10 September 2010

Barry M Dazzle Dust

Before I go away I fancy doing a post on all my different Dazzle Dust eyeshadows and all the different colours I have, below is a list, I would love to have the whole collection one day as I love to have really birght cheerful make up.

First of all the Pinks

Berry Pink 927
64 x 2 - pearlecent pink purple colour
86 - bright pink
A baby pink that the number has rubbed off
Candy Floss 931


Violet Star 927
31 Light purple


94 - Kind of an Aqua
23 - Black metallic blue
20 - Sea Glitter Black/Blue (Favorite colour at the moment) only just opened the wrapping lol
22 - Navy Glitter Blue
98 - Mix Between blue and purple and black
57 - Aqua
not too sure of the number but its a glitter aqua


75 - Lime green with glitter - its beautiful only just opened it! lol I have another half used one of this colour but it looks a totally different green as if they have changed the formula?
Christmas green dont have the number
6 - Dark green aqua


76 - Sunshine this colour reminds me of, i have two of it, i went through a stage of doing a kind of tropical sunset


96 - really nice gold
Slight traitor here - this one is a Gosh powder, in Glamour


71 - not too sure if this should be classed as orange its like glitter bronze
77 - more of a peach

I do eventually want the whole colection of the colours as i love their eye shadow so much :) i find it beautiful, so easy to apply over a base coat, :)

As i was writing down all the colours i realized some weren't even unwrapped yet, which is kind of sad lol just keeping pots unopened

Much Love <3 <3 <3

Nail Rock Review Cont........

I said I would upload the photo's from when I help my colleague do hers, they have tuned out AMAZING and look so good.

The definatly are made for longer nails.

I am going to try to grow the rest of my nails so its not just my thumb nails i could apply these to :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend...im off to London

Much Love <3 <3 <3

09 September 2010

Chanel Lip Gloss Review


Levres Scintillantes
Brilliant Extreme

98 Galactic

I would describe the colour as a cream/clear metallic pearlescent glitter

It is beautiful, feels really nice on, moisturises your lips, unlike some lip glosses which can dry them out. It seems to be very durable, it is obviously going to come off if you drink or eat but it seems to stay on for a few hours. It’s a bit sticky but not as bad as the Urban Decay – Pocket Rocket (which I have in James). Will do a review on that later. I don’t think it has a scent.

I am very pleased with the product.

The only real downside about it is the fact that it costs £19.

But it still makes me want to get more, I'm tempted to buy some more colours of it maybe a baby pink sort of colour.

I think it could be the best lip gloss I have ever worn.

Pros:    Beautiful Shimmer Colour
            Not too sticky
            Lasts a long time

Cons:    Expensive

I would recommend it to a friend, I have actually, most people think I'm mad spending that much on lip gloss but its worth the money 100%!

Much Love <3 <3 <3

Nail Rock Review

Nail Rock

I saw these nails advertised on asos.com (I will put the link to them at the bottom of the page).

So me and my colleague at work thought we would try them, I ordered the Cheater and she ordered the leopard print in pink.

I will upload a picture of my nails and her nails another day.

You kind of stick them on then heat them up then you are supposed to file the excess off, I did this on the first one and it looked awful had a white scuff line all around it, so I thought it would be easier to cut off the excess then file it down to look perfect, this worked a lot better.

I have quite short finger nails because of my job (I'm a Secretary, a lot of typing lol) but my thumb nails are longer. On my short finger nails as soon as I tried to do something they peeled off (I'm not too sure if I didn’t heat them up enough or they were just too short).

But they looked amazing when I put them on, so I did my big toe nails too, which is in the picture above.

I think they are really worth the money if you have long nails, and when I try tomorrow to do my colleagues I will let you know any put up some pictures. At the same time I will try and put up the pictures of my nails, but the resolution is too high so need to crop them! 

Pros:    Look beautiful on long nails
            Amazing variety of deigns
            Easy to apply
Good Value at £6.50

Cons:   Didn’t stay on very long (about 1 hour) (only as I had short nails)
            Really hard to do on your right hand

I would defiantly recommend them to a friend :)

Here is the link to buy them: Nail Rock

Much Love <3 <3 <3