24 January 2012

IPhone V Blackberry

I use an iPhone as my main and only phone, I always go back to an iPhone, I always use an iPhone but I have cheated a few times! I have had a Blackberry Bold twice I believe.

So first of all a small history of me iPhones and Blackberrys's....

First iPhone was the second iphone to come out! The iPhone 3G, I cued up for a few hours to get it but they had sold out! I had this phone for just over a year, until the 3GS came out. Then i got out a contract to get the 3GS, I got it in black. Around 6-10 months into the contract i really fancied a Blackberry!

I got a Blackberry Curve maybe? or Bold? And i used it for around 8 months, it kept freezing on me, just generally going wrong, i started to HATE it! But there is something I love about Blackberry's.....

So I got a White iPhone 3GS, I loved it for around 8 months maybe more....then back to a Blackberry Bold in White :-D I have a thing for white things (DON'T WORRY THIS IS GOING SOMEWHERE).

Then the iPhone 4 came out, I said to everyone I HATE IT, I do not like the design, you will never catch me buying it......what a load of CRAP! Around 3 months later i owned a 4, and have had it now 1 year and 3 months.....the longest I have EVER kept a phone!

So now this brings me to my dilema!

iPhone or Blackberry, OR BOTH!

So i put this as my Facebook Status and got lots of replies, I will show you some of the best ones...

K - After an iphone you'll hate the blackberry.... I've gone for the galaxy s2 and its a nice change but iphones still rule the world lol most expensive aswel though.

S - For me I thought Blackberry = workhorse, Iphone & Android = fashion statement! Which did I need!

B - I don't think there's anything you can do on a blackberry that you can't do on an iPhone ... therefore Blackberry = workhorse; iPhone = pretty workhorse :-D

T - what ever you get you have to get one of those cases with all the rhinestones!

So I am kinda torn, I think maybe i should have both, but then that is greedy and costly, and do I really need a second phone??

So i want your opinions......


I would love to hear your experiences etc....

Am i just getting bored, and when will the iPhone 5 come out (that would solve all my problems!    


I believe Alice is going down the Rabbit hole with these Prices! - Filofax


I have seen this text posted on numerous blogs...

"British heritage brand Filofax has partnered with the British designer Alice Temperley to launch a new collection of organisers entitled Your Life in Your Hands. Handmade from premium leathers, the range showcases Alice Temperley's signature style and includes two limited edition organisers to be launched during London Fashion Week this February. Priced from £375 to £399, the new collaborative collection will be available from Temperley boutiques, Filofax stores and Selfridges from the end of February.launches on 18th February."

I was REALLY wanting to buy one of these as from the small little snippets of them we have seen they look LUSH!!!! And you all know I am one for a Filofax but at this price you HAVE TO BE JOKING!!!!

I am going to go and try and see these on 28 February as they will be in launching on 18 February, so it should be there! And i will take some photos and have a look! But I BETTER not fall in love!

I would much rather buy a nice Mulberry Wallet or something, but If i have to have it I have to! BUT I AM NOT GOING TO PAY £400 for a FILOFAX!!!!!!!

What are your views on this over priced Filofax??

Sorry I have been away so long!

12 January 2012

My Androgen Insensitivity life in Videos so far.....

I made all these videos around a year ago, all to do with my condition, and I just wanted to share them all with you to give you some nice evening watching!

First of all to be positive i will start with the good points!

Here is a bit of my story

Here is about my experiences with HRT

Here is my small amount of experience with bullying

And finally me asking questions about periods, as i have never had them...

My eyes look nice in that one!

But it has been a hard struggle and it always will be hard for me...

I just wanted to show you a little bit of what i have been through!

Alternative Cuban Zipped Review

Hello everyone!

I have a HUGE appology to make, I have not been on here in AGES! I just have been feeling so rubbish in the past few weeks due to my medication running out and being very low that i have not been in the mood to even think about doing a blog post! I am sorry I have failed you all!!!!

But on New Years Eve I did a Youtube video with my friend Damien (What a random night to do a Youtube video i know) so i though i would share it with you incase any of you have missed it!

I should gradually get back in to the swing of things now as I have alot to post about i.e. my 2012 set up, BUT It is January and anyone who has worked in an Accountants knows that it means work is busy! So bear with me!!!

I will try and get back on track for all of you!!!

Miss you all!!! xxxx