25 February 2013

My Week in my Filofax - Week 8 - Paper to Giveaway

This week my Filofax is pretty minimal, which feels sad, but you can't be busy every week.

photo 1

photo 2

The only noticeable thing is IT WAS TRACY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! Main important event in my Filofax!!

Now I have a load of Filofax paper to give away, I don't want it all to go to one person I would rather spread it around two or three people.

The inserts I have are as follows:

For Free:

Purple Lined Paper
Purple Plain Paper
White Lined Paper
Quad Rulled Paper
Finance Sheets
Computer Games
To-Do Sheets
Website Sheets
Kraft Paper
Address Sheets (hundreds, if someone needs address sheets you can have them)
Telephone Numbers


For Sale:

Week on Two Pages Diary - Paperchase - Pink lines

The weekends are smaller than the rest of the week but it is a lovely font and beautiful flo pink lines and writing!


Also I have Stationery Bags left!

£3.00 each.


For all the above I am charging postage as well, so if you want something let me know. Paper wise  I will get postage as low as possible!

Email me at Filofaximy@live.com

22 February 2013

Mulberry Fund - Update

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me and helped me and given me kind words, there are so many of you out there. One person in particular has given me lots of support and just been overly lovely as she always is.

She is like a Sister to me, a Filofax sister. Wouldn't you know, TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

THANK YOU TRACY!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not a post to beg, or to ask for money, before anyone says anything!

I think I have reached the target, I am just waiting for a few things to clear from my bank account, and transfer the rest to my Savings account (now known as the Mulberry Savings Account) It was originally set up to save up for my Alexa!

Over the past few days I have been using different ways to help raise money, no I have not been begging.

I have created some Stationery Supplies bags, which I am selling for £3 each then postage to where ever you are. I still have some left for sale and any money from them will help me with my trip to the Philofaxy Meet up as they are something I am selling, I created 25 originally, I am not sure how many I have left, just email me at imysworld20@gmail.com if you are interested in one!

Please only email on IMYSWORLD20@GMAIL.COM as hotmail is down and I am unable to receive mail! Sorry xxx




Each one comes with either a Bic multi pen in 2 colours or 2 nice fine biro's, stickers, selection of post its, paperclips, etc... all sorts!

So if you do want one just email me!!!!! filofaximy@live.com

Another way I raised some money was I auctioned off two Filofaxes, a Pocket Cross Pink Filofax and a Plum Osterley in Personal size. The Cross went for a very low price but the Personal Osterley went for quite a bit in the end, I had a sort of Auction, they both started at 10p and then people could bid from there on.

Before you say anything, I was given a second Osterley by a friend, brand new in box, to help towards my fund! Here is a picture of them both next to each other to prove it!


Because of my last few days of fund raising ideas I now have enough to buy one, I am no longer getting the pink due to the lock but I am thinking of the Oak in either the plain or the Osterleyesk print?

BUT my next issue, I would love to order it right now online, but I know I should wait, so I can photograph the experience and it would be oh so much more fun with my Filofax friends!!! Gosh your all going to be there, it will be so exciting!!!


It was so exciting!!! Thank you everyone so much for helping!!!!

I will be removing the Paypal button etc by Monday, as I do not have time to do it now (have to go back to work, sorry)


Thank you to everyone who always supports me and all who helped you are always all going to be in my heart!!!! THANK YOU!!!


19 February 2013

A Blast from the Past


A diary page from 2010!!! I found it lying around my desk last night and thought I would share this with you!

Mulberry Postmans Lock - Issues

This is just because I wanted to continue on from a previous post about the Mulberry Agenda, where I was talking about why I probably shouldn't choose an Agenda with a Postmans Lock, well now I have some picture proof of mine.


With a lot of use the lock gets very scratched and looks untidy and sad, it just does not stay looking beautiful, I know with age things can look nice but this looks tired and scratched, its the only thing I dislike about Dora.


But just think how much my agenda is going to be open and closed, therefore I believe it would be best to go for one of the lower priced organisers, as I will still love it, and use it to death it will just stay looking prettier for longer, as my Postmans lock on young Dora started to age after 2 months of use, I am not sure if that is a common thing but I didn't want to take it to be fixed or anything as I feel it would loose the value to me, not value in cost but how I feel when I use it, and how it makes me feel to hold, just the sentimental value. If that makes any sense  I may need to take her in to have the seal around the edge fixed though as it has come apart and looks a bit sad. But I am scared too. I love her too much!

