31 October 2011


@Filofax tweeted last week to see if anyone was going to dress up their Filofax in fancy dress, well i don't know if anyone replied but I DID!!! No response though :'-(

I wanted to share with you my lovely Finchley dressed up ready to trick people ;-)

I thought i would do a very halloweeny post i hope you enjoy!!

A video which Lady Gaga tweeted about which is AMAZING is called GAGAWEEN, i thought as its HAlloween i should share it with you:-

My previous fancy dress costumes (not all of them obviously) 



Fairy Day 


Hen Party 2009?



Birthday 2009 


18th Birthday - Just after Surgery a week before! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, posting will be back to normal soon! YAY


27 October 2011



I am going to announce the winners for the Share your Memories competition!! If you didn't win i am SO sorry!!! I wish i could of given you all a Filofax!!!

Alltogether i had 26 entries in the short space of 2 days! Ever since i announced that there now giving away 6 Filofaxes the competition went MAD!! Its been like a full time job but im glad i can NOW announce the winners!!!

These are in no particular order, as since re writing them they have gone completly out of order!!

Amanda Martin - Amanda21xo

Dolly Dollface

Liang-Yin Liu

Marie Shambrook 

Particia Weller 

Yasmin - Princess Tiger!

So thoes are the six winners, i will be in contact with you all shortly! Please could you reply to my email as quickly as possible as i need to ask you some questions!!

I do have one favorite entry that i received and that was by Liang-Yin Liu, it was AMAZING!!!! I didn't have many hand written ones and this one was hand written and hand drawn, i just wanted to share it with you all on here first!!

Liang-Yin Liu 2

Liang-Yin Liu 1

I will try to send everyone an email just so they know anyway incase you dont all see this!!

Hope you have enjoyed this and my blog will be back to normal tomorow (I have missed blogging)


25 October 2011


Hello Lovelies!

Filofax have made a slight change to the original Share your Memories competition, but its a change for the better! For more information read THIS!

So now the comptition has change only in way of prizes and how you can win!

You still need to write 300 words about your most Memorable Filofax Memory! But just write it in an e-mail then send it to FILOFAXIMY@LIVE.COM

You still have until Midnight on Wednesday!

BUT the BIG change is that Filofax are now giving away 6 FILOFAXES to the first 6 people who enter! So if you enter now you are pretty much guaranteed a Filofax unless hundreds of people enter! As 3 people have entered there are only 3 left to give away, but that doesn't mean you cannot win!!!


Competition closes Midnight TOMOROW rememer!!!  So you have all of today and tomorow to enter!!


Any questions below please!!!

And the orignal competition entry rules still apply, except for the fact tha tthe frist 6 people to enter win a filofax instead of needing 10 entries to be voted etc.....



22 October 2011

Polly the Hamster

My boyfriends mum got a hamster the other night called Polly, she is adorable, i just wanted to show you all some photos of her, I even got to pick her up tonight, she is AMAZING I Love her so much already!

And here are my two favorite photos from the whole playing with her this afternoon: -

She has been very adventurous and has done alot today!

We are starting potty training TODAY! YAY



I have a competition which ends on WEDNESDAY!!!


Please enter you can just type it in an email and i can sort the rest!

Just share your most memorable Filofax Memory!!!


21 October 2011

QUIZ!!! Imy's Music Quiz YAY!

On the bus this morning i had a mini quiz, of music i was listening to! So i thought i would share the questions here for you all to answer incase anyone missed them. Put your answers in the comments below!! EEEEkk

Question 1: Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin! What am I singing?

Question 2: Hey, hey........, hey...., hey, good morning, you.............., its calling, what am I singing?

Exra Line Hint: Really wanna look into your Catwoman eyes!

Question 3: Hungry for love and it's feeding time?

Exra Line Hint: Run my greasy fingers up your greasy spine

Question 4: Lift your hands and voices free your mind and join us

Question 5: Goggle eyed playing computer games, spending dole money on drugs?

