18 May 2011


I really want my boyfriend to win a trip to Morocco :-)



Much Love <3 xxx

16 May 2011

Radical Self Love Discussion - Sunday 15 May


I had a little discussion with some lovely girls in the Radical Self Love group last night on Facebook, was so fun!

Thought I would do a small post on what we discussed and what I think about things, and some ideas that came up etc…..

So one thing we discussed was the times, we all thought it was starting at a different time, I think something got confused in the time conversion! I was online for 2 hours 20 mins in the end and I have a funny story half walk thought to tell you!

By the way, next time we will have a list of all different countries time zones to make it fool proof ;-)

After we discussed that we decided to go on to the radical self love, these things are not in order of what we discussed them in just some random order, as I wish I had made notes or something, I just looked through what had saved of the conversation this morning!

Role Models

We discussed our role models, mines lady gaga, and someone had an amazing idea which I have pasted below, but I couldn’t find her name, so if it was you just say!

Make a vision board, or mood board, with all your Role Models and inspirational people on! Have pictures up so remind you have they all look and how they show their confidence etc..

I am going to do this idea soon, look through my pile of old magazines and anyone who looks inspirational I will cut and paste hehe

About dealing with confidence and being an extrovert

Well I'm not confident very often, this is going to take a lot of explanation.

So I can go up to random people chat to them, when I was younger I even used to jump on random people and hold on for my life! But now days I'm a lot more shy and quite (especially around my boyfriend) I don’t know why, I can easily talk to people but find it a lot harder to trust them!

So I am going to try and be more confident and outgoing this month (except for the fact I do not have much money so that might ruin my plan a little bit).


We spoke a bit about jealousy but I cannot really remember what I said much…

And we also spoke about people who are there one minute your best friend wanting to do anything then they get a better offer and are out of the door in seconds! We don’t like those people!

Goals for the Month

We discussed our goals for the month, they ranged from finding a job to doing more dancing etc, there was lots but here is a list of mine!

·          Be able to Roller-skate Freely and Easily

·          To learn tricks on my roller skates!

·          Go to a roller Disco

·          Be More Confident

·          Manage my money better

·          Do a blog post ever week day!

As you can tell I'm quite in to roller skating and as roller skating is exercise it kills two birds!

Just to tell you my story before i tell you the homework we came up with...

I was going to get pizza and my bf had to go to the toilet, so i thought i would swing on the pull up bar, as i swung it ripped off the wall and i went flying, amazingly i didn't get hurt and i am fine, but it was so funny!


Now we decided we should set some homework for the next discussion and this is what we decided on! 

Write a story about what you want to be in the future or have pictures etc, you can do it how ever you want, as in a written story a mood board with pictures of things you want to achieve etc, you can adapt this in anyway you want!

It can literally be to your own specification just to five you an idea of what it will be, we wont have to see your Homework, but we can discuss it and see how our ideas differ!

I will let you know when the next discussion will be!

Much Love <3 xxxx

12 May 2011

Roller Skating Dreams!!!

This is another Roller Skate kinda post!

Well first of all I have to show you these AMAZING videos I found a few days ago, (one mainly because it was an advert on the TV) and yes the advert has sold me that, I want to get some and see if it improves my skating ability!

So here is the first, it’s a advert for Lucozade

Lucozade Advert 2011 - Sport Lite - Feat. 'Louder' by DJ Fresh

Not only did they sell me the drink but they sold me the song, I’ve pre ordered it, and its not out until my birthday!! How random 3 July!!!

I think it’s a sign im going to be amazing at this stuff!

I want to be able to skate that well and do that dance and just flow as easily as that!!!

Well this is mine and my friends first attempt at skating since around the age of 16 lol Interesting I do agree!

Here is how to do cross overs, I tried doing it when I used to ice skate and I sorta nearly got it but it was like totally hard and I would love to do it, my main thing for my next skating session is to get my confidence up more and get better!!!

I really just want to work out my roller skate too, there is something wrong with it, it turns too much, like when im going straight down a hill my left skate trys going right and I keep trying to correct it and gets major speed wobble, its terrifying!!

