31 December 2012

First week of January 2013 Set up!

First of all just to let you know, there is going to be a change in my binder for 2013, which is being posted out soon too me from a Twitter friend - Kristin Very excited!!! It is a zipped 30mm ring personal Sized Binder, so it will mean I am getting away from Filofax YAY!!! And it is more practical for use all the time as I can just zip it all up no matter how messy, and as I like to keep all my notes with me 30mm rings will be perfect! I am allowing myself to go back to my Osterley if I change my mind though, but that is the only change due to the fact that it was such a bargain and so beautiful and practical! Will show you when I receive it, just going to straight swap everything!

Here is my first week of using my Filofax.... obviously it is not all filled out but it is more the layout! This is how every week shall look I hope (and i do not want to remove any used Filofax inserts other than to-do lists and note paper).

Set up

I thought the New Year should be signified by a Rainbow as its a new year and they are full of colour! YAY!

Behind my today marker you will see my to-do list, I will have two each week one for personal one for work, i have decided to put them between each week!

Set up

I shall also have one finance sheet for each week between the two as well! totaled up EACH DAY!

That is my rough idea of what I am doing!

What are you doing for 2013 with your Filofaxes??

28 December 2012

The Chosen One

Sorry for the lack of Blog Posts, I have not had much time. I had a good Christmas but life has gone back to the usual shit now, I am not feeling my usual self.

Now to the post.

As you all know I have been deciding between the Pocket Cross and Personal Osterley.

Well the winner (as you all expected) is Personal Osterley!!!


And the winning Diary inserts is....


This is my combination for 2013, I will not change it unless the Filofax its self breaks, then I am alowed to replace it, most likley for a different brand. Maybe a Louis Vuitton...

As I have decided on this Filofax I now have a 2013 Pocket Cross in Barbie Pink for sale (what a surprise)

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

It is in pretty much PERFECT condition, I was very surprised when I received it. (I am selling due to not wanting to have something else there to use)

It is for sale at £30 then the cost of postage to where ever you are in the world.

That is the price I bought it for and as I have not used it I believe it is fair to sell it for the same price.

If you are interested please let me know.


I may end up selling the Regency as well as I do not need it and it has sat in the box for a few months now (it is brand new as I had a replacement due to faulty rings).

I will try to post more regularly!

19 December 2012

Comparing Personal and Pocket

Bet your all getting bored and tired of this subject!

Well my Pocket Cross in Pink (Barbie Pink as I call it) arrived yesterday and I bought a Diary from City Organiser which arrived today, amazing City O are. I would recommend them over and over to everyone their services is just perfect!

I started to set up my Filofax last night therefore I want to show you the comparison between the pocket pages of the same things in my Personal Filofax and get your opinions....

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

The loose post it just marks where my writing up of diary has got too.

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

Comparison of Diary....

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

Comparison of to do lists...

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

I didn't copy all the todo items just wrote up the things I have not done!

Comparison of my notes for work...

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

So what do you think after seeing my comparison photos??

Let me know below as per usual!

I am really liking the Pocket! Just need to use a diary for 2012 (which I do not have)

17 December 2012

Pocket or Personal - the decision continues..

I have read all the comments you have all posted on my last blog post and this is a reply to the whole load of questions instead... I will refer to certain questions etc... so enjoy!

Number 1:

I saw a few people mention my declaration where I said I would use the Osterley Personal for the whole of 2013.

Well I said I will start from 2013 and then in theory I have until 1 January 2013 to make any fine tuning whether that be change to a pocket size Filofax or choose a different diary format! It is not set in stone until 1 January 2013. Therefore if I really wanted I could buy a Pocket Osterley in Plum and use that from 1 January 2013. But as it is not a set in stone event until 31 January 2013 I therefore am able to change my mind.

Number 2:

A few people mentioned I should use two filofaxes have one as a main home binder and have one I take with me.

Well I am unable to do that as I would forget to update the other. BUT I am going to update holiday's overtime etc, (important things) in both in case for any reason I HAD to change)

Number 3:

The idea of the "test drive".

This is what I intend to do, I have ordered a Filofax Cross in Pink (I believe as it is an older model it may be better quality, leather and rings wise)


The Piazzaa fell through due to them not actually having any on sale... bazar!

Number 4: 

I do not actually use much room in my diary, I have been trying to fill up the space with Washi Tape but it looks a bit excessive!


See that is all I write in, then I turn it in to this...


Therefore less room in a Pocket Filofax will make it easier to use as less prettiness needs to be done! :)

Number 5: 

What about your beautiful Osterley?

A lot of people are saying this..... What about peoples spare Filofaxes they have they do not use? I am not the only person in the world guilty of committing this crime! I am still using a Filofax, just my needs require a smaller Filofax!

My beautiful Regency is still unused, but I am ok with it. I am sure I will go back to using the Osterley soon, but for a different reason, maybe somewhere to write recipes... that would be useful!

Number 6: 

Snarling gave me a wonderful tip!!!

Use A6 notebooks or Midori Notebooks, therefore I may use one of those just for lists or something to save on pages!!!


