30 September 2012

My 2008 Ratatouille FunFax

A few weeks ago I showed you this picture as a teaser..


2012 V 2008

Hasn't technology changed......

Plastic for leather....

Here is a look at how I used to use it (sorry there will not be much typing I have Tennis wrist)



So I always remember my name...


That is me in that picture....

"About me"


"Scrapbook Pages"


"To-Do Lists"



Diary, Week on a page, with a love for chickens apparently...





The big O word...



I hope you enjoyed that!!! 

Sorry there was not much typing, but real pain is happening here! Need to tape it up for a few days!

Will show you a Finding Nemo Funfax next!!!

29 September 2012

Paperchase Sticky Notes Review - #2 - Study Mate


As you can tell these are going to be absolutely adorable Sticky Notes, I love how the cover is a harder cardboard which makes it a lot more protected and keeps the sticky notes safe inside, it is an amazing design.



As you can tell you have lots of options with this set of sticky notes but there is one issue I have noticed so far, that is the large lined sticky note at the bottom is TOO WIDE for a Personal Filofax, it is more suited to A5, I still use them for shopping lists though to give to my dad!

They measure at 14cm x 10cm when a Personal Filofax page is 17cm x 9.5cm so they are just too wide which drives me mad! They were my favorite out of the sticky notes as well.

One thing I really like about these is these sticky notes below:


They are perfect for highlighting things in your diary or using as titles for pages, like to-do it is amazing at the top of a to-do list! And the pictures are oh so cute! I am so in love with these.

My only issue is the smaller lined one which is 7.5cm x 5cm is just a bit too small in a way for me to write much on and the lines are too big but otherwise these are winners for me.

The all important writing test...


I used the same 4 pens as in my last Sticky Note post...


This paper seems to be of a bit better quality as the ink does not bleed as much which is good!

These sticky notes are AMAZING if you are wanting to combine them with your Filofax for lists or if you are using A5 and want a larger lined sticky note! They were £4.50

Here is a very similar one on Paperchase which is on Brown paper

They may have the ones above in store!!

28 September 2012

GUEST POST - Lola Karwowski - Insider her Filofax!

Today I have a lovely guest post from Lola Karwowski or Lola Cryola on Flickr, I first saw her Filofax on Flickr and had to ask her to do a small guest post for me so I could share with you all her most beautiful Filofax, so here it is... I hope you enjoy! 
Hello there! This is Lola from Lola Karwowski and I am honored to do a guest post for Imy’s lovely blog J since she didn’t give me a specific subject to talk about, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off one of my diary weeks. However before doing so, here is my warm orange personal size Metropol. She is two months old, my very first Filofax ever!


Though it’s fake leather, I still find myself holding her and going crazy over how nice she feels. This planner lies perfectly flat and the two pen loops (though not elastic) are perfect for the pens I use. I did my research before making my purchase and found a great deal on Ebay for her. I’ll admit, I’ve never seen such prices for a planner before and I my husband thought I was crazy for spending so much (if only he knew the Metropol is one of the least expensive Filofax’s..) but it’s been two whole months and I have not had any regrets.



She holds sooo much! I use her as a wallet (I’m a one life one filo kind of gal) so I carry it everywhere. I have my diary, notes, lists, some pictures, addresses, and everything else I may need during my long days. Isn’t she lovely? Finally, here is how a week in my diary looks.



Unless you count the washi tape you can see that I don’t use stickers as much as others do. I try to make my Metropol pretty by using different colors (I don’t color code. I would never keep up with it). I also use a lot of sticky notes, paper clips to keep things together, and you can see a blank card in there from the K&Company blank pads which I use to write down dinner lists or bill confirmation numbers. My only complaint would be the quality of the paper... it took me a while to find pens that did not bleed through as much which is why I got the cotton cream week on two pages inserts for 2013. Plus, I’ll have more room for my Saturday and Sunday sections! I also purchased more business card holders for extra ID’s/store cards I carry around. Honestly, I don’t see myself ever moving out of the Metropol. I know many are crazy over the Malden’s and other more expensive selections, but I don’t mind having a Filofax that not everyone is drooling over. If I were to ever make a second purchase, it’d probably be the personal size Holborn or the compacts Regency... but I’d have to really save my money for those.

Ladies & gents, I hope you’ve enjoyed this small preview of my life. Please do stop by my new blog and say hello :) and thank you Imy for giving me the chance to introduce myself!
Have a lovely week,

- Lola

Thaank you again for guest posting on my blog, visit her now here... 


27 September 2012

City Organiser - Philofaxy Meet up HAUL!!!

I went to look at 3 Filofaxes that were purple...

The Aston
The Malden
The Osterley


Here is me looking at them....

I thought about it for a while and decided that the Aston WAS NOT FOR ME! It was like the Finchley but a strange colour and just generally not for me. That went straight back on the shelf and downstairs went....

