28 April 2013

Day 7 - National Stationery Week - Surprise!

Today is the last day of National Stationery Week, read the bottom to find out where to send your entries!!!

The prize today will be a surprise, the person who wins it will only know when they receive it!!! I want the person who wins it to do an opening parcel video or blog post for my blog! If that is ok?

I will just ask the questions then I will give you where to send your entries!

Sorry for the short post but it is a long story!


Questions: (Answers to all these are on my blog)

Question 1: What festival did I go to in 2010? & who did I see?

Question 2: What was my third blog post about? and who also owned that item?

Bonus Question: What was on my wish list?


Please send all entries to:


and comment below to say you have sent the email (It is a new email address don't want anyone missing out!

You have until Wednesday to get your entries in!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

27 April 2013

Day 6 - National Stationery Week - Hallmark

Welcome to Day 6 of National Stationery Week!

If you are in the uk you are probably reading Hallmark and thinking... what is that about??

They have started to make STATIONERY!!! ~Really exciting I know!

But they sent me a large selection of stuff to review, I got a huge box full, I will be doing the review NEXT WEEK!

But I wanted to give some of it away!

Here are the prizes:




This is all part of the Tea and Roses collection, which is AMAZING!!! I have so much to show you next week but you will have to wait until then for that!

For now, I would like to ask you some questions:


Question 1: What date was Imysworld first Youtube Video and title?

Question 2: Which video has Imysworld done that has the MOST VIEWS?

Bonus Question: What do I wear on my head a lot in my videos?

26 April 2013

Day 5 - National Stationery Week - Staples

Welcome to Day 5 of National Stationery Week!!!!

Today the company I am giving something away from is Staples!

I am sorry but I do not have a picture of the prizes!!!! But it will include a whole host of Martha Steward Stationery!!! YAY!!!!

I love Staples and I am lucky to have one local to me but I am so upset that Martha Steward will no longer be selling her stationery!

I am sorry this is so short but here are the questions:


Questions: (UK STORE)

Question 1: What is the customer services number?

Question 2: How many days credit can you have?

Bonus Question: What is the code for a raspberry A5 Filofax?

25 April 2013

Day 4 - National Stationery Week - Paperchase

First of all let me apologise for the slow posts and the fact that there is less and less in the last few days posts, I have a lot going on in the past two weeks and am just struggling to motivate myself to do posts at the moment, I am going to Try and do Day 5 - Day 6 and Day 7 as videos. Wish me luck .

Before you read day 4 please read the rules! CLICK HERE

Today's prize is to win a Paperchase selection!!! I do not have a photo of the prizes unfortunately but you will win Post its, stickers, washi tape etc... But this will just make it more exciting for you, for when you win it!

I wanted to include Paperchase as I have many fond memories of going in there and spending ridiculous amounts on Stationery, last time I went to buy these prizes my total came to £30!!!

Never will beat my Bristol experience of £45!!!!

I know this has only been short, and I really am sorry for that but here are the questions for todays competition!!!! I will try and do tomorrows via Youtube, but it will be a hard day so you may not get it until Saturday!


Question 1: How many years has Paperchase been going roughly?

Question 2: How long do you have to get a refund?

Bonus Question: What country (outside UK) beginning with an L does Paperchase post to?


Catch up on National Stationery Week Posts:

24 April 2013

Day 3 - National Stationery Week - Artbox

Today for National Stationery Week I am going to cover Artbox Characters Shop which is a company I love a lot!

Before we get in to the magical land which is Artbox Characters Shop land I must remind you of the Terms for entering the competition, CLICK HERE NOW!!!!

Now we have that out the way, I originally found Artbox many years ago, I think I went in it with my mum in London once, and never really bought anything just liked everything I saw, but I recently started to buy stationery off there, it is all so reasonably priced and AMAZING

If you like Artbox I have a special Code below for National Stationery Week, it runs until 28 April 2013.

10% off!  Code: 2F2N9N

Click on this banner below for when you do your purchase as I will get something for it!

Artbox Shop

The prize for Artbox is my favorite thing EVER, notepads, I love to buy their notepads, I must own 9 or 10 now! Mainly in A6 for my Mulberry but I also have a load of small ones for little lists too! I bought all the prizes online last month, and they put in the usual badge and I thought it would be perfect to go with my giveaway!

The prize for Artbox is below:



Question 1: What shop did Artbox open a concession in and what year?

Question 2: What does the charity Artbox support do?

Bonus Question: What is the style number for Ricecracker the plush?


Notice: Fridays post will be on Saturday with Saturdays post. Personal reasons, I just want my blog empty on Friday. Please do not be upset it will still be published on Saturday, I am just giving you early warning!

23 April 2013

Day 2 - National Stationery Week - Cult Pens

Welcome to the second day of National Stationery Week, and competition NUMBER 2 bought to you from one of my most favorite website on the planet! CULT PENS

Click on the National Stationery Week banner on the side in order to see all the National Stationery Week posts so far and anything you have not read yet! To read the instructions for entry into this competition PLEASE CLICK HERE - That is the most important part for entry! It has all you need to know and any questions about entry should be asked there!