I found this from Lucozade too its how to do some of the tricks in the main video so exicted I want to learn them!!

I also want to get some sorta outfit for roller skating something nice…hmmm any ideas people!

I found out today there is a Roler Derby team in Cornwall! How amazing is that, I would love to do it but im too scared!!! I wouldn’t have any one to go with, ive always dreamed of doing something like that as I love rollerskating but the tryouts are tomorrow and I cant get there.

I will film how i get on on the weekend :-)


Much Love <3 xxxx

11 May 2011

Roller Skating Princesses

Morning Jitter Bugs

You may of noticed on yesterdays blog post there was a little P.s at the bottom, well here is a post all about my roller skating adventure last night!

Well I got home around 6:15 and as soon as I got in I went straight to my room, got my skates out the box, and got changed before I put them on.




I managed to try and take this pictures without showing the big brown scratch on the beautiful white leather, but then if there going to be used what do you expect!!!

I sat down in the lounge to put them on, I’ve not worn them in over a year, I got them around 2 or more years ago and have not really used them!

After I got them on I rolled around the house to get used to using them again and to get all the stuff together I needed, my uggs in case I needed to walk somewhere, a bottle of water, coat, tissue and my iPhone to take these lovely pictures!

I looked outside and my friend was there in her pretty Red Polo.

I decided I was going to roll out to her car, there is a bit of a hill to get to the driveway, (you really don’t realise how hilly drive ways are until you roller skate on them), well I got out the door, I held on to the window ledges as much as I could, then rolled down the hill. It was terrifying, I forgot how rolly these skates are! To stop at the bottom I have to crash in to this wall, which is the place I ALWAYS fall over! But all went ok, I didn’t even hurt my roller skates! YAY!

So by the time I had gotten in the car I thought right I think that’s enough for today was scary, so we drove to the car park and my friend was saying its too wet for her skates, she will fall over, so we parked in the car park and just sat in the car while she ate her baked potato with humus and beetroot and salad. We have a lovely conversation about how beetroot turns your pee pink if you eat too much, (this conversation was obviously started by the odd one, yes that’s me).

We were going to go home as we thought the car park was too wet, so I took off my roller skates then got out to see how steep the hill was by putting my skate on the floor to see how fast it would roll down it, then I ran around the carpark after it looking rather mental!

We were just about to leave the car park and we found a perfect are that was dry!!!!

So I had to put my skates on after taking them off so soon! I didn’t lace them up very well they were rather loose!

We got out the car, I had my phone in hand ready to take some pictures.


There is our SEXUAL skates!

My friend took her first step out and skated off, yes I documented this by taking a photo, here it is: -


At first we just kept going up and down this flat bit as we were a bit scared and did a lot of posing (by the way I better warn you from here on it there will be LOTS of pictures and a lot less talking!)


(BTW, again, sorry but I just realised there all the HDR images which were a bit doubled up and I have a crack face in one of them).



We were rolling around whilst taking these photos some, were actual action shots! I'm breaking out the camo for the next time! Lol


This is my crack face, see what the HDR thingy on the iphone did to my face!




We so disco!


Arms going everywhere I love how it leaves the trail from where the arms where!


My legs aren’t even lined up now that’s bad!!!


Sorry about the awful quality.

So after these little picture taking sessions along the nice flat bit we got more adventurous.

I was the frist to go, I went down a hill, but I was having some problems with my skates, my left one kept trying to turn inwards, so I was trying to correct it, which was giving really bad speed wobble, such an adventure tho!

So I only did one lap around there but then I tried going across the car park so much better!

But my beautiful friend had it down, she was going round and round there was no stopping her!

We had a little rest, and I thought ooo I can do that thing when you swing under a bar then stand up again, Well I tried and it just ended up with me flat on my back, so I just had a nice little rest, little lie down, then had to try get back up.

Just before we left we decided to take some more photos, this is her Catalogue shot: -



Seriously NEVER use that HDR thing it messes you up!


This just sums me up, lying down on the job.

We went back to mine as my friend wanted to see my Filofaxes she had heard so much about, and she was very intrigued. She looked through them all and fell in love with my Amazona!