On another point, I need to point something out:


Last year Filofax sent me a beautiful Osterley, and people seemed to not like that fact. But I just wanted to let you know I am still using her, not for every day use but for looking after last years diary etc so I can look at it etc... I will never sell this Osterley due to the fact she has perfect rings, and that is a hard thing to come by these days, which makes her ever more special to me.

Also, quite often when I get a Filofax for free I also get one to give away to the people who read my blog, and I need you all to remember you do quite often get something out of reading my blog whether it be a prize in a competition or it be something that could of helped you in your Filofax, but you do get something. When ever I get the chance I hold competitions for you all. This wont change but some of your attitudes need to change big time.

I have never put a gun to anyone's head, or forced anyone to do something, so don't make it out like I have.

I put a lot of time and effort in to my blog, and most often ask for so little back. Therefore in future THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE, and if you want to say something to me rather than hide behind an anonymous name say it to my face, after all there are a lot more people that support me than don't.

If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.

Do good things and good things will happen, do bad things and bad things will happen, Its Karma.

18 February 2013

My Week in my Filofax - Week 7

I am still doing my Week in my Filofax which Paperlovestory set up a while back!

This week I was off work so I had a lot more written in my diary, also the food diary stopped as I saw the doctor and I have been put on tablets to stop my acid reflux for a month or something? I had to go to London this Saturday for a few meetings so it was busy!

I hope you enjoy!




The Squirrel sticker was given to me by a little girl at my friends house, she was cute and obsessed with stickers (potential Filofax future addict? I wonder?)

17 February 2013

Midori Competition Winner!

The Winner is


If you can email me at filofaximy@live.com ASAP! If I do not hear from you by Wednesday 20 February!

Blogging will resume tomorrow, sorry about the random blogging recently, just not got very good internet at home and using iPad to blog makes the pictures too large! I am not too sure why! Sorry!

Secondly, I know not everyone agrees with the Mulberry fund idea, but from now on if you do not agree, you do not need to comment, just ignor it. End of. Other people support me, and believe "if you don't ask, you don't get". I am not forcing you so just stop commenting! I will no longer publish your comments.


11 February 2013

My Week in My Filofax - Week 6

Here is this week... Food diary continues!

I'm not at work so harder to post blogs as home Internet does not load pictures! :( sad times!

We are now at £125 on my fund raising to a mulberry!!! Yay!!! But it has stopped a bit, so if you love my blog and want to help me out just give a small donation!!! Don't forget there will be two leather Filofaxes up for grabs soon!!!!! ;)

Pictures are here!!! Sorry about bad layout!!!!!

Any questions let me know!?

09 February 2013

Mulberry Agenda - Pondering

I have been thinking....

This will be a short post by the way.....

As I have a postmans lock on my alexa I know how they look with use and know that they scratch and change colour with lots of regular use, a diary is something I will use regularly and open 10-20 times a day to make notes etc....

Then someone posted this on Facebook: (see below, not used to ipad blogger)

So maybe a clasp would be better..... Like on a normal Filofax but you get two poppers..... Eek

Also that would mean I only need to raise £150 more as they are a lot cheaper!

I am going to look tomorrow hopefully and see them in real life, I will take photos!!!

My next ponder.....

They don't make plastic pockets......yay I can create my own! much more fun!!! Going to look in smiths tomorrow at possibilities..... Coloured pockets etc!!! Omg ends have no limits!!!

No no limits no limits too high......no no, no no no no,no no no no, no no no no no......

Couldn't resist!! Have a nice weekend, I'm on an adventure, in exeter!, update tomorrow!

08 February 2013

Mulberry Agenda Queries

I have been thinking about me getting the Mulberry agenda (I bet your all thinking here she goes she has changed her mind) and I was thinking, Pink, even thought it is beautiful and the most beautiful colour on the planet, depending on the finish of the leather it could get very dirty, and as I am planning to use this for a long time the last thing I want is a dirty planner!

Here are the available colours:


Pink (First choice of colour obviously) 


Black Postmans Lock 


Brown Similar to Osterley 





brown osterleyish

Oak Osterley Print 

I love them all and obviously pink is my favorite, but I guess the darker brown goes best with my handbag.

I am obviously going to look at them all thoroughly, but just wanted your opinions!

07 February 2013

Difference in Paper Size - Mulberry V Filofax

As you all know I really want a Mulberry Agenda to use instead of a Filofax one.

