20 January 2011

Diet Planning


Diet happenings are coming

Well so i wanted to tell you what im going to be doing, I am starting the "Imysworld Diet", yes there is such a thing!

I have created dieting sheets to fill out, i have been planning meals, thinking about what i can and cant eat, im going to set out some rules in a minute.

I will tell you more on February 1st when my diet commences!

I am 13 stone 3 pounds :'( and i want to get down to 11 stone 3 pounds (well thats my first weight i want to get to, im going to do it over stages)

So Look out for my diet diary! :) Xxxx

Much Love :) xxxx

13 January 2011

What to expect in February 2011

What to expect in February 2011 on Youtube and my Blog

The New Years Resolutions Month

Ok I'm starting my resolutions a month late as I have had a stressful January and wanted to start after the stress has gone! So now a new start! Good Luck Imy!!

It will be updated throughout the month if I'm not going to be able to do something or if I want to move it to the next month.

So the things that I will be doing are: -

App of the Week for iPad/iPhone

Make up Tutorials

I don’t understand Periods – Part the AIS Series

1 February – The Start of the Diet – Swimming

How my New Years Resolutions are Going

Life in HD?

There will obviously be lots of different things in-between, all sorts in fact.

If you have any requests please let me know.

At some point I need to do this Barbie Video too, but I don’t think February will be the correct time! 

Much Love <3


Well im going to do a Youtube video on the above, im going to show you how much it can hold, what it can hold, things that fit in, things that dont, etc

I will also do a Make-up Tutorial tonight! :)

Im going to check my todo list and cross off what i have done and what hasn't been done!

Ok i didnt do the make up tutorial but i did alot of vids and they will be uploaded one a day, i wil be doing 3 or 4 over the weekend too :) WATCH OUT!!!

Much Love <3

11 January 2011

Tool Kit Sadness

I just got that free tool kit now its been taken away from me by my boss, when i was told by my other boss i can have it, that has actally ruined my day, i really want to cry :(

I love tools :(


Here is my first Youtube Make up tutorial, I did it on Sunday evening.

I was pretty nervous and look like a pineapple, but I wanted to keep my hair out of my face!

If you could tell me anything I do wrong it would be much appreciated!!!!

The products I used are: 

Confessions of a Concealaholic - Benefit 
  • That Gal 
  • Erase Paste - No 2
  • Lemon aid
Maxfactor lasting performance - Natural Beige 106

Too Faced - Glamour to Go - blusher

Sleek Acid 570 Pallet

Maxfactor Masterpiece Glide and Define Eye Liner

Benefit Bag Gal Lash

Nivea Pearly Shine

Chanel Glossimer - 104 Astral

If i did anything wrong or anything please let me know!! I would love to learn anything i am told, and i do not know the proper techniques for applying make up etc, so if anything like that is wrong, i have not been to colelge or anything to learn (YET) so i am sorry if its not 100% perfect!!

Thanks for watching!!!

Much Love <3

06 January 2011



Viking are ofering a FREE TOOLKIT with any orders over £100!

But we have nothing to order, but OMG i want a tool kit, i would love to just fix things on the spot, yes im that sad i love tools!!

I could be the Truro Tool Kit Person!

I wish we had a HUGE stationery order to make, then i could have my beloved!!! :( 

Much Love!!!! <3


Seen as i am a Tee Total, i originally thought that ment you were really drunk! But now i know that it means you dont drink and you never drink at all.

So this is my new idea, the new alchol should be fruit juice, and they should have pumps of orange juice, apple, mango etc, so then the next day instead of a headache you get an upset stomach, but at least its alot more healthy and you wont have people falling over the streets being sick in every possible place!

As you can tell im not much in to the alchol fuled years we seem to be in, people going out everyweek, if i do go out i just drink glassess of water, but when i get REALLY hardcore i drink BOTTLED WATER!!!! So that is what i think!

YES IM 20 AND I DONT DRINK OR PARTY BEING HAMMERED, i would rather remember my night and dance and have a good time, at least then if you get in a fight its for a reason and not because your so pumped of alchol you cant controll you actions!!!!! Get your head on and fix it!