So I said try ebay, before you could say pasticcio nuts my laptop was out and we were on ebay!

Then she saw a nice cream one and she said, oo I could bid on it now couldn’t I, so  she did, then she saw another one that was ending in only 22 hours, and bid on that too, she got a bit over excited with the Filofaxes! I have converted another person to the world of the Filofax!


So now were going to have weekly roller skating sessions!

Oh I love her she’s the best person ever! I’ve missed her lots too!

Much Love to all the pineapples out there <3 xxx

10 May 2011

Dress Shopping with Imy


I went shopping yesterday for a dress, as I have been looking for one for a wedding in June for a while, here is my story of shopping for it!

We caught the train up, this is where the story starts.

I had to catch the bus to get to the train station to meet my mum, I was standing at the bus stop and it had to start raining not just any rain heavy torrential rain that makes you wet no matter how hard you try.

The worst part is there was no bus shelter just me my brolly and an open main road, the wind was really strong at one point I tuned around and the umbrella blew inside out. I had to wait an extra 10 minutes as usual in the UK the public transport failed me again. If only I lived in China or Hong Kong I would never be late!

So I finally got on the bus, there were a load of chavs on the back seat, so that was my relaxing bus trip out the window! All I could hear was their music blaring from their phones, it was all really old like 2008 pop and music I was just so fed up by this point after getting soaked before I even got anywhere.

I finally got to the train station, and yes it had started to tip down again (btw the rain stopped as soon as I got on the bus!).

So I went over and met my mum, we joined the queue to buy our tickets, just as we did the train turned up, it was one of those situations where you think shall I get on and hope the ticket man comes around or wait for an hour. We just ran and quickly got on the train, found a seat out the way sat next to each other and chatted.

I may sound really sad at this point but I was getting worried that the ticket man wasn’t going to come around, we were getting closer and closer to our destination (you get fined £20 and have to pay for the ticket as well) luckily as we got off the train we realised we could buy the tickets before going thought the barrier! YAY

We walked towards the shops, luckily it had brightened up and the weather was nice!

First place we went was H&M after quickly having a look in Stormfront at the Macbook Air to show my mum (sorry M and F), we went in to H&M and saw lots of things I liked but hardly any dresses, my mum saw lots of Maxi dresses which I hated!!!

We went in a few shops and I saw nothing I liked what so ever! We went in Oasis then I saw it, the perfect dream dress, exactly what I wanted picture below: -

Floaty, girly, feminine, pretty, and pale!

This was exactly what I was looking for, so we looked on rail, and they had none in size 16 (remember I have HUGE boobs, makes shopping a nightmare).

So I thought ok, we will try the one in House of Fraser they must have it!

We were about to walk past a sunglasses hut and I said I have to go in, I wanted to try on my perfect Chanel Sunglasses, but I couldn’t see them, I have been dreaming about these for AGES! Then just as I was about to give up I found them!!!!

I couldn’t get it to focus on the bow properly, but I love these so much, here is a pic of them on me, they would look so much better with my hair down!

I tried the mummy line and it didn’t work (I didn’t expect it to, it was just as a joke).

My mum was feeling a bit blah (sometimes when she hasn’t eaten in a while she feels a bit blah) so we went to Starbucks (yes I'm there tooo often) we sat down had a drink I had the usual Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Mmmm….. only had the Tall yet again!

After that we went to Primark, I do not see why people get so excited when ever I go I NEVER can find anything, where do people get all these amazing clothes, I never find them!!!

Then we went to have a look in New Look, I was just having no luck so we went back upstairs and we went to have a look at Bras, now at the moment my bra is a 34GG and they have grown more so I wanted to try on a 34H or 36H, well this shop only went up to GG and decided putting ones that are bigger around would work so I tried on these ones that were far too big.

Now let me tell you about the girls make up, yes I'm not amazing at make up but this was just different, instead of the really thick line on your eye lid she put it under her eye and how silly did she look! I just felt like saying to her I think you have gone a bit wrong. It might of looked better if it went along the eye lid too but no, just one thick black line below her eyelashes!

After that I said to my mum ok that’s it, we are going to H&M and anything you tell me to try on I will, no matter how silly I look!