I am so excited about this giveaway because I am giving away my favorite pen, (not the one I am using obviously) which I bought and some inserts which were donated by Cult Pens, which was absolutely amazing of them!

Here is the prize


Up for grabs is:

Pilot Coleto Clear Barrel which holds 4 inserts
2 black 0.4mm refill
1 red 0.4mm refill
1 blue 0.4mm  refill
1 green 0.4mm refill
8 OHTO Smile Slide Clips

The reason I decided to pick their website is because of the following simple points:
  • Amazing range, easy to find!
  • Cheap prices
  • Super fast delivery!
  • Always welcome question and answer super fast! 
They really just are one of the most amazing companies I have bought from yet, I don't even know how I came across them, but I have been using them for ages now! It has to be over a year, it has to?! I have made an order with them once a month, if not more since I found their site! I find it so addictive.

The prizes I chose were because I use the Coleto every day and I love it to pieces, it writes amazingly, and it is cheap to run! I chose the smile clips because they make me happy and I want to share a little happiness into your lives too!

I really honestly thing that Cult Pens just has the business idea right as they are so efficient and friendly, I have never had a bad thing to say about them, when I have had an issue with a refill for a pen they replace it instantly or any queries they answer so fast! I don't think I could ever put in to words how amazing their service is, hence why I have decided to feature them in my National Stationery Week giveaway as I HAD to share them with you all, I know I share them with you all the time but I had to share with you more!

Here is a video I made about them recently! Yes I am mad, but you all know that!


The Questions are: (you can find all the answers on the website)

Question 1: What is the monthly newsletter called?

Question 2: Find the Coleto Video on their site, what colour inserts are in the pen?

Bonus: On the Smile Clips page, what colours are clipped onto the grid paper?


Write these answers with the others and then send them all in on the Sunday when I announce the special email address, any queries let me know!

22 April 2013

Day 1 - National Stationery Week - Filofax

Welcome to Day 1 of National Stationery Week, today the company that we will be talking about and having a prize from is Filofax... YAY

Before I tell you about the prize and why I love the company please READ THE RULES < click there 

The prize is one of three Doodle Filofaxes, in Personal Size! Two come with full sets of inserts, and the final comes with just a diary! But it is still customisable! 

I fell in love with Filofaxes many years ago, I have used them the majority of my life and ring bound systems are what works for me best. 

There is just something you get from writing everything on paper, and then being able to remove a page or move it to a different section that just makes me excited! 

The first grown up Filofax I bought when I was an adult in 2010, it was a Slimline Adelphi in Scarlet, I bought all the inserts and I felt really bad buying it as it came to £50 in total, I was really worried I had spent too much (now knowing that it is nothing), I then on my 20th birthday decided to get the A5 Cuban Zip, which is just after I started to make videos.

Before all that I owned a few different Filofaxes, I had bought them all in WHSmiths and at Carboot Sales with pocket money and Fun Faxes from book shops.

But in 2010 I had my first experience of doing a video for Filofax, They put a post up about how they are looking for a few people to have a Filofax Domino to review and then do a video on, it was the Christmas Gift, and it was to have the Gourmet Gift Card with it, I think this was towards the end of 2010 (not 100%). For a while I appeared on the Filofax website, my little face as a video, then they replaced me for Plannerisms, this was before I knew about her, at the time I felt a little jealous, I enjoyed my little bit of fame, even if it was only on a page that not many people would look at.

As time went on Filofax were very good to me, I got to do a few competitions and give away some AMAZING Filfoaxes, it has all been so good and I have enjoyed it to much!

I have enjoyed the fact that people have won Filofaxes that have been part of competitions  and that some of them had never used a Filofax, and because of me, I got them addicted to Filofaxes. It is amazing to of had such an effect!

Filofaxes are just the perfect thing to use when you need a diary!

Here are some of my old videos when I first got in to Filofaxes properly!

Some Classic Imysworld videos there! I hope you enjoyed them all!

Enough of my rambling! Now on to the prizes and the questions:

I have 3 Doodle Filofaxes in Personal size to give away!


Two with full sets of inserts and one with a Diary in, to enter this part of the give away answer the following questions. The bonus is just for fun you do not have to do it, but I would love to see some ideas! 


Question 1: Which Filofax from the new range do you like best?

Question 2: Who saved the Filofax Company in the 1940s Blitz in London, and how? 

Bonus - Design an idea for the cover of the doodle and take a photo to attach to your entry

Now write down your answers somewhere safe ready to email them in on Sunday, the email address will be revealed on Sunday!

If you have any questions just ask!!! 

15 April 2013

National Stationery Week Competition Entry Information

Welcome everyone to the first post for the National Stationery Week Competition, where I will have a competition each day and then at the end of the week you will be able to send in your answers and I will give out some amazing prizes, I just have a few things I need you all to read first before you can enter!

I want to make it all simple and clear before the week starts! 

First of all, all the questions will appear on my blog and they will either be, two part questions, or two questions with a bonus question/activity, the bonus is up to you and it just means that in case of a draw, there will have two separate draws just to make the prize winner have earned it a bit more.

