24 May 2013

National Stationery Week Winners!!!

I have finally got around to choosing all the last winners for Day 3 to Day 7, I am announcing them below.

I have only posted out Day 2's parcel so far as I am waiting to get paid, I will be posting out all the prizes next Friday! As long as I hear back from everyone of course!!!

The winners are:

Day 3 - Kirsty Sherrod
Day 4 - Alice Emerald
Day 5 - Angela Leung
Day 6 - Adam Blaine 
Day 7 - Gillian Watson

The names were all drawn at random last night by my mother.

All winners please email me at imysworldnsw@gmail.com 

Thank you

16 May 2013

Parragon Life Canvas - Partial Review - Part 1

A little while ago a company called Parragon contacted me asking if I would like to see their new range and do a review! I got very excited about this! The products looked amazing, and are amazing!

To see the full range click on THIS LINK and then choose if you are in the UK, USA or AUSTRALIA!!!

I just wanted to share there magical introduction video!! Have a watch:

They sent me a large range with two bits to give away, the competition will be in a week or so once I finish announcing the winners of the National Stationery Week posts, as I do not want to do just one post on these as some of the items I would love to go into more detail, this is sort of an outline post.


It isn't all visable, but there are two Notebook Organiser Sets, a Doodle Diet Diary, Travel Journal and two My Life books.

If you are really in to making lots and lots of lists, these products really are for you!!!


First of all, the Travel Journal, this has lots of sections, I have photographed a few of these and put them below, I will list them too!

When you open it, you can see a little envelope on the left then a notebook on the right, inside (even though I didn't photograph it) are a sheet of stickers, I didn't realise they were there! On the other side is the notebook which is full of places to make lists!

First of all are a few list sections, Things to do before, Things to pack. It then goes on to the journal section which has lovely patterns on each, there are quite a few pages, I didn't count them but below are a few of my favorites!


At the back it has a Favorites section which is to write different places, the sections they give are, restaurants, bars and clubs, cafes, hotels and shopping! There are plenty of places to write addresses and details of each, it really is an amazing idea if you are going on an around the world trip or to a few places on one holiday!


At the very back there is a map to mark where you have been, a map with time zones, currency list and measurements lists.

They have thought so much about this and put loads of effort in to all the details, it really is an amazing product. It costs £8.00 which I think is very reasonable.

Next The two My Life books:


I received two of these one to give away one to keep.

The only way I can think of describing these is.......A LISTERS PARADISE!

They have lots of sections and a place for you to write your own:

  • Notes
  • To-do
  • Ideas
  • Music
  • Books
  • Films
  • Websites 

They retail at £8.00 also which is very good!

The butterfly one looks like this inside:


Throughout both there is different patterns on the majority of the pages, they have repeated some but it is still so amazing to not have the same boring paper over and over, I love their ideas of using pretty patterns, things like this really draw me in to products!

This is Part 1 of the review, I will do Part 2 tomorrow!

15 May 2013

Day 2 - CultPens WINNER!!!


I am here to announce the winner of Day 2 of National Stationery Week!!!

There were so many entries for this day!! But unfortunately only one prize to give out!!!


The winner for today is:


Please could you email imysworldnsw@gmail.com!!

Thank you

The third prize winner will be announced shortly!!!

13 May 2013

Mulberry Posts coming soon to a screen near you........

I just wanted to share what posts I will be doing over the coming weeks of my Mulberry:


She is still beautiful!

Here is my week from last week, I have no idea of the amount I am on!


The posts that are coming soon are:

  • Issues I have noticed (This will just recap everything) 
  • Filofax V Mulberry
  • Paper Test and Quality
  • Hole Punch working out
  • How I use it
  • Review 

10 May 2013

Filofax Doodle Compact Review and Winners

A while ago I received two Doodle's to review, one to keep for myself and one to giveaway. As the one they gave me to keep didn't have the full inserts in they sent me another one!!! I felt so lucky, but it made me think, do I really need two Doodles, let alone one as I don't use Filofax sized rings, and the answer was NO.