She made me try on two Maxi Dresses, I had a moment where I realised my mum is actually right! So I tried them on and loved the fact they were really really long! How magical are they! But they didn’t fit properly as my boobs were too big and they were all in the wrong places etc……

….as we left I saw across the way this dress, it was beautiful black top, with a colourful flower pattern, it wasn’t light it was darker, and it wasn’t what I wanted one bit, but I had to try it on.

They only had size 12, which sort of fitted and I was like oh yeah I can fit in to a size 12 (best part of the day!)

But it didn’t fit perfectly so we walked around some more! We walked for hours!

We went in to House of Fraser, they had a Mac Section, omg they had the eyeshadows for the Mac Pro Pallette and as mine only has one in I thought I would ask if I find a dress if my mum would get a matching colour? She didn’t really say anything.

We went to the back of the shop as that was where all the nice clothes are, the Oasis dress was not there, so I couldn’t even try it on!

But they had a nice Tommy Hilfiger Maxi dress which was lush but as soon as I put it on I realised you had to be flat chested! So disappointed, by now we were both pretty fed up didn’t know what to do, so we just went back to the Shopping Mall.

There were those fish that eat at your feet at all the dead skin, I really wanted to try them, but my mum wasn’t too kean. So I didn’t get to experience the fun of having your feet eaten!

We decided to go back to the train station. It was quite an uneventful trip home really! YAY

When I got home I went straight on the Monsoon website to find the dress I loved in size 14 and, yes it was available only size 8 and size 14, I phoned my parents told them to order straight away!

A few hours later my dad phoned up asking where it was as he could only see size 8, the size 14 had gone! So I decided to go to Monsoon today, in hope they will have it in size 14! And they did!

I tried it on and its perfect, here are the pictures!

Lol at my face! Sorry I look a mess no make up and all!

OMG I look like an orange orangatange! The lighting is a bit off but you get the idea about the dress! AMAZING

I told them at the counter, is it ok if i have this reserved for my daddy to pick up later (ok I didnt say Daddy, i said Dad, but you get idea, its a present from my grandparents and they have the money).

Now I just want a bright pink cardigan and a nice bag and some sparkly shoes!

More shopping to come!

Much Love <3 xxx

P.s Roller Skating tonight, look forward to seeing my lovely skates!!!

London Trip


I’m not having such a good time today really well the past few days but here is a nice long blog about my weekend for you to read and enjoy.

So I had a meeting on Saturday in London, well I had to get up at 3:30 am to get to my friends in time to get a lift, as we were driving up, I have a picture here to show the time the alarms were set for, but I didn’t think to take a picture until I was on the way home, the time it was taken will be explained later.

Yes my first alarm was set for 3:21am, I didn’t even hear that one go off, I must of put it on snooze without realising or my boyfriend did hehe!

I got out of bed around 3:35 in the end got in the shower got ready, and by around 4:01am was ready to leave (btw all these times are rather important, as it just shows HOW LONG I was awake!), so we made our way to my friends house and on the way there were some ADORABLE ponies, I wish I had taken a picture, they were on the road!

So I finally get to my friends around 5:45, I was too scared to go and nock on the door, was the first time ive been to her house as she lives around an hour or so away in the middle of no where, no buses etc, hence the horses on the road and on the side of the road.

Oh there was a sign that said the following, “Kill your Speed, Not A Pony”, I felt sorry for the ponies, but it was just the fact they said it, it made me giggle a bit, its not the sort of sign you expect as a serious sign, maybe a joke one. But I do love ponies and I would die if we killed one, btw the speed limit was 40mph, we stuck around 25mph to 30mph as we were really early, it was misty and there were lots of cute ponies in the road and sheeps (yes I know a lot of sheep have no s on, but it sounds cute).

Anyway back to the story!

So I was waiting outside her gate, the grand gate to her huge house!

I text her and said I'm outside, in a sheepish way, she told me to come in, first of all I got a text asking if she had enough time for a shower, but I was right outside!

