30 November 2011

Starbucks on a Cold Day

This morning while i was on the bus i decided, I am having Starbucks this morning, just as i got off the bus i realised that all the Truro School children were walking down the road, and i didn't want to get caught behind them as they go to Starbucks in a long que and all...

Just as i got off the train there was a group of three in front of me, but they were walking fast, so i sort of put and extra ounce of effort in to get to Starbucks before them, yes i am a bitch sometimes..

As i got in to Strabucks i realised none of them were actually going in so i thought all that effort was for nothing... i was nearly at the front of the que, there was only one couple in front of me, but there is ALWAYS one who mucks everything up and means you have to wait AGES to get a drink!!

Finally i was served, I kinda nearly forgot i had to pay for it, after i asked my drink my feet started to walk away in the hope i wouldn't have to pay, seriously what was i thinking?? I think i may of lost it!!!!

But anwyay i got my drink and oh it is perfect!!!

My first Christmas cup of the year, so i documented it for you!!!

P.s. I ordered a Medium Signature Hazelnut Hot Chocolate! As its the drink with the least caffeine in it, how much caffeine is in hot chocolate?

29 November 2011

Neal Street Haul - Quick Post!

As you all know i went to meet everyone on 19 November in London! And we shopped in Neal Street!!! I just want to show you all what i bought! Sorry it is quick, but i need to get back to work and I will NEVER do this else!!!

First thing i shall show you is my adorable Christmas card from Neal Street!!

Then down to the Shopping!!!


Day Planner, Note Paper, To-Do, Telephone Numbers

2012 Dairies

Some inserts my LOVELY friend Steph asked me to pick up! :-D

Paying for things is HARD

The BIG purchase

Scarlett Adelphi Handbag!

So that was all my purchases from the Philofaxy meet up!!!

Pilot G-Tec C4 Review

As you can tell my blog is turning in to pen review land, why i do not know but still i LOVE pens and i thought it gives me something to do!

Today's pen which is from my Cult Pens Haul is the Pilot G-Tec-C4, I ordered on in Pink and one in Blue, I have just sent the pink one to someone as a surprise with something else i was sending them, as i didn't buy it for me, i just wanted to quickly see how it writes in comparison to the blue!

First of all here is a look at the pens and the nibs!

On the Cult Pens website it says that the nibs are 0.4mm but write like a 0.2mm, I am not sure as i do not have a 0.4mm to compare too or a 0.2mm for that fact...

So i tested both pens and i found that at first they feel a bit scratchy, not like there scratching the paper, im not too sure what i think to be honest but they just felt scratchy, after use the scratchyness went away and they turned in to lovely pens!

The blue is so beautiful, but i find the ink is all fine then it suddenly goes faint? bit strange!!You can see it on my to do list below on the F

I know i always seem to write the most random things but still i do not mind!

I wanted to test them on Filofax paper as someone said they may bleed though, so i tested them!

To do list with nothing crossed off....hmmmmmm i have done it all though!!

It doesn't bleed through but you can see it a bit!!

On the next payday i am getting a pack of 10!!! I love them!!!

Hope you enjoyed it and if you have ANY questions let me know! :-)


28 November 2011

Cult Pens Haul!

On Saturday my Cult Pens order arrived, VERY speedy service!!

So i wanted to share with you what I bought, I am going to go in to depth with each pen in seperate blog posts, not all that i bought is here because they were Christmas presents and i didn't want the people who are getting them to see them!

Here is what is inside (there is a bit missing though)

So i will start from Left to Right

Frixion pack of 3 pens - FREE as i had spent over £30 on Frixion products! YAY!!!

Frixion Slim Pen - Which is a barrel for it, I did order Black and i'm a bit disappointed i didn't get black, but i couldn't be bothered to really moan and ask to exchange etc...

Purple Frixion 0.5mm

Frixion 0.5mm inserts

Tombow Reporter Compact 4 colour pen - for reviewing and comparing to Bic 4 colour pen :-)

Two Streadler (spelt wrong) Tri Plus pens bought from local Art Shop (so not part of this really)

Pilot G-Tec-C4 Rollerball pen - Blue

Zebra Super Marble Gel Roller Pen

Pink Frixion 0.7mm

Pilot G-Tec-C4 Rollerball pen - Pink

Zebra Mini Literite Pen

Zebra Penpod

These are all available on Cult Pens, i would of given links for EACH pen but i would be here for a few days! It was hard enough to find 2 of the pens the second time!

I will try and tell you about each pen over the week, I have covered all the Frixions already! :-)


Frixion Comparison 0.7mm to 0.5mm

I am back on the Frixions again, this seems like a bit of an addiction!! Well I have truly fallen for the Frixions, I do not care if they fade with age, or if they disappear in heat, they write so lovely, so i splurged and bought a metal pen part for the Frixion ink to go in!

Here they are in my Malden, which seems to be winning in the poll, but a Spanner will be in the works in a few days!!! :-D

I went for a lovely shop last Friday on Cult Pens (my haul shall be posted around lunch time), and bought some nice Frixions, you will see below!

First of all i lined them all up and wrote which pen nib size they were:

Close ups of the Nibs, to show you how they look:

The bottom two are the same just different colours (the metal casing means nothing really, just personal preference).

I then tried writing with all three to see the difference in nib size, and oh my it is visable!

I don't know if i prefer the 0.5mm nib, or the 0.7mm nib, my writing is so much neater with the bigger nib, im not sure if thats the pen or if its actually the size, i just tried putting the 0.7mm in the metal pen holder and it felt so much better, think with the Frixion im more of a 0.7mm girl!!

I will update you on my progress with this!!

Then after I had did this i had a whole sheet of scribblings....

And thought, "what if i put it through my toner printer, as it gets VERY hot"

And look at the result!!

So thats todays little blog post, i need to appologise but the Filofax Review Week is being postponed!!!

25 November 2011

Filofaxes For Sale!

I have 3 Filofaxes for Sale!

First up is the

Pocket Finsbury in Raspberry 

Has a 2011 Diary, needs a 2012 Diary, BRAND NEW IN BOX

£20 as it is BRAND NEW  - Email me for more pictures and any other information filofaximy@live.com

A5 Cuban Zipped Chilli Red 

Small black ink dots on the back, might be able to be cleaned a little, there not as dark as they look in the picture!

£50 - Empty! Cost £90 new!

Email me for more pictures and any other information filofaximy@live.com

Slimline Adelphi in Scarlet 

£25 In very good condition

Email me for more pictures and any other information filofaximy@live.com