23 April 2012

Colour Co-ordination for Filofax

I was not quite sure as to what I should call this post, so I have a NAFF title!

I wanted to show you that I have decided from now on to colour code my diary.....like appointments and everything will have a different colour!


As you can see here it is in action as to speak...


So do you all use different coloured pens for different things in your Filofax and how do you use them??

I would love to see how you all do it, so if anyone wants to do a blog post about how they colour co-ordinate things in their Filofax I would love to see it!!! Message me at filofaximy@live.com or comment below!

This is a first look at my Pocket Filofax (but the binder it is in is not my pocket Filofax it is going to be used....good luck)

20 April 2012

Pocket Inspiration

At lunch time I decided to have a look around Flickr for some "Pocket Inspiration" and I wanted to share with you the pictures that I find inspiring, I will put a link and details back to the owner of the image, none of the images below are mine, they are all borrowed off Flickr, below each image will have details of the owner.

Vintage Pink Pocket Malden

Inside Jotje's beautiful Pocket Malden

Owner: Jotje

As seen on Philofaxy for a blog post about her Pocket - A Pocket Full of Life 

Interior leather detail

Another Pocket Malden

Owner: Stirwise 

Blog post  

My notebook

Probably the most used paper I have EVER seen but something is so beautiful about it!

Owner: Georgie R 

Bonjour! Welcome to the beginning.

There is just something about the Malden isn't there!

Owner: ModCons&Parklives

 Like a Fan - My Pocket Malden in Grey fanned out standing up looking pretty <3

This is my previous Pocket Malden, I just LOVE this picture, its so pretty! 


Overstuffed Filofax Ready for a Trip to Hong Kong

I love this picture, its just so used and loved! What is there not to like about the inside of this Filofax!

Owner: hellobo 

I hope you enjoyed my little Pocket Inspiration post, these are all pictures of pocket Filofaxes that have given me so much inspiration to make my Filofax look amazing!! I am so excited!

But all the pictures were taken from peoples posts on Flickr and the owners name has been posted below with a link to their profile.


Pocket Planning

I have been planning my pocket ideas for a few days now....

I am getting the Imperial Purple Finchley in Pocket, then if all goes well upgrading to the Purple Malden in Pocket in May! I have made a deal with Tracy that we are using Pockets until 30 May! We are only aloud to change back to Personal on that date if we cannot handle the Pocket any more!

The most important thing in the pocket is the diary, before I was using a two days to a page in the pocket and that worked soooo well for me!!! The only reason I moved back to Personal was because me and my ex split up and I kind of wanted a change I guess. But I really loved using my Pocket! The Diary insert worked so well for me!

This time, I am planning using the diary a little bit differently! As I do not do much at all really, and when I do its still very minimal (examples below) I will be using quite a few diary layouts just for one diary! It is going to be MAD!!!

For starters I will show you how little I write in my diary

Quiet weeks:



Busier Weeks (but its just me writing pointless stuff down really):



As you can see I don't write too much in my diary unless I have a big weekend planned, something like visiting London or going to visit a friend etc....my life can be pretty boring (as far as my diary is concerned) so what I am proposing to do with my Pocket Filofax is the following:

For my normal diary I am going to be using a week to view, but it will have only one language on.

As times get busier, I have a day to a page 2012 diary which I bought last year for my pocket, but I don't like the lines too much, so this will be used on days where I have a lot on, like trip to London for Philofaxy meet up etc...

I also have a week on a page which I may use if a week is EXTRA quiet! I want to be quite versatile with what I use and I do not want to stay restricted to one type of layout, but if all that fails May I am buying 2 days to a page!

I also have a month to view diary for the front, as I love to see what is going on, even though not much does go on!

The only other issue I ever had was writing notes in the Pocket Filofax, I have decided, I will use plain paper turn the Filofax on its side then I have a better sheet for writing on! ISSUE SOLVED!

I am also going to be using a lot of Hello Kitty inserts in it, as they do better sized lined paper etc.... all in all I am very excited to be setting this up and using it!

Thank you Yasmin for my Hello Kitty Inserts, you and Tracy gave me the final push to move back to pocket!

Thank you Judith for having a Pocket Finchley for sale!! I cannot wait to see it!

Look out for my blog post on my Pocket maneuver next week!!!


19 April 2012

Planning for my 22 Birthday....

Now this is VERY forward planning but I have always wanted to dress up as a Playboy Bunny, so I thought why not for my 22 birthday as I will have lost lots of weight, well I hope I will be skinny enough to pull it off!

I was originally thinking of getting a corset made, (I have been thinking about my costume idea for a few weeks now, but I wanted to announce it to the world today for no reason) but then I decided I could get a lot better costume if I create one MYSELF!!!!

I started to think about ideas, and I decided I wanted to use a body, (those tops that do up under your lady bits, kind of reminds me of a little baby's top thingy) but I thought what if it came undone? I continued with this thought for a while and left it to go over in my head.

I knew it needed to be black, lower at the front (show off my assets) and higher at the back to hide my bra strap. I found a few possibilities but then I decided to look on Flickr and see how other people have dressed up as Playboy Bunnies, then I found the EXACT idea I was going for....

Me & The Heff

I have borrowed the picture from Flickr user ohkoti, it is not my image.

But this is exactly what I want, except I probably wont wear a bow tie? Maybe I will I haven't completely decided yet!