Anyway I went in and she gave me a tour of her HUGE house, and her bedroom was the perfect princess bedroom, exactly what I want!!!! It was magical! I'm very jealous of it! I wish I had taken a photo, I really wish I took more photos!

We had a magical road trip to London dancing and signing all the way, was lovely, and we drove past Harrods! Oh I love you Harrods!

We went to the meeting it lasted nearly all day!

Then it was time I had to go, I was terrified, it was kind of rush hour I guess for London, or rush evening as it should be called, they were going to walk me to the tube, then they decided they would give me a lift to The station! I was absolutely scared of catching the tube alone, I know I’ve done it before but I just felt I needed to back off really!

So I got dropped off, got out of the car, and OMG I was lost, I just couldn’t find the station, I was getting worried and scared so I phone my bf and he calmed me down I felt better, I knew I would see him in around 5 hours (I miss him a lot when I don’t see him). So I got in the station, went to get a Starbucks after checking the sign to see if my train was ready for boarding, bought Elle to read and went to the toilet, 30p just to pee!

Then it said train now boarding at platform 8, I could not find a platform 8 I was looking for ages and getting more and more anxious, then in the end I finally found it, felt a big relief, got to coach H (yes that’s right first class) I cannot sit in second class just too noisy and I cannot relax!

So I sat down in my seat, I went for the Airline style first class with two seats and a table, I sat down relaxed then a geek came along and sat in front of me, I was hoping to have my own space I had lots to do on the train.

So we started to move, just as I finished my Starbucks, why did I only get a tall, I always should go for Grande when on trains!!!

The people with the trollys never came around, so I never got my free Oj or biscuits, (I was too scared to leave my Louis Vuitton alone). Anyway it was all going well, I listened to the majority of my music got bored and started downloading music (so glad I did).

Anyway we got to Newton Abbot, all of a sudden the train turned off, and an announcement came over the tannoy, we have lost power in the back of the train bear with us we should fix it shortly. The time was exactly 8:38pm here is a screen shot of my phone at that time.

Yes I was listening to The Next Episode, one of the best songs ever! YAY!

Anyway, a while later there was another announcement, “We are going to start up the one engine we have got and go straight to Plymouth, we will no longer be stopping at Totness”, so we started moving very very very slowly!

We were gradually getting slower and slower and slower, then all of a sudden the train stops, all I could see out the window was a slight shape of a bush and some flowers, I was thinking it must just be a red light. We had been sitting there around 30 minutes, then another tannoy announcement, “We are having trouble getting up this bank as the tracks are very slippery from the rain, we are going to roll back down past Newton abbot and have a longer run up”. I was thinking great so the train doesn’t work they are just going to let it free roll without the engines working!

I was starting to think we would be living on this train for a few days in the middle of no where!

We sat there for another 20 minutes and they had another tannoy announcement “We have changed our minds, we are now just going to free roll to Newton Abbot, then you can either change on to the cross country service or wait until the 21:55 train that will go to your destination”.

Well I'm not going to catch a train to somewhere I'm not going to!

So I waited in the cold with two odd men down the first class end.

Then the train finally turned up, first thing I did as soon as I got on was took a photo after I had been to the Express Café and got some complementary Biscuits and Crisps YAY here is the picture: -

The train ride all went smoothly after that, but I didn’t get home until 12:45ish, so I had a long day.

Before I got to the station I was getting off at I decided to walk through the carriages as I didn’t want to get wet and wanted to get off near the exit, I walked through standard class I don’t mean to sound snobby but omg it was disgusting!!!

There was mess EVERYWHERE dirt rubbish, I could not believe how much rubbish was everywhere over the floor!

Anyway that was my trip to London, lots happened! Lol

Much Love <3 xxxx

06 May 2011


Morning my Cupcakes

So I have my hair done last night, and omg I love Chanel she is amazing, I really do, I give her 100 out of 10, cannot wait to go back in June to get BLONDER!!!!

I know some of you have already seen my hair from the video I did, I wish I didn’t do that video now I wish I left it to be more of a first on my blog surprise sort of thing! But thank you for what everyone has said so far!

