19 August 2014

I am back!

Hello All!!!!

It has been a long time since I have been blogging regularly, but I am back!

I want to get my blog up and running and ease my way in to blogging again! I hope your all still with me!

I am going to be posting about all sorts of normal random things, as you all may of read the past few months I have been awaiting a reduction, I have had my reduction, a post will follow about that later on! I am very happy with the results and it is nice to have a weight off my mind!!!

I am getting a bicycle soon to start exercising and swimming, so much will open up to me that I wasn't able to do before! I am so excited!

I hope you are all well and if there is anything you want to hear about in particular please let me know in the comments (I know it is unlikely that anyone will even be reading my blog, but worth trying, even if I have to rebuild all of it!!)

Will be back soon with further posts!