19 July 2014


Unfortunately I was driving along the M25, terrified, I got a phone call, I have hands free Bluetooth so it's as if the person is next to you! 

It was the hospital, my operation has been moved! 3 days before! My little heart is broken :( I was so ready!!! It was supposed to be Monday and they waited until Friday to tell me, when I was all prepared left work and excited! 

I really hope they don't move it again

Chase and status was amazing though

17 July 2014

4 Days to Surgery!

I decided I should do little posts randomly throughout my surgery adventure, I will tell you my thoughts yesterday first (random blog post I know)

You can read about my previous appointments regarding my Breast Reduction here:

Breast Reduction Help and Advice

Breast Reduction Update

Update on my Reduction

I won't be able to link to these in each blog post as I will be mainly posting from my phone!

7 Days to Surgery

I went to Asda tonight to stock up on some things I may need:

Baby wipes
Roll on deodorant
Pyjamas (couldn't get front opening ones due to a phobia of buttons)
Cheap Zip up hoody

I have also bought on the weekend Bio Oil, ready for after, and a few days before some sports bras from Marks and Spencer due to not being able to wear normal bras for ages! Really getting excited!

6 Days to Surgery

Getting a bit nervous today, ordered three front opening bras, a Royce one, which sounds really fancy and two Asda ones, I am expecting to return an Asda one as I ordered two sizes, I really hope the Royce one isn't too big as well!!! I really cannot wait to see my small boobs!

5 Days to Surgery

Someone in my office who I sit next to has a cold, I am concerned I may catch it, as if I do then I cannot have my op!!! Worrying all day about catching it, he moved to work downstairs for the rest of day just to help me not catch it. I sanitised the whole desk and anything on it and my hands!

Asda bras came today, I tried them on, it looked so funny my huge boobs bulging out of them! But so excited about what they may look like after!

4 Days to Surgery

Starting to feel nervous and excited, mainly nervous due to driving to London tomorrow by myself! I have never done such a thing before! But I am meeting my friend Alice on the way up and she is going to go shopping with me for a bit around a huge shopping mall!

I am going to Lovebox tomorrow too

Cold worries are departing a little, I am less worried I have caught a cold, I have a bit of a scratchy throat and runny nose but I think that is hay fever as I get it badly!!! Please only be hay fever I cannot miss out on my surgery! I will be heart broken!

Drink lots of water, is what I shall do! And eat lots? Feed a cold or something?

My boss asked if it was a operation I had to have done or something else, I just told him it would make my every day life better, as it is true, it will!

I hope I am not asked too many questions as I do not think they will understand that it is not a cosmetic thing!

Will try update you tomorrow :)