So here is the ideas I had of what to have done to my hair, short long blonde extra blonde, well obviously blonde but here was my ideas: -

Funniest thing is I can officially say I have none of those, I gave her the option to cut my hair short if she had to, I literally gave her Artistic licence with my hair, brave I know but I thought you only live once!

So here is a before shot (well a week or so before but I forgot to take a photo

A dull ready brown, I didn’t realise how long my hair was until she showed me just before the dying commenced.

Well it took a long time to get this done, I was in from 6:45 until 10:00 pm! Her stomach was rumbling I felt so sorry for her! 

So here is my during pictures, as it was dying she was doing my boyfriends mother’s hair, there is a pic of that too, she doesn’t know it will be on here yet!

I wasn’t aloud to move my head!

How cool is this, she has a hair salon in a specially built shed in her garden! I read the legal stuff I had to read in this dying period, but it was soo much to take in!

The blonde didn’t come out exactly as I wanted because I have coloured it FAR TOO much, red and brown over the past few months! So it was obviously not going to be a perfect blonde! So here are my after photos, sorry if ive been a bit of a cam whore!!!

As you can see the top is VERY blonde but the bottom has some ginger tones and light brown tones, but then that’s my own fault for putting so many crappy colours in my hair! But the odd thing is I love the colour!!!

She hardly cut any off the bottom, I was so surprised how little she had to cut off, I though I would be loosing 5 or 6 inches! And then she styled it!

So what do you think, I'm going back again on the 1 June to go BLONDER!!!

Here is my video announcement!

Much Love <3 xxx

05 May 2011

Filofax Placement - Things I love Thursday

Hello my lovely buttercups

So I was looking at my desk and noticed I have a perfectly large space, I was thinking what could I put there, then I realised, if I don’t put my Filofax there its going to mean its going to be filled with RUBBISH and my desk will be an awful mess as usual.

So I took it out of my bag, and look how perfectly it fits, its meant to be, it looks like that space was specially reserved for my Filofax, I didn’t even have to move anything the prefect space was already there!

In the picture is the following: -

PG Tips Monkey
Viking Direct Voucher
Buzz Lightyear Etch a Sketch
Boss’ Diary (nothing compared to mine!
Some random blue tack
And the other printer on my desk!

So I was wondering where do you keep your Filofaxes when at work?

I used to have mine down on top of my Delightful on the floor (it breaks my heart to know that I do not have a special desk to put my Delightful on. When I first got her I would put down a material napkin, no matter what the surface was to protect her from the mean harsh world, but I don’t anymore).

So to the matter at hand, my Filofax is my Totem as you may know (if you don’t read my previous post about Radical Self Love go have a look now, its only 3 below this one or 4).  And as its also my Radical Self Love bible, I need it next to me to write complements, and other things in, feelings moods (which I completely keep forgetting, and when your on HRT your moods are ALL OVER THE PLACE).

So as its Thursday, one part of the homework is to do a Things I love Thursday page, (Gala Darling does a post every Thursday with things she loves) I believe, and its also going to be interesting to do, so from now on I'm going to try and write one in my diary every day!

I thought I would list a few of the things I love on here too!

So I will write 10 things on here out of the 100’s I can think of!

  1. Marks and Spencer – They do magical lunch, I love to buy all lunch from there.
  2. Blonde Hair – I'm going blonde tonight I will do a before and after photo, that’s what tomorrows post will be about.
  3. Musings of a Caribbean Princess – She really has made my day by putting a link to my “What’s in my bag” post, hehe
  4. My Filofax – I'm feeling a lot of love for it at the moment, A LOT OF LOVE!
  5. London Trips – I'm going to London on Saturday and its my favourite place so I'm pretty excited!
  6. Bic Limited edition 2 colour pink and blue pens – as I seem to be able to just keep buying them from my local Tesco, I have around 30 now!
  7. Dzintra – The lady that drives me in every day, we have such interesting conversations, and the other day she bought me an eye shadow in pretty purple! Its like pearlesent! (ok I spelt that wrong but I don’t know how to spell it)
  8. Getting my Imy back – its nearly back and I feel good, I know most of you wont understand but I will explain one day!
  9. My friends, I have only recently started to get some amazing friends, I was pretty much friendless until around October last year! And now I have two friends who is see quite regularly, and I love them so much, they have really helped me!
  10. Online friends – I do not know what I would do without them, I don’t think I would of come out the other side the way I have, I would never of been able to help all these people if it wasn’t for all them supporting me! I love you all so much more than you can know!

