27 November 2013

Hello All

Why hello there, I know what your thinking, and saying......

Where the hell has she been?

Was she abducted by aliens?

Did she die?


Well I am HERE and I am not queer, sorry about that, I know that may be a disappointment? or not?

I thought I would update you all a little on what has happened over the past few months, nothing too exciting.....

I saw Scott Redding, number 45, in Moto2 win the Silverstone Moto2 race in real life!!! IT WAS AMAZING

I got my new car, I know not all of you will know what I am on about, but OMG!!!! I got a Volkswagen Polo 1.2 tdi Match Edition it is in Black with 5 door and my number plate ends in OMG, isn't that cool

I bought a Gillio Medium Compagna in Black Croco

I am having my breast reduction but no idea when as I am waiting on the NHS to give me a date, but I don't mind waiting, but would of loved to have it by now!

I got a Samsung Galaxy S4, and HATE every minute of it, bring on May when I can get the iPhone 5S

Now it is the countdown to Christmas, I will try and get back to blogging as I am in a better mood these days, I was a bit low for a while and am feeling a lot better, a lot has changed in my mind and my life over the past few months.

I just wanted to come and check in and say HI :)

Talk to you all soon