I really love Filofaxes, there is nothing I hate about them, I love them to pieces!!!

But I decided my readers deserved to win them, therefore I decided I would give them all away.

Here is the Doodle in all its original packaging



It has a lovely pale blue grid pattern which is where you create your design, oh I wish I owned enough pens, this would be designed like crazy! But I don't (insert sad face)

When you open it you are greeted with no pockets but a new flyleaf.


No pockets isn't the worst thing to happen to the world, but still its not the best, well for me anyway, one thing you can do is you could buy some of those stick on business pockets and other pockets that Midori sell to stick inside.

I love the little logo


Its very cute!

Then there are blue and green tabbed dividers!


Past the dividers there are not many varieties of inserts, I was confused at first why there was no diary inside, but I read the description to find there was no diary! But that isn't the worst thing!

It is full of coloured note paper, to do sheets and address sheets.



Ignor my crappy nail



A today marker, but there is no diary? That bit confuses me a little??


As there is no pen loop instead they have made this amazing plastic wallet which has a pocket on the front and on the side a pen holder, very useful  I saw on Philofaxy a while back that Filofax are thinking of launching these as a product line!!! It is GENIUS!

In the pocket is a little sample piece of the material (I cut a tiny sliver off to test a few pens) and the spirograph!



I suck, I need more practice, but I love spirographing!!!!

I didn't test a ball point pen but the Sharpies worked amazing!!! If you have a huge range of Sharpies you could do AMAZING things with this!


I used my fine pink sharpie on a spare plastic broken wallet I have in my draw... its an amazing idea as you can customize these too!!! 


Worked so much better on plastic!! 

Overall the Doodle is AMAZING!!!!

The Compact costs £22 


On to the winners:

My mother drew these for me!

The answers to the questions are:

Question 1: Which Filofax from the new range do you like best? Mine is the Original and the Aqua Malden 

Question 2: Who saved the Filofax Company in the 1940s Blitz in London, and how? Grace Scurr - She wrote the customers information in her Filofax!!! 

Bonus - Design an idea for the cover of the doodle and take a photo to attach to your entry - optional!


Judith Lang

Anna Hawthorne

Nathalie Knopp

Please email me on imysworldnsw@gmail.com and we shall sort out your prizes to be posted to you!! 

Tuesday's prize will be anounced soon!!!! 

08 May 2013

UPDATE - Do not give up on me!

This will form a list of bullet points:

1. I have not forgotten about my blog at all, I have just been so busy, I try to get around to doing it but my computer at home will not load up any photos so it is impossible to blog at home and I can only blog at lunch time at work but I have been very busy at work and not enough spare time to do it!

2. The first winner of my competition will be announced on Friday 10 May 2013! Please bear with me this competition is taking a lot longer to organise after than I expected!

Maybe I made this competition far too complicated for me to mark? This has taken me 4 days so far.....

3. I just went on Paperlovestory's blog and she has the most amazing post about lists, I have been thinking I need to use my Mulberry a bit more with lists and more planning than I do, she has been a bit left alone in the past two weeks, but one thing I have not done in months is LIST MAKING and her BLOG POST has really made me want to start again!

4. My Week in my Mulberry:

Week 16


Week 17


Week 18 


I really hated how Week 18 looked, I really did not like my attempt at colour coordination! It put me off using it! It has been a tough few weeks!

5. I saw some very pretty flowers at a place called The Pottager Garder, it has a table tennis table under a beautiful flowery plant. Lots of other ball games and a lovely cafe, which had tasty soup!


6. I just placed an order at Artbox and I am so excited, I have had a bad few weeks and the weather has been wet and needed something to perk me up a bit! Very excited.

7. I have two Reviews to do this week and next week from two different companies, one being Filofax and the other being Parragon Life Canvas, which is a beautiful new range of stationery which is just as exciting as Hallmarks new stationery ranges!

8. I will be trying to do some posts on my Mulberry, reviews and explaining some things, I have a list I need to do just have not had the time.

