30 September 2011

Haul Fat Face & Staples

Happy Weekend!!

Today I had the day booked off to get my next T injection as I am so low on hormones, my last injection ran out 2 or so weeks ago, I’m feeling very low and rubbish.

I got a phone call yesterday from the Doctors  cancelling my appointment as in the 2 weeks they have had they have been unable to get a T injection to the surgery in time! Sorry but I just have so much trouble to get my HRT that I am getting so fed up with it all, it brings me to tears.

So I still went to my mums today and saw my kitten, I have missed her!

She’s miniature, she is an adult now but so small, its adorable! I love her! Ive not seen her in a few months :-(

We went shopping in my local town to get birthday presents for my dad and grandma, got my grandmas but not my dads, did not have a clue what to buy him!

I will show you my reveal then explain it, my mother was very nice to me, when I only wanted to try it on then buy online when I get paid next month!

Little Dora loves to get in all the pictures!

So furry inside! Even has an earphones slot and pocket to put phone in! eeek!!!!!


She bought me a pair of jeans too as they fitted! And SIZE 14 (I’m normally size 16 so I’ve lost weight)

I bought this little bracltey for charity £2.50

What an amazing load of things!

I also bought some things from staples £5 for 3 sets of the Avery labels YAY I have been wanting to try them for AGES!!!

I will review them sooon!!!!

That is everything, my grans present is already wrapped!

Hope you enjoyed it!!!


29 September 2011

Bus Vandalism

Daley Sucks, says the back of the bus
I am gradually feeling more and more like a grumpy old lady at the age of 21!

Every day I catch the bus to work, and EVERY day there is some graffiti on a seat or a chair that has been slashed then stuck together with duct tape, a melted hand rail, what is with the youth of today, why do they get off on vandalising something they have to use every day.

They have to catch the bus as often as me, but how do they get away with it, how can you sit there melting away plastic on a bus leaving a huge hole WITHOUT anyone noticing or saying anything!

It is also not fair on the bus companies having to fix these problems and having to up security with cameras and things just to stop people. Even littering on a bus is disgusting!

I see every day at least 4 or 5 bits of chewing gum in between the window and the seat in front, its called a tissue! USE ONE!

I am so unimpressed with the fact that people give such little respect to these buses, and then the poor company like Western Greyhound, which I travel on daily have to absorb the cost or increase our bus fairs, then people complain!

If they stopped the people defacing the property in the first place we wouldn’t have this trouble!

As you can tell I'm pretty annoyed with other people who just don’t care about things for other people, why should I have to sit and look at graffiti saying, “Mercedes Slept with a dog”.

People really need to grow up!

End of rant sorry to bore you with it but I just had to say it! I'm FED UP!


28 September 2011

Philofaxy Meet Up - September 2011 - Video

I also made a small video of the meet up watch it below!! 

Hope you enjoy it!


Philofaxy Meet Up - September 2011


So I went to the Philofaxy meet up this weekend!

I wrote a post for Philofaxy about my first impressions of the meet up, and views from a Philofaxy Meet Up Virgin!

I woke up to my alarm at 5:22, I know that’s a bit of a random time, but still, so I got up around 5:30am and went to climb to the other side of the mattress to give my boyfriend a kiss before I left him to get changed.

As my bed is at my boyfriends house when we stay at my house in my bed room we sleep on a mattress, there is a carpet next to it, and I fell over the rolled up mattress and landed on Martin, Sorry!

I finally was ready and left the house at 6am! My train was at 7:48am around 50-60 Miles away! So my dad drove me! I love my Daddy!

He got me there in plenty of time and got on to the train!

On the trip up I was reading through all the tweets leading up to the meet up, I was smiling like a Cheshire cat the whole way!

When I got there I had to find everyone at the station, I forgot there was 3 WHSmiths at Paddington, and we were all waiting at a different one, it took some time to find each other.

When we all finally found each other Tali gave us each a flower!

It is looking a bit dead now!

We caught the tube to London Bridge I believe then walked to the Tate it was a very pretty walk but my suitcase made TOO much noise! NEVER TAKE A WHEELY SUITCASE ON A DAY TRIP!

I got to the meet up and everyone hugged us when we arrived! It was lovely to hug them all!!!

I wont really say much more now until we leave the Tate, its going to be pictures: -

So in this picture CP has gone MAD and is talking to a Filofax (love you really CP) and Tali and I seem to be talking about the size of something ;-) not sure what though, will let you use your imaginations!

Then we left the Café for the long walk to Neal Street Filofax, I had a lovely conversation with all the slower people I wasn’t fast enough to catch up with the front people to chat to them, sorry!!

