buying for healthier stuff. 
  • A section that has a load of words which are to represent feelings, and you can circle your own feelings and write in other ones you are feeling. 
  • There is a pair of jeans with different levels, the idea is that you buy a pair of jeans that are too small that you want to fit in, and then you write where you get to and a date every time you try. Once you have fit in to them you paste a picture next to it of you in them! It is a great motivational thing to see how well you are doing at fitting in to the jeans! 
  • Similar to the fridge idea there is a place to stick a photo of your wardrobe, before and after, to show it more organised, with more smaller nicer clothes. 
  • Places to write positives about weight loss and why you are doing it. 
  • A graph to track your progress. 
  • Places to write down recipes you collect, or you could stick them in. 

The book is also full of quotes, after looking though I found my favourite:

“Nothing is impossible, the word its self says I’m Possible”

The quotes are a really good motivation aid!

At the end of the book there is a place, similar to the first section to record your final weight, measurements and blood pressure. So you can have a way to see how you have done.

Overall I think this is a magical way to lose weight as it is such a motivational aid!

I found it on eBay for £8.10 with postage of £2.75 CLICK HERE

You can see why I slimmed this down in to two posts now can’t you!!!

The other item I have to review is a Notebook Organiser Set, well I have two, the one I am keeping which is in the Popart design and I have the Butterfly one which is part of the giveaway.

These little organiser sets are really lovely as you can see from the photos:



As you can see, each one has a notepad of A5 paper, with a pretty pattern all over it which is perfect for writing letters, which is what I am planning on doing, even though I am awful at writing letters.

You can see a test of the paper, it was only a basic test, it is thin paper but it is perfect for a biro or a gel pen, as you are unlikely to use a permanent marker or highlighter on a letter!


There is also a selection of sticky notes on the left hand side, each with a different pattern, they seem quite sticky and I love the vibrant colours of the Popart and the pastel pretty butterflies!

Lastly, it has a little pocket, like an envelope, which you could put letters you receive in ready for replying!

These are perfect for a present or to give someone who likes writing letters to people.

I am very much looking forward to trying out all the new products from the Life Canvas collection!!!! When I use them I will do update posts to show you how and when I have used them!!!

Thank you so much Parragon for giving me the chance to review your Life Canvas range! It is beautiful!!!!!

24 May 2013

National Stationery Week Winners!!!

I have finally got around to choosing all the last winners for Day 3 to Day 7, I am announcing them below.

I have only posted out Day 2's parcel so far as I am waiting to get paid, I will be posting out all the prizes next Friday! As long as I hear back from everyone of course!!!

The winners are:

Day 3 - Kirsty Sherrod
Day 4 - Alice Emerald
Day 5 - Angela Leung
Day 6 - Adam Blaine 
Day 7 - Gillian Watson

The names were all drawn at random last night by my mother.

All winners please email me at imysworldnsw@gmail.com 

Thank you

16 May 2013

Parragon Life Canvas - Partial Review - Part 1

A little while ago a company called Parragon contacted me asking if I would like to see their new range and do a review! I got very excited about this! The products looked amazing, and are amazing!

To see the full range click on THIS LINK and then choose if you are in the UK, USA or AUSTRALIA!!!

I just wanted to share there magical introduction video!! Have a watch:

They sent me a large range with two bits to give away, the competition will be in a week or so once I finish announcing the winners of the National Stationery Week posts, as I do not want to do just one post on these as some of the items I would love to go into more detail, this is sort of an outline post.


It isn't all visable, but there are two Notebook Organiser Sets, a Doodle Diet Diary, Travel Journal and two My Life books.

If you are really in to making lots and lots of lists, these products really are for you!!!


First of all, the Travel Journal, this has lots of sections, I have photographed a few of these and put them below, I will list them too!

When you open it, you can see a little envelope on the left then a notebook on the right, inside (even though I didn't photograph it) are a sheet of stickers, I didn't realise they were there! On the other side is the notebook which is full of places to make lists!

First of all are a few list sections, Things to do before, Things to pack. It then goes on to the journal section which has lovely patterns on each, there are quite a few pages, I didn't count them but below are a few of my favorites!


At the back it has a Favorites section which is to write different places, the sections they give are, restaurants, bars and clubs, cafes, hotels and shopping! There are plenty of places to write addresses and details of each, it really is an amazing idea if you are going on an around the world trip or to a few places on one holiday!


At the very back there is a map to mark where you have been, a map with time zones, currency list and measurements lists.

They have thought so much about this and put loads of effort in to all the details, it really is an amazing product. It costs £8.00 which I think is very reasonable.

Next The two My Life books:


I received two of these one to give away one to keep.

The only way I can think of describing these is.......A LISTERS PARADISE!

They have lots of sections and a place for you to write your own:

  • Notes
  • To-do
  • Ideas
  • Music
  • Books
  • Films
  • Websites 

They retail at £8.00 also which is very good!

The butterfly one looks like this inside:


Throughout both there is different patterns on the majority of the pages, they have repeated some but it is still so amazing to not have the same boring paper over and over, I love their ideas of using pretty patterns, things like this really draw me in to products!

This is Part 1 of the review, I will do Part 2 tomorrow!

15 May 2013

Day 2 - CultPens WINNER!!!


I am here to announce the winner of Day 2 of National Stationery Week!!!

There were so many entries for this day!! But unfortunately only one prize to give out!!!


The winner for today is:


Please could you email imysworldnsw@gmail.com!!

Thank you

The third prize winner will be announced shortly!!!