But wouldnt life be so much simpler, just think a pint would be lik £1.50 if that!!!! What an amazing world we woud live in, and instead of snacks you have nice fruit and vegtables!

Anyway after that little rant im going!

Much Love <3


If anyone wants to request any particular video please let me know! :D


It's a new day today, but my mind is filled with ideas, barbies, nail varnish, ipads, the list just goes on and on, but this bloody rain just ruins all production.

So far last night i created three videos, which need editing and uploading, researching and just general sorting out, but then i have another six ready to be edited as well from a while ago, mainly all iPad related seen as i have now started to LOVE my iPad after owning her for 4 months, i can now only just say i understand why people buy her!!!!

Today i am wearing Superdry cardi, topshop top, M&S Skirt, Celtic Uggs, and some BEAUTIFUL Miss Dior Cheire the green one, which im not too sure which that one is.

To cheer me up this morning i had a STARBUCKS, thats obviouisly not it but i didnt take a photo, i have a lovely, medium HAZLENUT SIGNATURE HOT CHOCOLATE, with CREAM!

Oh it makes me feel better, now i feel ready to start the day, even tho im half asleep.

OOO I saw Wall-E last night, OMG isn't it cute, eva's little voice and Wall-E but OMG, the end was so sad, i loved the OCD robot cleaning everything in sight!

Tonight im watching about Hiphop Hunnies, Dancing Girls, what ever you want to call them on that BBC program about people not wearing enough in music videos, they don't get paid, i think the joke is on them to be honest!

Any my nails have got worse, out comes Sally Hansen, HARD AS NAILS!!!!!!! PLEASE SAVE ME SALLY!!!!!

Anyway after a nice long rant im going!!!

Much Love <3

05 January 2011


Being back at work is really not good for you!!!!

You would not believe how brittle my nails have become and how many i have lost, after the xmas holz growing them to a really nice lenght, having them pretty colours, now for them all to snap off.


Much Love <3 xxx

Coming Soon to Imysworld


What to expect during January on my Youtube Channel and blog, there not in any specific order.
  • Benefit Confessions of a Concealerholic Review
  • Canon Legira 306 FS Review
  • Blue Lagoon Make up Tutorial- Might be done in February as i have already done one tutorial and doing another tongight
  • Life in HD - Might have to wait until February or March, May be a London Vid
  • Periods – I don’t understand them - Doing in February, done other AIS vids

  • Miss Dior Cherie Set Review and my Favourite - Doing in February

  • Ipad/Iphone App of the month   

The above are the Ipad/Iphone app of the week, no longer once a month now once a week

I have LOTS TO DO!!!!

Much Love! <3



So I was sitting here all on my happiness, then down comes **** and takes down my xmas tree in the office.

I was so disappointed, I was happy having it there, leaving it until the 1 February (as it is tax return season) and then take it down, now it feels all crappy and unxmasy.

How is everyone else’s xmas depression???

I had a really nice xmas until I got back to work.

Now my tree is gone, I feel all alone in my office again, it seemed a bit more full of life in my office which I sit alone!

Here is the tree, well a video of it anyway

And don’t forget to comment, rate and subscribe!!!!

Much Love!!! <3


Good Times!!! :D

Sorry if there isn't any music, i dont think i can add any now :(


Hello Bloggies

I have recently started a Youtube account which I am trying to upload a minimum of one video per a week.

It is going to be focusing around make up and my lovely Louis, and yes it is real, watch the unboxing and I show all the documents, OMG its an amazing bag, there will be lots of random videos too but I mainly want to have reviews of make up.

I will post most videos on here, but any I don’t you can see if you go to my youtube channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/imysworld

Thank you for taking your time to read this, please subscribe to my youtube channel and this blog.

There will also be Vlog style videos about my condition, and stuff like that, Hope everyone has a great new year.




Louis Vuitton UNBOXING

Me unboxing my BRAND NEW Louis Vuitton Delightful MM in Monogram, I love it, a reveiw will be comeing in the near future, subscribe and watch out for more videos!