9. Do you have any requests?

10. Finally, Hope you are all ok!!! See you soon!!!

01 May 2013

Hallmark Tea and Roses Collection Review

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be contacted by Hallmark who are starting to bring out new lines of Stationery! I was so excited and they asked for my address and said the box would be with me shortly!

I never expected to receive a whole BOX it had 8 different items in total! I was so surprised and thought how generous it was for them to give me so much, which is why I decided to add a few items to my National Stationery Week give away which is now closed!

Here is the write up they sent me about it and the picture before I write my thoughts and show it all to you!

The lively colours in this range give a modern twist to a quintessentially classic design. Certain to brighten up any desk, these products are perfect for keeping in touch with loved ones and long lost friends. This set is inspired by a collection of vintage prints and patterns mixed with fresh contemporary elements.

With its delightful floral prints, the collection consists of an A6, an A4 and an A5 Notebook, a Mini Memo Pad, a Sticky Note Set, a Pencil Case, a Memo Block and an Event Planner. A Matching Coin Purse, Mug and Photo Frame are also available. Shortlisted as part of the stationery category in the Gift of the Year Awards 2013, the events planner and social diary is the ideal gift for all those organised, but stylish, social butterflies.

As you can see it comes with LOTS of Stationery! I didn't get all the bits but I got an awful lot of it! 

So on to what I got! 


I received:

  • A4 Notebook
  • A5 Notebook 
  • A6 Notebook 
  • Memo Block
  • Sticky Notes Set
  • Pencil Case
  • Purse
  • Event Planner

I thought was so much and I was so shocked to receive it all, I couldn't carry it all home and had to do it in two lots! Half of it I am giving away, the other half I am using.


The memo block is adorable it has a rose design on all sides, the paper is so nice to write on, it is very smooth and white and I have really enjoyed using it! I have it on my desk in my office and it just brightens it up, it's nice to have such a cheerful flower on my desk! I don't like it when other staff members try to steal my sheets though, I am very protective over my memo block!


Pencil Case - This retails for £5.00 which I feel is very reasonable, and it is just such a beautiful pattern again, I am so glad I chose the Tea and Roses collection to review! It came at the perfect time as well, my pencil case I carry in my bag was getting a bit rough and in need of replacement, which means my work desk is quite coordinated now! 


The coin purse is a beautiful, I would say, duck egg? with a bird cage pattern, and even though it is not as bright as the other items it just goes so well! I am giving this away as part of the competition. It is just a simple zip coin purse, it would be so perfect for taking to the beach. 


The A4 notebook as well as all the other sizes have the same quality of paper which is absolutely lovely! I love the way they have designed the page between the hard cover and the notepaper, it is just such a beautiful contrast! Here are the other two, you can see that with the A5 I have done a little test to show that my Coleto does not show through, the paper is so nice to write on, I am keeping the A5 and giving the other two away. P.s. The A5 is £5.00



The next item is one of my favorites! 


The social events diary, in this you can write down birthdays, in a month to view calendar style (not set to a certain year, just has the numbers), write addresses, Christmas Card lists and presents, and has a very pretty notes section at the back. 

You can tell they have put a lot of thought in to it as there is a beautiful pattern on each page it all isn't the same it is just amazing! I loved looking through it!!! I just love the backgrounds they have used for the different titles, it is just so beautiful!!

I am giving this away as part of my competition! 



The really cute stick notes, I love these so much, I will be keeping these (you can never have too many). I have tested them and they are good quality and are very sticky, they are not like some you get that just fall off, I thought the glue was good enough to keep them on until you need them, but they also wouldn't leave behind any residue! They are beautiful!

Overall I really like the collection, and I would look in to getting some other bits from the other collections when they come out! They should all be coming out around now, I have put the link to what I found above in the Tea and Roses title so click on it! 

Sorry I haven't put all the prices I couldn't find them all!

I was not paid to write this even thought I was given the items, it is all my honest opinion!

Now I must go and mark all the entries and start planning the competition!!!!