Please do not all rush and send in your answers each day, as it will just be far too confusing!

The amount and type of prizes will be stated on each day, one day during the week there will be more than one prize, so there will be more than one winner on that day, but that is a secret until National Stationery Week.

Each question will involve you going on to the site of the featured brand that day to find the answers. It will not be an easy contest where you can just say add me!

You do have to follow my blog as part of the terms to enter this competition!

When you send in your answers I need you to try and use a set format so I am able to announce the winners as soon as possible!

The format is as follows:





Question 1:
Question 2:


Question 1:
Question 2:


Question 1:
Question 2:


Question 1:
Question 2:


Question 1:
Question 2:


Question 1:
Question 2:


Question 1:
Question 2:

You do not need to answer every question, just answer the ones you are interested in winning and then the others you will not be included in. Please try and keep it to the format above!

This competition will be open worldwide so that means anyone in the whole world can enter. PLEASE NOTE – THIS IS OPEN WORLDWIDE!

The competition will close on 30 April 2013 at 11:59pm GMT!

All of the blog posts in this week are my own honest opinion. Even though the companies have donated some of the prizes, the majority have been bought with my own money. I have put a lot of time and effort in to setting this competition up for you all as a huge thank you for helping me get my Mulberry! I have also tried to get all my favourite bits of stationery to share with you!

On Sunday 28 April 2013 at the end of the post for that day of National Stationery Week will be the email address I need you to send all the answers to!

Please send them all in one email and to the address below.

Any wrong answers will not be entered.

I will post the answers on my blog no later than 10 May 2013 depending on how many entries I get, I will try and post them as soon as possible.

If you have any questions at all please ask now!

You have 6 days until National Stationery Week, GOOD LUCK!!!!

My week in my Mulberry - Week 14 & Week 15

Sorry for the huge delay! I am trying to plan everything but it takes so much time, I haven't written all the blog posts yet either!

Next week is going to be a very big week in Imysworld! PREPARE YOURSELF

Here is my Week 14:


The week I was without my Mulberry!!!

Week 15



The ticket is from the last time I saw my grandad :( I will keep it forever!

12 April 2013

Kawaii Sticker File - Joo Zoo Deco Sticker Pack

I had a little look on etsy the over night and came across this sticker book, I don't think there are any left!

I just had to share it with you!

It was listed as a Kawaii Sticker Book, but it is a folder of sorts which holds 8 sheets of stickers, but you can add your own and make it in to your portable sticker file (which is what I intend to do) mine arrived a little broken, but it is that sort of plastic that cracks, and postal services are not all that carful! It makes no difference to me that it is cracked I am just going to repair it, but it makes me wonder how long it may last in my handbag!

I just wanted to do a quick post showing you the insides and them on some sheets!

Enjoy, this is just photos from here on in!


Isn't that just adorable!








There are some washi tape kind of style stickers which you will see in the next photos!




I love this sticker file, I ordered another as I know I will go thought it fast and then when this file breaks I have a back up! It is such a perfect thing for my handbag!

So happy with it!!!

11 April 2013


Hello All

I have not blogged because I have been off at Hospital and such, only check up etc.. but it just means I am away from the computer!

Also I have been trying to plan the competitions fully for National Stationery Week! I want them to be perfect and amazing!

I have received my Mulberry back, here is a video of the unboxing:

I will be back with you tomorrow with some more information, I will be posting the Rules for the competition next week, along with all the details you need about entering as I want it all as clear as possible before the competition.

Talk soon

05 April 2013

My Week in my Mulberry - Week 13

Hello all,

This is really a delayed post as I have been away!

Week 13 

Here is my week 13, the week before Millie was sent away! When I still got to use my pretty!!!




I have had a kind of busy week all in all, I have had all sorts on and quite a bit of work, I will explain it all to you.

 As you can see throughout the week I have watched lots of Grey's Anatomy, this is due to LoveFilm taking it off their Instant app as their contract has ran out! This is very annoying as I have not got the DVD's I am 2 episodes away from finishing Series 4 and it feels a total waste, is there anyone who would like to send me the Series 4 DVD to borrow for a few days and I will return it? I just need to see Meredith and Derek get back together, I read she makes a large romantic gesture, then I will buy series 5 but I don't want to buy one for two episodes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME OUT!

Work wise I had lots of work to do which sucks and had to organise what I did, so I used my Mulberry! YAY!

I ordered some stationery for my National Stationery Week Competition, and I created a Imysworld Facebook Page

I had a really nice Thursday as my mum and her friend went to see Alice In Wonderland, the Royal Opera Houses Ballet streamed live to my local cinema, it was amazingly fun, I have not yet attached the cinema ticket, which I am planning on doing!

I went to Plymouth and met Kate, we went in some stationery shops but I never got to the Aquarium as my boyfriend and I were tired and had a busy day on Sunday! As he had a race!

You can see I went for an easter theme with the washi tape and used some cute stickers!!!

This is all for my week 13 I hope you have enjoyed it!!!

If you want to lend me Greys Anatomy Series 4 (UK version) please email me filofaximy@live.com

Thank you!!!