If you want to help me to get one please read this post, Help Imysworld to Get a Mulberry Agenda, and click on the buy now paypal button in the right hand sidebar!

I am amazed that I already have raised £120 towards my agenda, and it has got me really excited due to the fact that I might be able to get it at the Philofaxy Meet Up on 16 March 2013! If I raise the money before then I am going to be giving away two Leather Filofax Organisers, One Brand New and one is New Condition, just unused bought by me. I will not tell you what they are yet! But if you want to be in the chance of wining them help me reach my target (insert winky face here)!

Also I have a competition to win two Midori Travellers Notebooks No 002 and 003 CLICK HERE to enter!


So now to the blog post, I have been thinking about this Mulberry for ages and last time I was in London I went to look at it behind the Glass cabinet in Harrods (I was too shy to ask to look at it). This was before I knew about the ring and paper size, but I realised that Mulberry paper is actually more of a convenient size than a Pocket or Personal.

I have created a sheet of pocket frmo the measurements on Philofaxy and a sheet of Mulberry also from the measurements on Philofaxy


The sheets side by side, the purple is my Personal paper.


The Personal with Mulberry size below.

But looking at it in comparison to the Personal it just shows the Mulberry is a perfect size, as instead of it being really long and thin, it is A6 which is proportioned rather than being an odd size!

This also means it is going to be so easy to make pages for it as you can just  fold an A4 piece of paper twice then slice it up and hole punch it!

It will be so much more simple!

I am so excited to use a new size and shape of paper that is just better proportioned as I find the Filofax paper too long and narrow!


Thank you for all your donations so far!!!!!

06 February 2013

#WinWednesday -Midori Notebook Compeition

As a huge Thank you for the fact people have already donated me money and because you have all stuck by me through the quietness of the past few weeks, I will be having some competitions, as I have lots of spare stationery around my room that is brand new and never used! Therefore I feel I should give some away!

Today I am giving away two Midori Notebooks, No 003 and No 002, plain and grid notebooks.

I bought an awful lot of Midori stuff when I got my Midori, but beer was split on it and it kind of ruined it for me! My Midori has never been the same to me since, it has a huge stain on it. I am sure I will use it one day but I thought I would give away some notebooks today. Maybe I will give away some more soon!

This competition will be open world wide but depending on postage it will be sent the cheapest way!

Here is today's prize......


All you need to do is below in the comments answer the following question:

What is the name of my Mulberry Alexa, which I got for my 21st Birthday present?

The answer is in one of my posts.

The competition will close on Wednesday 13 February, I will announce it the person on my blog then give them 24 hours to email me before I choose someone else!

Thank you again, and do not forget to read about my Help Imysworld Fund her Mulberry Agenda post

05 February 2013

Help Imysworld to get a Mulberry Agenda - Mulberry's Answer

I decided to email Mulberry to find if they would send me an Agenda for me to use and review etc on my blog and on Youtube.

Here is the reply I just received


At least I tried!!!!

So it looks as though I am still going to have to raise the money!!!

Help Imysworld Fund a Mulberry Agenda


Now this will seem like a very strange post, and I thought why not, what harm can it do.

I have dreamt for a long time about owning a Mulberry Agenda, and I was going to try to treat myself to one but lots and lots of bills came up, as usual!

As you all know I have made Youtube videos and done my blog for a long time, a very long time, and I thought about contacting Mulberry saying can I have one for review etc, but I thought that is never going to work!

I was having a little discussion on Twitter and someone said as a joke I should make a donate to the fund button, and I started to think maybe I should.

I did have an adsense account but Google decided to close it, I had earn't £50 when they closed it and had nearly reached the £60 fresh hold and there was no way to reactivate it they said it was their final decision, therefore I was unable to get it back or claim any money or anything, so I have never earnt anything at all from doing my blog posts or youtube, and I know there are lots of people out there who do end up earning a living from it.  But I have a full time job and when I am not working I am either spending time with my boyfriend or running the group on my condition or replying to emails from people who have my condition who are in a lot more unfortunate place than me and are struggling so they ask for my help.

It can all get a bit much sometimes so I distance myself from the world.

Hence why I left Facebook for 5 months and why I don't say much on twitter any more and why I have been off my blog recently.

The past 2 months have been so busy in my office I have not had time to do anything really other than work and sleep, I have been exhausted.

Therefore I thought about it for a while and even though it is selfish and all to have a donation button to get a binder, but I just want a little treat. I know I have had many Filofaxes over the years free but I have also given away quite a few Filofaxes to people in competitions etc!

