22 June 2015

Foxgloves in the Sun

I just wanted to share a few pictures I took the other night on a beautiful sunny evening! I hope you enjoy them





Imy Webfinds #1

I thought I would do a little kind of webfinds post like they have on Philofaxy but things I have liked, could be youtube videos, blog posts etc... Enjoy

I love this video by Rachel Dunaway I have to be honest and do not know her and have never seen her video's I do not think but this video is so nice, I really enjoyed it, her binder is quite beautiful and it was only  Part 1, I best get watching Part 2 at some point! I keep seeing little screen shots of other videos on her channel, I am going to subscribe and watch more!

Hope you all enjoy her video

At the moment I LOVE this Buzzfeed posts about people spending a week living off a certain chain of food, here are the three I have found so far!

Nandos for a week

Greggs for a week

Wetherspoons for a week

Buzzfeed is a great website, I only really started loving it in the past few months maybe six at the most, now I am so addicted!!

There are quire often cute stories on there!

I love those posts above because I love the notes they make, I like to see inside their notebooks and I just find them quite entertaining the process people seem to go through!

I think Gala Darling was one of the people who really kick started people getting obsessed with Filofaxes and having them as a fashion thing, but her posts are so pretty!

A beginners Guide to Filofax

A Filofax Love Affair

One of my favorite blogs is Paperlovestory! She just has such a beautiful blog, I once met her, and I just didn't know what to say, it was like meeting a celeb! She is amazing and sweet and beautiful!

I really also LOVE Janet's blog, this bugs life!

I am loving seeing her use of her Van Der Spek undyed leather it just beautiful!!! It has been magical seeing it grow!

The Crazy Life of J is a beautiful blog by a lovely lady, I have to be honest and say I have followed it for a long long long time but only recently started to look on it properly, she has such lovely posts!

I think that is enough for today, I could probably add loads and load more. I might do another one one day soon!

16 June 2015

My first memory of a Filofax

I have quite a lot of memories of Filofaxes when I was younger, playing with them drawing in them, but my longest memory and oldest memory is about a certain Filofax my mum bought home, it looked like a Bond, but I do not really remember the brand or name.

I think I was about 7 or 8 I think, I had lined all my little toys up and sat them down, and was pretending to call a register. The Filofax had those Time Management inserts in the ones that fold out, as I remember it made a perfect register, as I could do crosses and lines, to mark absences etc (as I am writing this I feel like I was a bit mental, I hope I am not the only person to ever play teachers with my toys).

I would do it a few times as I really enjoyed writing things in the Filofax, but I had no need as I was too young to need to write anything, so I just stuck to using it as a register.

Every time I wanted to play with my toys I would do a register just to make sure they were all present and correct. It is best to keep track of your toys this way I believe then at least you have a record? I really didn't think of it like that, I just found it fun.

I imagined this story was a lot longer than it was!

What was your first memory of a Filofax?

14 June 2015

The reason I joined HSBC...

When you see the title to this post you may be thinking, what is she going to talk about, why does she need to tell us what bank she joined. Well there is a story to it that I thought some people might like.

Just before I tell the story, I am very happily no longer with HSBC, I am now with Barclays and much happier, I really never liked HSBC!

When I was in secondary school in my first year, like a lot of schools, we had a bank come and visit, the bank that came to us was HSBC, I was very young and impressionable, as you can imagine only being 11 years old!

We all were sat down in the assembly hall, watching and listening with amazement, they were offering us a bank account, I already had one with Santander, but it didn't have a card, or anything just a book that you had to use to pay in and pay out, very old fashioned these days I know! First of all they told us we could have a SOLO card, so we could take money out at cash points, but we were not able to pay for things with it.

This idea really excited me, then they showed us an example of the card we would get, it had CDs all over it! I was so excited thinking oh yeah! I will be a grown up with a bank card, next they told us we would be able to pay money into our account every Friday at school as someone would come in to collect our money. I thought GREAT this means I can save all my dinner money, as I never actually ate anything really at school, and pay that in ready to spend and take out of my account.

All these things were getting me more and more excited, then they dropped the final thing that was about to make me so excited!

We were told we would get a FILOFAX! It wasn't a brand Filofax but it was a cheap version much like the metropol, in black. I don't remember if it said HSBC on it, but I was so excited with this prospect of getting a Filofax I signed up straight away when I got home.

We had to fill out forms to get the account of our dreams, and to get the free Filofax.

A few weeks later my shiny card came in the post! I was as excited as I expected, it was so cool, I was grown up with a bank card.

But the issue was my Filofax didn't come with the Filofax, I don't even remember receiving a Filofax, I think they got me all excited to get a Filofax and never gave it to me, I have no recollection of receiving it!

That was my disappointing end to my story.

But it shows never sign up to a bank account just because you are offered a Filofax......

11 June 2015

General Update

As I haven't been here since NOVEMBER!!! I thought a general update might be a good idea!

Firstly, you will all be happy to know, some might already know, that I am still in Crocodilla, you can see a three part post if you click here - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 of how she was set up before I went MIA!

I will update you on all her changes and everything I am doing with her at some point in the near future!

I stayed at a Forest Holidays Cabin in the woods (well meadow) at the end of November, it was amazing and beautiful, except I was ill the whole time, I still made the most of it but it kind of made it less fun!

Then it was the best holiday ever CHRISTMAS!!! All the lights all the christmasness I just love the festiveness I don't really care much about anything other than the lights and the sparklyness and the glitter! I can't see why we cannot have that all up all year.

It is nearly a whole year since my Breast Op!!!! If you have any questions or want any advice on going for an op let me know! I want to write how I feel after, bra shopping and all, which I believe will be part 3 of my story, as I haven't written about my recovery as yet! I am sorry to of failed you there!

Camera wise - I have moved from film photography to more digital, mainly due to cost of film! Development is expensive and it is a big commitment! I got a beautiful Olympus OMD EM10 for Christmas (I paid part of it) and have been taking it out on photo adventures across the moors all over the place!

Here are some examples:

Past few months
Foal near Crowdy Reservoir

Past few months

Graphiti in Davidsow Airfield

Past few months

Past few months

I got a Mini instead of my Polo, after I haven't felt all that happy driving my polo since my accident! Which is nearly 1 year ago! 

Past few months

And I have been experimenting with lights and taking photos of them at night:

Tunnel of sparks

First attempt at orbs :) and it went really well :) yay

Bridge Trails

I want to do a review of my camera, it wont be a technical one, as I have no idea will be more of an Imys view of her camera! Also a tutorial on how to take some of the photos above, well how to create them, the photo taking bit is quite easy on my camera!

That is all for now really!! I hope to update you more soon and give you lots and lots of lovely posts! 

09 June 2015

TBT / Guide to Setting up a New Filofax and Keeping it Organised

It has been a long long long long time!!

And I am not sure if it is supposed to be Take back Tuesday or Thursday, I really don't get how these things work? But today I just wanted to share these videos I made in 2011 for you!

I want to over the next few weeks show you how my ideas might of changed since this video or how I organise and the things I find useful might of changed, I am not fully sure so bear with me.

But I love these videos because I love the little ears I am wearing in the second two, those were always my ears of choice and I miss wearing them, and I feel writing my blog and doing youtube videos is my time to wear them.

Here is Part 1:

Part 2: 

Part 3: 

Hopeful this will be the restart my blog has needed for ages!

It may only be a small little hello, but I will try and schedule some posts and plan some things as I want to show you how to make something some time soon! I will start getting photos for that tonight!

Any requests you may have post them below?!?!?!?