I look forward to seeing your answers, have fun!! YAY

20 October 2011

Finchley Vintage Rose - The story so far!

As you all know I recently bought a Filofax off eBay the beautiful Finchley Vintage Rose - WON THE FILOFAX BATTLE - So i just wanted to do a small overview of the Filofax, a small comparison with the Malden then finally my start of the "set up process" which i have PROCRASTINATED the arse off!

Here is a small compilation of photos I have taken of the Finchley (be warned, the colour does not look right, and i tried hard).

Finchley Vintage Pink - different angles

I was totally supprise by this Filofax, it is so FLEXBILE! Just beautiful, if anyone ever gets a chance to get a Finchley no matter what colour get one, they feel beautiful to hold!!

I then decided to compare it agains my Malden, and the leather feels so much more Luxurious than the Malden, it just feel more beautiful more loved!

Finchley Vintage Pink v Crimson Malden

I prefer the Vintage Rose anyday, its such a beautiful colour, i know the red is really deep any beautiful but it just does not compare to the Finchley. Even though i prefer the pocket layout of the Malden, i love the back pocket of the Finchley as you can use it to put pictures in! YAY!!!! Cat shrine!

Finchley Vintage Pink - cat memorial

Kalamari - 1 Year Old
Jess - RIP 14 June 2010 - 14 Years Old

We now should have a public Naming ceremony, I have named her Florance, or Flo for short, as she feels like a Flo, a beautiful name for a beautiful Filofax! She will look beautiful with my Alexa!!! 

So now on to my minor setting up, which im gradyally doing but i am lacking dividers, so i have made an exchange (well i have dividers but there all red and orange, does not go with pink clashes AWFULLY) with @sallyhj0 she needed a 2011 week per a page diary and she makes her own dividers, so i sent her alot of nice filofax things too in return she will make me some dividers! YAY THANK YOU!!!!!

So here is my main dillema with the Filofax: -

Finchley Vintage Pink - diary choices

So i use the 2011 Paperchase diary, or the Filofax 2 days to a page 2011 diary? Please answer on the side at the poll >>>>>>>

Finchley Vintage Pink - inside so far

After that i have just written up my Xmas list, and accidently put 2012 instead of 2011, which means it can be used 2 years in a row!! early 2012 planning is now in session!!!

I also have 2 today rulers, one for to-do lists and the other for dairy, important for me to not get confused!! 

Birthdays are written down too, one thing i need is telephone number sheets!!! IMPORTANT!

Arnold looks at home!!

Here are all the Pocket and Personal inserts i own in BOX FORM!!!

This box = AMAZING!!! sorry but it does!


18 October 2011



This October, Filofax and Imysworld would like to invite you to share your favourite Filofax memory. Whether it’s a tale about your first Filofax, the story of your first visit to the Filofax store or even a moment when a Filofax played an important part in your life, we want to hear from you!

Over the next two weeks, you will be able submit your cherished Filofax memories by 26th October at 23:59 (UK time) to filofaximy@live.com This can be beautifully handwritten, typed or even drawn onto the special Filofax diary page template which you can download from the link below 

Imysworld will then choose the top 10 memories to be uploaded onto the official Filofax Facebook page for fans all over the world to read and ‘like’.

On the 4th November, the three memories which have the most ‘likes’ from the Imysworld will receive brand new Filofax organisers as a very special thank you for participating in the challenge.

Interested in sharing your Filofax memories? Here’s how to take part:
  1.  Download the Filofax diary page template from this link PPT format PDF Format
  2. Write, draw or type your 300-500 word memory onto the Filofax diary page template
  3. Send your memory back by 26th October at 23:59 (UK time) to filofaximy@live.com who will then select their top 10 stories to be uploaded onto the Filofax Facebook page. Maximum of 3  entries per person. Competition open to all Filofax users worldwide. 
  4. Filofax fans will then be encouraged to ‘like’ their favourite memories
  5. The three memories that receive the most ‘likes’ from the Imysworld album will receive brand new Filofax organisers!
I look forward to seeing all your entires, if you have any questions comment below, or email filofaximy@live.com! YAY!!!