CP and I saw the exit to London Fashion Week and stood still for a while, looking hehe

Magical times!!!

Tali and I really fancied ice cream on the walk!

We got to Neal Street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went in and looked at the Filofaxes, was AMAZING, I bought something, I had to ask Diane to get me a bottle of water because I felt a bit funny, what a lovely girl she is, Thank you so much for that, I love you!!!!

So here are the pics from Neal Street!!!

My purchases!!!

I need to say thank you to Steve as he took the majority of these photos and I uploaded them to Flickr to use! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt happy the whole way home!!

You will see my reveal soon! Sorry to cut it here but not much else happened.

Other than the beautiful CP took me to the station because she is lovely LOVE YOU

Thank you for everyone for an amazing day!!!

27 September 2011

A Monkey's take on the Philofaxy Meet up - Guest Post by Tali

Hello All,

I asked Tali to do a guest post as I love her and she accpeted! She could not think of what to do then she had an idea of bringing her Money to the meet up and I bring mine and they have a monkey meet up! What a BRILIANT idea!

So here is her post!

Once upon a time, A SockMonkey named Mahmu was invited along to a Philofaxy meet up.

VERY Excited on the train to London

He arrived in London and after meeting up with some lovely humans, went to get Lunch at the Tate

where he met Monkeyton :

The humans had a LOT of pretty filofaxes, and spent some time talking about them and passing them around in-between meals.

Mahmu and Monkeyton were in awe <3

Mahmu was quite glad he doesn't have a hectic social life - or fingers - as he would never be able to choose a filofax of his own.

Instead he would have to lust from afar...


After lunch, next stop was the Filofax SHOP!



Mahmu and the lovely Queen Dee of the Filofaxes


Mahmu and Imy - VERY excited about all the Filofax purchases

After a LOOONG day of Filofaxes, Shopping and LOTS of walking, Mahmu was Sad but relieved to chill on the way home!


Monkeyton very much enjoyed meeting Mahmu! They had a great day together!!

You can view Tali's blog Honey I Strunk! It is a diary of her weightloss, the before and after pictures are AMAZING!!!! She is beautiful!!! Love you Tali!



26 September 2011

What's in My Bag - All Stars Post by Anita Lim

Hello so today I have the pleasure of having the lovely Anita Lim on my blog!

I find it interesting to know that she was a motorbiker, which leads me to two questions for Anita, What motorbike did you have and Why did you stop riding? I love learning new things about people.

I didn't really start using a handbag until 2005 when I sold my motorbike. Bike jackets have innumerable pockets, a handbag would've got wet and I used to be much more of a tom boy. I don't own that many bags which means each one needs to be as useful as possible. This is definitely the case with my normal day-to-day bag, made by the Old Bag Company, and is from the Ellie junior spotty range in the discontinued chocolate flake colour.


I think the name is a hint to its size, at just 18cms high by 19cms long. When I ordered it on a whim, I figured it might be too small but it's a real Tardis due to its 11cms width. The end external pockets are usually used for umbrellas, bananas and other snacks. I can fit loads in it (like below) and it tucks nicely under my arm.



We have:
1)      Black and white spotty Marks and Spencer umbrella in one of the external end pockets
2)      Filofax purse – nearly new eBay bargain for £7.00 including P&P!
3)      My latest library book – I love getting Terry Pratchett out for an easy and fun read
4)      Fabulous personal Crimson Malden – it doesn't always come with me, but did this day for making some notes at the library
5)      8Gb iPod Touch used as my calendar
6)      Nokia 2630 phone
7)      Body Shop spiced vanilla lip balm, yum!
8)      Car key – with fish bought for me by my big sister at the aquarium
9)      House keys.

Some days I may just carry my keys, wallet, phone and iPod and then I'll close the top of the bag with the 4 magnet poppers. I LOVE this bag and think it ties in with my ongoing wannabe minimalist tendencies, as I can't fit too much junk in!


I really love her bag, its so cute and surprised after hearing she used to be a bit of a tomboy hehe.

I love how she has such a thick library book in there and a Filfoax but yet I struggle at carrying a Filofax in my bag. I'm too careful I think!

Its been very interesting seeing what other Philofaxy people keep in their handbags :-)

And all of them have a Filofax! YAY!!!!!!!!


23 September 2011

Filofax College!

Hello Students 

Today was supposed to be your first day back at College!

I have FAILED you!! 

I will try to get back to normal next week, but bad finger means too hard to type one handed! 

I miss you all lots Students! Next week will be a good lesson I PROMISE!!