19 November 2014

2014 Gillio Tour - Part 3


Sorry, I have had a bit of a hiatus again, I was so close to being a regular blogger!

Here we are again, now we are at Part 3 of my Tour around Crocidilla my lovely Gillio, I haven't used her much in the past week or so though, which hasn't been good, I do not know what is wrong, but I can't concentrate or remember anything. I can't even remember to write things down, my brain seems to be loosing it, and I do not know what I can do to help!

Next section in my Gillio is my Finance section! YAY

At the front (usually) is a Budget for the current month, I never really stick to it, but I like to try and budget a bit so I have all my lunch/Diesel money separate from all my spending money and Direct Debits so I do not overspend, which is so hard to do!  But I am getting a lot better! YAY

But on the front this time is a sheet of paper with my Car Insurance workings out, as I had an accident it all went up, and I was trying to beat the quote from Volkswagen of £1,500, which is 10% of the price of my car.... I am really not going to pay that much when I can get just over 1/3 of the price!

There is one of my lovely Hema stickers at the top, this was the last time I saw them, I do not know where I put them or where I last used them! I am pretty sure it was on this page! They were such cute circles with pretty things on!

Next there is a break down of each weeks spending, which shows how much I have spent under 4 categories.

Here is an example of my Finance Sheet, it is all probably wrongly worked out, but it is more of just a guide so I can see where my money is going, as if I am honest, I can never remember what I have paid for on my card, so then at least I have some sort of guide, but I have been really bad with this in the past few weeks and I haven't tracked my Finances really all of November!

Next is my Planning Section:

At the moment in my planning section is a few pages on planning for going to the Forest of Dean.

Then I have my Christmas planning section, which if I am honest is pretty bare!! I haven't really written anything in it! I will need to start soon! As it is nearly Christmas!

Next section is lists:

On the left is my stationery ordering list which is usually just a rough scribble and I swap the paper over to the opposite side after a while.

On the right are films and tv programmes I want to watch

I also have a list of films I watched, when I was recovering from my surgery I watched a lot of films!

I have a list of people who have requested to join a group I admin, as I am very picky about who gets accepted

Then I have my bucket list! It isn't a complete bucket list as it is all more things that I can do, some things are a bit more extravagant

Information section, not very exciting!

I have some cute Address sheets made by Cute Organizing! They are lovely, but I cannot show you them as they have address on, it also comes with a birthday planner!

I did have a password section at the back, which has now been removed due to my 2015 inserts needing to go in!

At the back I have some cards, break down recovery, NI card, CSMA Club card and my Medical Exemption Certificate Card.

In the big pocket at the back I keep important documents I need, like appointment letters and such!

That was a complete tour of my Gillio, a lot has changed since I took these photos!

I hope you have enjoyed it!

12 November 2014

An AIS Fairy-tale - Written for Inter/Act

(Photo taken just before I told him)

Once upon a time there was a prince and princess, who met in a dull pub called The Weavers. The prince’s chat-up line to the princess was about the boost in his car and how little her car had. The very next day the prince picked the princess up in his trusty steed—an Audi S3.

They drove around the coast, to a beach, he wanted her to have a go in his trusty steed, as he was sure she wouldn’t be able to drive it.

A few of the princess’s friends warned her about the prince, but they didn’t know the prince the way the princess had become to know him. They didn’t know how much of an amazing person the prince could be.

After a few dates the princess felt she had to tell the prince of her curse, after all what is a princess without a curse. This wasn’t a curse of being asleep for years, this was a curse of being born differently than other princesses, but the princess didn’t think of the curse as a bad thing. She thought of it as a super-power that made her stronger than all the other princesses!

She had waited until a week after they met to tell him, she couldn’t wait any longer, the fear was building inside and she was becoming very nervous. She just wanted to let him know so she could know if he was just another frog or if he was her true prince charming!

On Saturday she picked her prince up to go on an adventure, she drove all over the land searching for the perfect place to share with him her story. As she drove around the beautiful Cornish Countryside there was a place she found that she thought was perfect.

She pulled in and found a place to park. Then she looked at her prince and started to talk. She explained that she had Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS) and all the basic things: like that she has XY Chromosomes and was born with testes inside of her abdomen which were removed when she was 17. She told him that she cannot have children and that she has no reproductive organs other than her vagina. She felt a bit silly saying this as her and the prince had not even kissed as yet. But the princess was scared that if she started to like her prince too much before telling him, there could be issues later on in their fairy-tale.

After she told the prince she felt relieved, but a bit confused. As she looked at her prince he looked fine, not shocked or confused and he just had a normal expression on his face. He then told her something she wasn’t expecting to hear. He said, “I already knew”. The princess was shocked by this and she didn’t know what to say.

She asked him, “How did you know?” He explained that he had read about her CAIS on her blog and he knew someone from school who also had the same condition. The princess was really surprised by this! This prince didn’t mind that his princess had this condition. In fact, he was happy about it all and it didn’t faze him.

After that date, the prince and princess had their first kiss. Since their kiss, the princess and her prince have been inseparable.

He has become the most perfect prince charming!

And like in all fairy tales, they lived happily ever after…

(This is a true story, just with added magic ;)

Originally from Inter/Act

05 November 2014

Random Facts - Part 1

I found this in my drafts, It was written about a year ago today, I quite enjoyed this post I will share some more random thoughts from my head soon!

I am an Apple person, nothing else comes close, I have tried other brands and always hated them.

I think one of my eyes is lower than the other, or one of my eye brows is higher? (that really is random)

Pomegranate juice may look tasty, but it is not (I just found this out after spending £2 on a small bottle)

I haven't bought any stationery in a long time, like pens pencils etc...

My memory is getting worse, I think it has to be to do with the hormones, I am thinking of trying something called DHEA which everyone has been talking about recently, bit nervous about it though!

I quite often watch a film or something and forget what is happening, my memory is that bad

I can feel that my injection has worn off completely now and I have another 3 weeks until I get a top up!

Since getting my new car 5 weeks ago, I have been nearly 2,500 miles! (maybe more I haven't looked in a while)

The snowman in my office is only flashing red....is that a sign?

I have size 9 feet.... MAN FEET

I am Tee-Total but I am pretty sure I did a post about that once, wow I have been tee total a bloody long time!! - I have so many more reasons now to be tee total as well - I feel proud! (I have had like one or two drinks of alcohol a year but still that is pretty good)

Harrison Ford is still magical, even though he is an old man

Now I have the Indiana Jones theme in my mind.....

01 November 2014

Lomography Doubles of Ponies

All taken on Lomo LC-A+ using 35mm 400 ISO (not sure on the brand) I know it was expired.

I created all these by taking random photos of pictures on my computer, all the pictures had black back grounds with colours and then re wound the roll (the end went in by mistake so I had to take the film to have the end taken out) then put it back through my camera, and took the ponies over the top!

I love creating random things with my camera

When I went to pick these up the man said to me " I think something has gone wrong, are they supposed to be so strange" I said yes, he went on to say "but there are two pictures on one on all of them", nothing like a bit of confusion :)