If you are unable to print off the PDF or open PowerPoint as you do not have it on your computer, you can send me a typed version over email and I can sort the rest out just so you don't miss out!  




For a while now I have been looking for a beautiful Vintage Rose Personal Finchely, then last Sunday I was told one had come up for sale on eBay! I jumped for joy I was so exicted! I was going to my parents the next day and i had no money to buy it, I had to ask my Dad to bid for me! Luckly enough he agreed, so I placed a bid to get rid of the reserve so no one could Steal her away from me!

I got to my parents and watched her, this was the Monday, a day after it went on eBay, it was already up to £11, I started to believe I was not going to get it, in the end I payed £5.00ish under my budget which I was very happy with!

The lady was really nice, she said she was glad it went to such a lovely happy home, or something like that, I was too excited! The description said it was being posted 2nd class recorded! BUT she poseted it 1st Class recoreded and the nice post man delivered it today (all the other post people [pc] we get are grumpy)!

So i photographed unwrapping it!

She had wrapped it in tissue paper like a present for me!

It came with a 2012 diary and a lot more inserts than i was expecting (i didn't read what it came with, was too excited).

I left her mad feedback saying things like she is Magical and Amazing etc..... I also sent her a lovely email!

I feel sorry for her!

Anyway there will be more to come about this beauty soon!!

Here is my feedback i left her: -


17 October 2011

Share your Filofax Memories - Competition

Do not forget to enter my competition to win a #Filofax - Share your Filofax Memories - I look forward to seeing all your entries!!!



14 October 2011

Pocket Filofax Malden REVISIT!

This is a general update I have changed a few things, I will breeze through some and DETAIL you on other bits!

So here is my lovely FULL beautiful Grey Pocket Malden, its STUFFED and LOVED!

As you can see the FIRST difference, other than the face its alot fuller now, there is a Happy Burger thing that Rori gave me AGES ago in a letter and i had no use for it then suddenly thought how cool it would look there so i hole punched it and put a plastic thing on the back to keep it safe! Adds more colour to it!!

The new things i have added to my pockets are: -

A Staples Voucher
A Cat In the hat joke
Credit Card slip with Osterley written on it

Now behind the info tab, this will be quick!

Personal info


Now behind the Agenda tab:

Another little cute piece of paper from Rori just to add something extra, i also used the reinforcing things to it.

Then behind this i added a pretty cover to my diary to make it a little more cuter!

Paper from inside Zoe's envelope! YAY


As you can see i still have a bit of 2 days per a page,  then the other side are the days to a page, but weekends are 2 days to a page which isn't right they should have an extra whole day, dont you agree!!!

Then i have a little cute rainbow magnet to hold the pages i have used out the way isnt it adorable my friend Lucy gave them to me for my birthday!!!

Just to show you the layout, I WISH IT WAS PLAIN NO LINES I LIKE PLAIN PAPER!!!!

Now its time for the NO TITTIES!!!! or Notes to people who have a normal mind!

Places i want to visit! - [Thomas i know there is somewhere you said to add on to the list, i havent updated it yet]

Just general notes

Then i made some top tabs with some craft card which @enola05 sent me a while ago, and i have been meaning to to use but not decided then i got in to the Filofax mood tonight, and made a few dividers, this one is for my christmas list, have you been naughty or nice?

Then i made a seperate one for my to-do lists, that looks magical, i just was playing but what a great idea!!

Then the Alfabet i dont use.......

I have some new additions: -

Jess RIP my heart still breaks beacause i lost you, i love you so much Jess I will think about you for ever!

Kalamari - lovely new kitty who is now a proper cat!

Back pocket

Lots of stuff, the magazine clippings are from the How to spend it magazine that comes with the financial times ;-) oh yeah!

Christmas Menu!

Then FINALLY the pens i use in my Filofax!