20 April 2011

The Cutest animal in the world?? - Fennec fox

Ok i cannot post the picture on here in any way but here is the link:-


Dont you just want to cuddle it and stoke it!

Its just so adorable, i dont think ive seen anything as cute, it nearly looks like a chihuahua!!! :-)

Is it possible to have one as a pet?????????

Much Love <3 xxx

Cambridge Satchel......Hmmmm


I am having a Satchel Time, I want to get a Cambridge Satchel I know the size I want 11”, only because I want a really small summer bag, but I'm not too sure on the colour, to go with Flo Yellow, or Pink

Could you please comment below on the colour you think I should go for?? 

There is a price different of £15 which isnt really much, i love the yellow, but im a barbie in my head???  which do you prefer?? Oh and BTW im going to a blog post a day!!! :-) YAY

Pink - Picture is the same size i want


Flo Yellow - The pictured one is not the 11" 

Comment below and let me know (omg that rhymes)

Much Love <3 xxx

19 April 2011

How i feel about how i look and what i want to change!


Well I just had to do this post about me.

I really want to look better and in my mind the things I need to do are: -

  • Have my hair died and tidied up
  • Get my teeth whitened, I'm feeling really self conscious about them recently
  • Lose some weight off my hips and my belly – I have tried but I just don’t have the motivation I don’t know why
  • My eye brows – I just want them to be plucked and tidied up I know there no huge but too me they feel it
So that’s all the things I need to do to make myself look better, but the problem is they all cost so much money!

I just feel like I need to be more presentable and just feel like I should look more tidy and perfect if you get me, have less messy days where I feel like rubbish and sort it all out?

I am getting my hair done, died and all next week or the week after, but I need to change the way I dress as well, I just need a complete overhaul.

I need someone who is AMAZING at dressing and finding things that will suit other people I just need HELP, badly.

Don’t really know why I'm doing this to be honest it just shows me all the things I want different, but oh did you notice I don’t want any plastic surgery! YAY

I was just sitting here and that I had 3 cans of fizzy drink in front of me, a few weeks or months ago I had a de-tox from anything fizzy and I lasted about a month without any drinks, and I was looking at the open can, which I had only had one drink of and thought, do I really want to be drinking this crap that stains your teeth is full of sugar and doesn’t taste all that good? So I walked to the toilet with this full can of coke and tipped it away, and ive given the other two cans away!

From this day onwards I'm not having any more fast food or fizzy drinks! I mean that I am going to completely cut that rubbish out of my life!

I am obviously still going to have my chicken nuggets at home, as there isn’t much else but I will try and have a salad with them every time.

The declaration I have in the picture above I have taken out my name and stuff as I don’t wont people to know my full real name if you get what I mean? There are a lot of reasons why and I'm not going to go in to them.

Much Love <3 xxx

People sign the declaration with me and try to be good

18 April 2011

Filofax Questions.............

Well i have been thinking about getting ANOTHER Filofax, yes i have enough already but i dont feel as if i have found one yet i love, and want to use until the day i die and never put down.

Thats how i believe i should feel about my Filofax.

So this is what im going to do, im going to get a Malden in Vintage Rose, it looks beautiful online and i love pink so, im going to go for the A5 as i dont feel a personal fulfils my needs.

I am hoping to have the landscape colums for the diary so i may have to get the Acadamic diary rather than a colum one this i dont like the layout, then use something different until July when the acadamic year starts, when i will be starting a course then anyway so i will be using it for that too.....ooo the excitement of starting this course! :-)

But yeah i need to find some nice inserts to use, as im going to use my filofax as my folder for my work on the course too, for a while i was thinking about the A4! Then i stepped back and thought oh no thats far too big!

I was planning on using it for the course like anything i need to write down like notes on the pad at the back and then use it to plan when things need to be done for (its a home course and you post the work off once done).

So yeah im totally excited and i feel i need a new filofax as im starting a new part of my life going out and actually doing things rather than just saying oh yeah i will do that if you get me. I go out meet new people now which i never really did before!

So Have a good weekend and week, if you can give me any help let me know, nice short week this week so expect plenty of blogging and plenty of vlogging.

Oh and if anyone ever wondered why the 30 days of lists stopped, i just ran out of time and was too busy to cointinue it so i had to stop i just couldnt get started again, so im thinking i will re start it soon.

Thanks for reading :-)

Much Love <3 xxxx

06 April 2011


The Filofax Competition is still running enter now and you may be able to win some exciting Filofax goodness, i may even put in some bits from Filofax if i get to Staples before then!!!

You will not know what your going to get until it arrives on your door stop.

Who ever wins needs to send me a picture of themselves with it or with all the bits to put in my next video of the comp :-)

Much love <3 xxx