31 July 2012

Plaza Cinema in Truro had a Photoshoot

So I papped it from a distance hehe




No idea what is was for, but I thought I would share with you all...


29 July 2012


I have lots of Stationery Filofax related items for sale.... If you are interested in anything email - filofaximy@live.com also contact me regarding postage!

A5 Black Adelphi Filofax £45

for sale £45

for sale £45

Personal Cross Filofax in Black - £25


There is a small water mark on the top right box just on the edge that is a perfect circle otherwise the Filofax is in really good condition!!!

Pink Breast Cancer Pocket Filofax  £10



If you are interested in anything  email me asap filofaximy@live.com comment below if you have any issues!

Thank you


26 July 2012

Thinning my Filofax & Avery Tabs - The Obsession

I am considering moving to a Compact Regency (I am definitely getting a Regency, its just whether or not I can thin my life down enough to move to Compact or stick with Personal, it is going to be brown tho) so I have been practicing with thinning my Filofax down!!!



Spare note paper taken out..



Measures at just about an inch!


I got home and I covered it in Avery Tabs, thinned everything out, took out some diary any excess I didn't need!!!


About half an inch...


Just above 1 cm


Hasn't it had a strict diet of Avery Tabs and less paper!!! Now to see what else I need to put in before it is finished!! Then I can know if the Compact will work, the idea of less ring in the way as you write sound luxury for me, otherwise I will have to completely STUFF the Personal sized one!

Avery Tabs - The Obsession

I went to Staples last night in search of Avery Tabs as I love them, I wanted to use them instead of my dividers so here is what I have done...






Have I gone over the top? and that isn't all of them either!!!

Making Filofax Pages

I got a bit carried away this morning, I started to print different pages I was making then I decided that I should type everything and print it all out as a way to make my Filofax tidier and thinner and have a lot less in it!

I made some Blog Planning sheets with Another Goldfish had made, I didn't copy them I changed them to my preferences, but I printed them on lined paper as I was too excited!!!


I also did my Christmas Lists





A list of Free things I have to do!


4 page list by the way! lots to do in 2012!

That was this mornings fun!!!

Filofax Kendal

I have now got my Filofax Kendal, there are quite a few posts coming over the next few hours regarding Filofaxes just to warn you! I know I could schedule them, but I get excited and post all at once!

Here is a general look about my Kendal then I will explain something to you...






It has TWO Elasticated pen loops, how exciting is that! And a pocket behind the popper, now that excites me too, I love the brown but on overview it is too plain for me and just too simple, I love how it looks the colour is beautiful and i love the pen loops and the pockets, but it got me wondering what other Filofaxes were like this.. but with a bit more badazzle

Well I have been thinking about the Regency since Filofax offered to send me a Filofax of my choice for reviewing when we did the last competition with them, I chose a Cuban Zip, I knew all along I should of chosen the Regency but I felt a bit cheeky asking for it!

But I have now decided I need one!

I feel I will NEVER show the Kendal enough love, so I am selling it as funding towards my new upgrade (it changes like the wind I know)

If you are interested PM me Filofaximy@live.com

19 July 2012

Lomography LC-A + Second Roll of Photos The Beach

I took my beautiful Lomo LC-A + to the beach! I used Fujicolor 100 ISO to take these photos.

These are the best out of the roll, they were all a lot better than my last attempt but these were so beautiful I love how stormy they look!








I love the beach and I really LOVE my LC-A +

Next film to try is Fujicolor 200ISO :)


Filofax Kendal Filofax Kendal Filofax Kendal

I just ordered a new Personal Filofax off eBay, I got it at a bargain price!

I am ever so excited, I ordered the Kendal after seeing some beautiful pictures of it on Flickr it pushed me in to temptation...

outer pocket

Joshua_laporte < his photo

Joshua shows the AMAZING pocket in the back, this got me very excited!!!

I also noticed it has elasticated leather pen loops, and two of them!!! GENIUS!!! Exactly what I love in a Filofax!!! Now I can carry a Pink and Blue Frixion ALWAYS!

After ordering, I have recently fallen in love with Paperchase own brand Filofax paper, and it is AMAZING, they did not have the kraft paper which is brown and thicker, but I will buy some when I go to Plymouth next, I also ordered 4 washi tapes from them!!!

That should be here tomorrow, no idea as to when the Kendal will get here, but I am so excited!!! Monday or Tuesday ?I bet! But still ever so excited, will start on my move this weekend, have it all organised then I can move in and stuff it like a Filofax should be stuffed, I love the tiny rings in my Pocket Malden but I miss the larger size, I don't know why!!!



18 July 2012

Holiday Essentials Blogger Challenge

A few weeks before I went to America I was invited to take part in the Holiday Essentials Blogger Challenge, and I lept at the chance, but I didn't realise the date to get the pictures in by was when I was away, luckily they let me send them in later! As I was away and I have been busy I never did an announcement post or anything for that matter! But Now I am starting to catch up with all....

The challenge was to do a mood board for 3 different Filofaxes (which you will see below) one in the City, one at the beach and finally one in the countryside. I thought as I live near a beach, and in the country side and work in a town I could take photos in locations! So this is what I did!!!

I will show you my worst ones first then my favorite picture last!

You can see all the other entries on the Filofax Facebook page!


Personal Metropol in Kingfisher Blue - Seaside/Beach Holiday

Unfortunately it was misty and the weather was a bit awful, great birthday weather! 


Personal Domino in Ultra Violet - City Break 

This picture was supposed to have more of a city theme BUT there were lots of people around and I felt a bit silly doing a "Filofax Photoshoot" with a tripod and all in the centre of town in a more idyllic location! SORRY


Personal Swift in Sage - Countryside

Now this is my favorite picture as the location worked perfectly! I went down in to the woods and set it all up to take this photo and the lighting and everything was just PEREFCT!!!! 

In the next few weeks I shall be having one or two competitions to win some of these Filofaxes! I am just trying to come up with a good idea as to how it should all be set up!!! 

So keep checking my blog for the competition!!!!!!

Thank you Filofax for making it possible for me to do this and join in with the challenge it has been so fun coming up with the ideas! 

14 July 2012

First Roll of photos with my new Lomo LC-A +

I recently for my 22nd treated myself to a Lomo LC-A + and I took my first roll of pictures, there was 39 photos from the roll in all, but there was only 18 that were ok, some were quite good but others were appauling.

Here they are... any advice you give me will be good, but don't say stupid things like 'oh those photos are shit there really blurry' etc. I know haters gona hate and all that but I don't want to waste my time on you!

All taken on Kodak 100 iso film


Multiple Exposure of Wellies and Flowers






Multiple Exposure Waterfall and Crane


Multiple Exposure Flowers and Trees


Falmouth Bay

Falmouth Marina


Pink Fairy

Plaza Truro



I love how what I want isn't in focus but what I don't want in focus is....

I love this camera so far! I love expecting the unexpected!!!

I will share my next lot of photos with you too, so you can see if I have progressed at all!!