If it doesn't work I have 2 weeks to decide and use the Osterley and sell on the Pocket!

I hope that answered everyone's questions over my decisions towards Pocket!

14 December 2012

Hello Kitty Saddle Bag Zatchel Arrived - Going to have to be a Pocket Filofax!

I just received my Hello Kitty Saddle Bag in the Town Print which I have waited for, for weeks and I am so happy :)

But it showed my Personal Filofax WILL NOT FIT!!! Therefore looks like I need to use a Pocket!!!

Here is my reveal.... its just a quick picture one!

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Cutest dust bag EVER 

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel


Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Hello kitty Zatchel

Comparison to my Personal Osterley... 

See I need a Pocket to use all the time!!!

Hope you enjoyed this Picture Heavy post!!!

13 December 2012

One Diary for 2013 - The Ideas?

As you all know I am going to use just one Diary for 2012, and I have decided this will be a Filofax.

The reasons I am not going to change is because:

    - I need to keep track of overtime & holiday at work properly (Have a huge issue with this atm)

    - I need to keep track of my money

    - I need to just know what I have done when..

    - I need to be able to look back when I last went to the Doctors etc...

And no I cannot use two diaries as they would never be in sync at all, I can only use ONE at a time!

So it has lead me to thinking.... Personal or Pocket the reasons for this are as follows:


Its large

Holds a lot

Larger rings


Easier to carry everywhere


Enough space to write


The cons of each organiser are....


Too bulky sometimes

If I need to use on the move can be a bit too large 



Could be too small

Not as much room on the rings, would need to use twice as much paper for notes, or just write smaller

So this is my predicament...

I need the Filofax to do the following:

  • Have a whole YEAR week to view
  • Maybe a Month to View (years worth too)
  • To do lists
  • Notes 
  • Fiance sheets
  • Track other things
  • Lists - Birthdays 
  • Addresses 
  • Random things which I decide

But if I went for pocket I do not need to use dividers, I can use the tabs, but I am tempted to buy some from Japan Corner for which ever I decide to stay in! Also thinking of getting the Month to view from Japan Corner too (I am not linking as I don't want it to sell out before I decide hehe) {sneakkyyyy}

To go Pocket or Personal for 2013?

I have ordered a Piazza from Rymans very cheaply just to see what the size is like, if I don't like it I will sell it on ebay, but I do not think I will get it as I searched on their website and nothing came up. I could end up falling in love with it? You never know.

So reading what you have what do you think I should go for??

Steve told me you can hold 220 pages in a Pocket... is that enough? How does that even look?? (NO IDEA)

Do I go for Pocket Malden as the leather has the most give? or a Finchley? or a Adelphi (I love the Adelphi design and emailed someone on AdSpot on Philofaxy, awaiting a reply still, as I want it)

Once I decide on the Diary and inserts I have to stick with it for a whole year, but I have two weeks to decide what to stick with...

Also a side note about the Pocket - I have tons of Hello Kitty Inserts for Pocket Filofaxes...

Also I have the hole punch that is adjustable so I can make pocket or personal inserts (so thats the least of my worries)

I am thinking of cutting up some of my spare Midori notebooks and using them as Filofax paper once I decide (AS I LOVE THE PAPER)


Please reply below!!! URGENT MATTERS AFOOT! (afoot may not be the right thing to say, not idea just wanted to put that at the end I felt it thats all... sorry if I have made a complete idiot of myself!!!)

11 December 2012

Sorry - Hiatus to continue... sad news...


I have neglected my blog for a few weeks now, not due to the fact I hate writing it or the fact I do not love to do blog posts, all due to the fact that I am working my socks off at work!

It is very busy until end of January!

I am going to resume a bit of normal blogging on 21 December (day after Christmas Party).

I have so many things I wish to share with you all. I miss writing my blog posts daily, I am going to try and do some quick youtube vidoes every so often when I can to show you these things.

I am still in the Osterley Personal in Plum and still using it, probably the To-Do lists the most, my actually diary is a mess, I have not had time to neaten it up.

I really want this Filofax to be used until it is falling apart, and bursting at the seems, I want it to looked loved and used (MY DREAM)

I shall see you all again soon..

Here is two brief videos on the Roterfaden

Here are a few photos of my Filofax recently...


Good old fashion Boggle 


Overtime (now on to the second sheet)


Christmas Filofax

Hope you all have a wonderful build up to Christmas!!!!

Talk to you again on 21 December!!!!!

27 November 2012

First week back in a Filofax - Falling back in Love with Filofax


Today I am going to show you my first week of falling back in love with my Filofax.

How I have used it, what I have changed etc...

It is not all that exciting, but I will show you anyway!


Here is my week to view... I will show you close up the two pages...



I made a beautiful Today Ruler which has some pretty Alice In Wonderland Stickers on it..


I have also used the to-do lists a bit..



I have also played boggle lots and lots in my Filofax...


Yes that is 40 words in one round! I was impressed!


So that is how my first week back in my Filofax is looking! I will give you another update soon!