You can ignore this post and the button to give money to the fund completely, you can leave nasty comments to me about doing this, or your can donate, its up to you, I am not asking for £1,000,000, the binder is only £350 and once I reach that goal I will remove the button instantly.

What you will get back from this is.......

I will do regular blog posts - 3 per week, I will try to do one video per week, I will do weekly or monthly updates, and when I go to get the binder if I manage to get it in store rather than online I will let someone film it for me so you can all see my excitement of going to buy it. Also you will see lots of blog posts on the binder.

Once I have got the binder, I will get my hands on some Filofaxes and give them away to you all! I will also make sure they have perfect rings etc.....

But I will try my hardest to have more competitions etc...

So please do not hate me!!!!!!

Here is a picture of the binder I would like, if they stop making this one there also is another one I like.

But obviously I really love pink as you all know!

So if you want to help me, click below and enter the amount you want to give, it can be as little or as much as you like!

Click on the "Buy Now" button in the sidebar on the right hand side at the top to donate money to the fund! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!!!!!!

If you have any questions let me know.

Blogging will be on Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will try to blog on extra day's too!!!!

04 February 2013

My Week in my Filofax - Week 5

The reason all is written is because I am making a food diary for the doctors and I am trying to write some symptoms, I have missed out some of the times I have been in a lot of pain, but oh well. I have to share it with you as it is my week, but I wrote it all in the same place.

My appointment is next week, so I will let you know how it goes and if I wrote enough!

My diet is shocking, but food affects me so much I try to avoid most foods!

Week 5

The post it notes were on each day, the reason they are written is because Grey's Anatomy comes off Love Film on 31 March 2013.... this is my life over, therefore I need to watch up until Series 7 before then! Wish me luck

Also I still really want a Mulberry Agenda!

Week 5

Some of my to-do list for this week, I like my homemade hot lists!

I went Bowling on Monday and beat my boyfriend, I also went on Saturday with my boyfriend and parents but I do not want to remember that.

Week 5

Week 5

One of the holes on my February tab broke :( Therefore I had to use a cute hole protector)

Week 5

You can see my poor rings!

Week 5

More post its....cute

Week 5

Not too sure if the doctor will appreciate the stickers.

So that is this week and I just want to tell you something.......


01 February 2013

Franklin Covey - Ava Binder - Comparison/Review

I orders a binder from Franklin Covey, I really wanted it and I was really excited, the next morning I changed my mind and I emailed to cancel my order, as I had not received a confirmation of my order I thought maybe it was not processed. I didn't hear anything then all of a sudden I got a Shipped email with a tracking number, and link to tracking site. I also had a reply from Franklin Covey, which said nothing it didn't answer anything I asked and said nothing about the cancellation of my order, they ignored my email completely.

I thought oh well it will be here in over a week, I probably will sell it or return it (I may still sell it) two days later the tracking said it was in Exeter out for delivery, I checked to see if there was an Exeter in the USA as I thought 2 days from the USA was far too quick, but for sure it was coming to my house!

It arrived yesterday and my dad signed for it. It wasn't in any special packaging, unlike Filofaxes which come in boxes or card sleeves, no inserts at all, I didn't need any but usually new binders have inserts, but not in this case.

So I have taken some photos to show you. I am not as sure about the colour as when I first ordered it, it is a lot darker than I expected!

Here are some photos: -


It is still a lovely blue colour!


I love the buckle but the magnet that holds it together I would prefer a Preston



I love the inside but I was expecting it to have some blue in the pattern


It has two secretarial pockets which I love, it also has card pockets, an ID pocket and a Zipped pocket, so your able to put something any size you want

It had a little card attached to the back zip on the secretarial pocket, which has the barcode and all on



Franklin Covey embossed in the back cover

The Rings have no misalignment at all all together and a tight snap as they close.



There is a small scratch on one side of the ring mechanism (not much I know but just thought I would show you, I am being very fussy today)


The bit to open the rings is the opposite angle to the Filofax one it is vertical rather than horizontal


Pretty Pattern


The difference in ring sizes



Comparison photos next to my Osterley, I am surprised how much wider it is, maybe it actually could hold wider paper?



On the back there is a few loose threads, not sure if this is normal



Last picture I promise!

As you can see how small the Filofax paper looks inside the Franklin Covey, it makes me want to make larger paper for it and have a wider diary


What do you think of the binder, I do really like it just a bit darker than expected and its nice to have a different thing inside rather than the normal leather!