So that is 10 of my things I love Thursday!

Today at lunch I'm planning on getting on with my Radical Self Love homework as its such awful weather and I went to M&S this morning to get my lunch so I have no need to go out!!!

I am seriously so excited about getting my hair done tonight, I wonder how it will look? I will be so disappointed if she cannot die it blonde, anyway good luck imysworld with your hair lol!

Much Love <3 Imy xxx

04 May 2011

What's in my Bag?


I was just saw this post on Musings of a Caribbean Princess http://caribbeanprincessmusings.blogspot.com/2011/05/whats-in-my-bag.html
And it made me want to do a new what’s in my bag post.

So I have been using recently a mix between my new Cambridge Satchel and my Louis Vuitton Delightful MM, but me and my Delightful have had a big falling out recently! Therefore the reason I bought the Satchel to get my own back at my bag (OMG I SOUND MAD), and it kinda worked I could see my Delightful feeling a bit sad on the floor in my room.

So here is the reason why me and her fell out, well I was reading a post on the Purse Forum (such a bad place to go when your lusting over Chanel and Louis Vuitton) and I saw a post about someone’s coating coming off their bag after four weeks. So I take a look at mine, and yes you guessed it, its come off, but not just like 4 months of wear, it looks like 4 years of wear.

So I had a few depressed days thinking, oh my bags ruined and was feeling very down and sorry for myself (yes over a bag) and so I did a post and had lots of details pictures and everyone was telling me it wasn’t right I should take it back for repair or they may replace it etc, but I thought no they wont, so that brings me to today. This weekend my Delightful and I are going to London to the Bond Street Boutique to see what they can do about her poor little scarred self! Its all a bit depressing!

Anyway so now on to my “What’s in my bag?” I wont have as many pictures just because I cannot lay everything out at work all tidy but I will try my best!

So from the front my beauty looks like a bin bag with a strap, that is how I describe this style of hobo bag! And this is one HEAVY bag!!!!! Seriously some days I feel like it needs a trolly to be carried!!!

But I'm so proud of the way how the leather is going honeyish, yes I love the honey coloured leather, so here is the outside!

So there she is in all her heavy sad glory!

Now I will show you the inside pic, there is only one, then one pic of what’s in the pocket all lined up pretty.

From this picture you can see I have the following in my bag: -

A5 Finsbury Pink – The main result of the weight in my bag! The best thing in my bag!!!!!

Body Spray – The one I used to use in school, Delicious by Superdrug mMm….

Pink Sunglasses – from nowhere but PRIMARK!!!!!

Spotty light weight umberella

Tissue, masses of tissue!!! I have bad allergies 

Leopard print purse with no money in, well around £2.67 to be exact!

Bottle of Water – which is actually on my desk at the moment as I'm drinking from it.

Now on to the zipped pocket that is unzipped!

Model Mirror – It’s a magical mirror with lights all around makes you feel magical and it so clear and perfect for checking yourself out! I LOVE IT!!!

Chanel Glossimer (I cannot spell that from memory) in 98 Galatic, I'm in love with this, I also have 104 astral in the bottom of my bag somewhere but I'm not as in to it.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash – Its good but never lasting its more for an emergency than anything!

Mulberry Heart Key ring – My boyfriend sort of got it for me in a way, VERY CONFUSING!!!!

Bic four colour pen – I'm so obsessed with these at the moment!!!! But I have lots of the two colour pink and blue ones, my most used pen!

Benefit – Life on the A List lipgloss, I love the colour but hate the taste!

Eco Tools Foundation Brush – FOR NO REASON AT ALL IS IT IN MY BAG!!!!!

Moo Mini Cards – Business Cards

Inhaler, obvious reasons!

Memory Stick, as it had a flyer on we needed to print at staples!

That’s all that’s in my bag! Other than a lot of rubbish around the bottom!!!!