Tracy, Me, Malden, Osterley & Holborn... 

I looked at them for ages and made a decision....

I also did buy diary inserts.... 2 Days to a Page and Month to View... my standard layout, I have used it on and off for two years now, so that kind of proves it is the format that works best for me!

Here is what I bought...


It comes in a box, so you already know what it is.

The reason is the Malden had a weird stiff back, it would not lay flat even if you tried to teach it, it was just as if there was something to reinforce it and stop it laying like a Malden should, I looked at a lot of them before I decided....


I inspected them all to find the most "perfect" one for me.. but it was just too stiff...

What is left then?? Of course..... THE OSTERLEY!!!!!





Shela for those who want to know her name!



I have officially moved in.

We were also given the opportunity to choose something out of a box of different stationery items!

I chose a Giraffe Ruler!!!





He is now formerly known as Gomez!

26 September 2012

Philofaxy Meet up - September 2012

I went to the Philofaxy Meet up last weekend as you all know!

I didn't take any photos though, which was rubbish, so the AMAZING Steve from Philofaxy agreed to let me use some of his on my blog! THANK YOU STEVE!!!! You are actually the best!

I left home at 5:00am, which was a shock to the system (only because of the cold) and I made my way out to my car, it was seriously cold. I started to drive along and as I got out of my village it looked as though there was frost everywhere! That shows how cold it was!

I got to my grandparents at 5:30am so I could park my car and walk to the train station, I am so glad I decided to park down there, but as I was reversing my foot wouldn't stop shaking, was very annoying, was so surprised that I kept the clutch still and didn't hit a wall or anything.

On my walk to the station I noticed the police had taped off the park....


All it made me think of was... Waynes World.... as the stairs up to it you could not use... "Stairway denied"  you know that bit when he is trying to play the guitar of his dreams and he plays Stairway to Heaven and there is a sign saying that you can't play it.... (sorry about that little ramble)

I arrived at the station far too early and look how quiet it was...


It looks like midnight doesn't it!

Well I sat there for a while then there was an announcement....

"The 6:34am train to Plymouth has been canceled due to not enough train staff, please find an alternative route"

I thought SHIT how am I going to get there, I will drive if I have too!

A few seconds later another announcement...

"The next train at platform 2 will be the 7:55am train to Edinburgh, calling at........................."

I was hoping she was going to say it would be in 5 minutes or something,  so I saw a train conductor, he told me the train was at Par and he would get a taxi for me to get there on time!

This was kind of silly when via train it is a 5 minute journey, but by car it is a 15 minute one.....all they had to do was drive the train to the station before... when St Austell is a main station and Par is just one in the middle of nowhere!

I finally got on the train and took my "photo of the day" for the Everyday app...


I had a whole carriage to myself most of the way, then I got to Plymouth ON TIME!!! Pretty amazing considering!

I was in first class from here on out, I was expecting it to be cosy and warm... but it wasn't!


I had my PS Vita with me and the new Little Big Planet to play so I didn't mind that I would be stuck on a train for 4.5 hours!


Most exciting game ever.....

I got to Paddington and met Preethi by Paddington bear outside the doughnut shop, and we traveled together to the meet up! Thank you Preethi!!!! 

When we arrived at the Tate everyone was waiting outside, we all said hello hugged and went in for our lunch, we sat down and within 5 minutes people started to get their Filofaxes out, I was so excited to get ordering food as I was starting! 

Tracy had her bottle of wine and we were all happy!


Preethi, Christa and my food took forever to arrive, everyone had finished their meals by the time we got there NOT IMPRESSED TATE MODERN CAFE 2... you usually have such good service!

I eventually ate my fish and chips and we all moved around and looked in each others Filofaxes to make the most of it!

(There will just be alot of pictures now... then some more story between)





We left the Tate in search of FILOFAXES....

Andy led us straight to City Organiser (his shop)

Here are pictures of inside!!!







Which one????



Colourful Filofaxes

We then moved downstairs so we could pretend we own the shop and look closer at the Filofaxes...

Andy even let me scan things on the scanning thing (PLEASE CAN I WORK THERE)




We finally had a huge group shot outside!!!


Unfortunately as Steve is the photographer he cannot be in the photo... sorry

We went for a walk around London to visit some of the main stationery shops before going back for dinner at Valipino, we went to Artbox, Muji and Paperchase! I spent far too much money..... posts to come!



After waking up at 4am you can really see the tiredness setting in on me here!

The next day we had breakfast with Steve and lunch with Steve, Maudie from Maudie Made on Etsy, Thomas, and Philip Steves son...

Did you notice Steve could not get rid of me and Tracy all weekend, poor guy!!!

Thank you for organising another amazing trip!!! I really enjoyed every minute!!!!

Steve you deserve a crown, but we already proved you wont wear one so there isn't much point! hehe..... until next time....