So I'm now looking to get a Totally MM, not too sure if I want Azur or Monogram, there both so pretty but I love the brown and gold tbh so its looking that way! Hopefully my 21st will be full of designer stuff (bought by myself obviously!). I love to spend lots of money on good quality things, except with clothes I suffer!!!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions at all ask away!

Much Love <3 xxxx

03 May 2011

Hair Cut.........The wonders!

Hello again

So I just wanted to do a quick posting about my hair

Here is a picture of different styles and colours I'm interested in and am thinking of having :-

As you can see they are all rather messy, that sort of style that looks rugged and interesting with lots of texture, none of them are flat perfect poker straight styles (and I know I have two pics of Ri Ri (I cannot spell her name) but after I had torn them out I realised and was a bit like dur!

Anyway I am going for blonde (and I don’t want to loose any length) but I know I may have to go shorter, after growing it past my shoulders, which I'm bloody proud of, but I have put some short styles in, just incase I need to have it cut in a bobbish style to get rid of my poor damaged tresses, which I have been very careful with to keep in amazing condition and have not had it cut in OVER a year!

But my hair is the thing I love to get styled, but hate to spend the money, not make up that is one different thing all together I could spend thousands on make up and never regret spending the money, but the money on my hair just feels like a waist, I don’t know why. I love it when its all beautiful and pristeen but just getting there cost an arm and a leg, I used to get my parents to pay to have it dyed once a month, oh yeah. (used to being the key words, like 5-6 years ago when i was in school).

But now I pay for it all my self and get it done once every so often!

Anyway what do you think of all those styles, I'm feeling the one at the top that says “style it now” or the one next to Ri Ri down at the bottom right second one in.

Let me know

Much Love <3 xxx

Radical Self Love - Picture 1

So here is my first Radical Self Love Picture, not quite what you would expect as my first one, i should be embracing my beauty and showing how amazing i am and all that, but in all seriousness, im not in the mood today! I am having an ilergic reaction to my make up wipes, therefore cannot wear make up, the playstation network is down, i havent got much money, but otherwise im ok.

So thats why im covering my face quite alot!

I bought this beard for a Life of Brian Party for my Grandparents 50th anniversary! lol

Anyway i will do another post later, feeling a make up tutorial of my idea of smokey eyes, as everyone seems to have a different idea of them.

Anyway hope you all have a lovely day!

Much Love <3 xxxx

02 May 2011

Radical Self Love Bible - With my new Finsbury


This is going to be my first ever filfoax post, as in without me talking on camera! So let me know if I do anything wrong!!!

So first of all here is my beautiful new Finsbury A5 in Pink mmm! I am so happy with this lil beauty J

It looks a bit Raspberyish here but its defiantly the pale pink, I love it so much, here is the inside then on to what this post is all about!

Ok so now on to the subject: -


So this is my Radical Self Love Bible, and the first two things I have to do is choose a totem and write what I want this all to achieve (I have not done that yet but this is just an introduction to the beginning of my Radical Self Love journey!) So I chose my totem to be a my filofax!!! As im going to take it everywhere with me it s going to be my beauty!

So I first saw this because a friend of mine – Rori – heres a link to her blog http://www.rorirants.com/, posted on facebook a link to a blog post by Gala Darling, and here is the post, http://galadarling.com/article/your-radical-self-love-bible, well that’s all the links for now! And I was totally interested from the minute I saw it!

So I poked around a little bit and found a video on UStream, and you have to pay $7 to watch it, I did, and it was amazing!!! I wrote down so much H/W from it felt like being back at school, so over the next few weeks im going to do post about it as I go on and im also going to upload a Radical Self Love photo of the day every day!

So here is the front to my Bible: -

I stuck pretty sticker jem stone things over some letters and some stars to make it sparkly, I love sparkle!

Here is a few pages of the homework I wrote down: -

Here is the start of one of the bits of homework, its my Self Love Idol

I’ve only just started it, so it will be a lot longer when I start!

Right so that’s all for now I will try and do another post this week about how ive been using my new Filofax I love it soooo much HEHE

Much Love <3 have a nice day!