Suddenly after looking at the picture, Ballet came back to me, I remembered I used to wear a Leotard, and I remembered my favorite Dance clothing website, Dance Direct! Off I went in search of the PERFECT Leotard....I found it within Minutes!


It is just plain black and it will be perfect! What makes it even better is its £10!!!!! PERFECT LEOTARD 

I will then get a pair of fish net tights from my local nearest tights place, maybe some M&S ones as they will be superb quality I assume! They do good tights I believe.

I will also buy a fluffy tail to sew on the back of the leotard, in the right place...


You can get them all over the place!

I am planning on wearing some Ballet shoes, real ballet shoes! Mainly because I love them, they are cute and the fact that I have large feet, they go up to my size. I cannot wear heels as I will fall over.... there are SOO many reasons to get them! So it will be a black pair! There only £3ish so extra cheap as well!!!

The last thing I need is a pair of ears, I didn't want to have a normal pair of ears, I wanted something different, I thought back and remembered I saw some beautiful LACE rabbit ears on ASOS. I thought they would look amazing, make the outfit a bit more cuter and less slutty in a way!


They are the most expensive item out of the whole outfit at £27 but totally worth it!

So that is ALL I need!!! Now when I get paid I get to buy my birthday outfit ready in time! YAY!!!!

I will wear my Lace Rabbit Ears to Philofaxy meet up I believe! hehe


My Weightloss so far.......

I have been trying to loose weight for 2 years now, off and on, I originally was size 8 and about 7 stone. I was this size and looked like this until the age of 17, when I had my Gonadectamy!


I know I look very skinny, but I was so happy being skinny (this picture was when I was 15) I felt so confident with my body, I felt so happy, I used to walk around in the summer in a crop top and mini skirt as I was so comfortable! Now in the summer I wear baggy things to hide how I look.

Just after my Gonadectamy they put me on Estrogen, and I noticed that I gained weight, alot of weight, I went from 8 stone (before my Gonadectamy) to 13 stone in 2 years! It was such a change I felt awful, I felt ugly, I REALLY hated my body! I tried to hard to loose the weight I had gained, but the estrogen seemed to not let me. Just under a year ago I changed to Testosterone! Ever since I have been able to loose weight, but the final push that really helped was getting out of my old relationship, as I felt so down I was not eating properly I would come home and eat 4-5 kit kats a few packet of crisps and something rubbish like chicken nuggest for dinner!

I was in a bad place.....Here is me just after I got out of that relationship




It also shows I did so much more after getting out of the relationship!

At that time I was 13 stone 3 pounds!

I have been loosing weight since, only drinking water and fruit juice, trying to eat as healthy as possible, cut out as much junk as possible and try to do 45 minutes of walking a day. I know it isn't much exercise but due to where I live and the fact I can't drive I am unable to do any sort of fitness thing due to the bus timetable, and the fact I have to rely on others. I know that's just another excuse and all but one day I will try and get to do MORE exercise! I don't often have much energy due to the fact I feel I need more hormones then I am getting, but that I can only sort out at my next hospital appointment in October.

So here are some pictures since....

The first two pictures are of some clothes that I ordered after my normal clothes were starting to hang off me. None of my jeans fit me any more, they are all hanging off me as if they are for two people.

I had lost 1 stone and 3 pounds in this picture


And I have finally been able to fit in to a SIZE 12 mini skirt! (I was size 16 in October)

size 12

I ordered a Superdry skirt this week, it is size 14, but with Superdry all their clothes seem to be one size smaller than they actually are if that makes sense?

But from this picture you can see I have lost more weight! I have not weighed myself in a few weeks so I cannot give you an update but I just wanted to show you my most recent picture!


I checked my BMI the other day, when I started I was in the OVERWEIGHT category at 28.7! I am still in the OVERWEIGHT category, but I am 26! and the maximum healthy BMI for my height and all is 25!!! I am so close!!!

I will give you another update in a few months! But I am determined to loose my stomach and muffin tops by birthday!!! Wish me luck!!!

Filofax Personal Deco FOR SALE!!!


I have been thinking about this for a while and I have decided to FINALLY rip off the band aid, and try to sell my Deco in Ebony (dark brown)!

I am selling it as I just do not love it enough, I use it for a week or two but ALWAYS go back to my Vintage Pink Finchley, she has cast a spell on me!

Personal Deco in Ebony

I bought the Deco in the half price sale in November 2011, I bought it for £99. I have probably used it in total for about a month. There is no damage and it is in VERY good condition, it does have a bit of glitter on the suede inside, which actually looks really pretty. It came off a card I had in there! But it will easily brush out if you do not like it! I just want to leave it how it is.

It comes with the FULL SET of inserts it came with when I purchased it in 2011. I have not used it as I just put my inserts in to it! Below are some more pictures and more explanations!



I still have the original tissue paper as well as the Box!

With Flash

Without Flash


Inside, you can see how beautiful it looks with the suede and the brown leather together, it is sooo stunning!


I tried to show the glitter on the inside of it, but it was sooo hard to do so!


The diary included is a week to view cotton cream 2012, it also comes with all original inserts!

If you are interested in buying my lovely deco please email me at Filofaximy@live.com or leave a comment below!

£50.00 ONO

If you have any questions please let me know!


18 April 2012

Filofax with a Bottle Holder? Design Idea?

Last night I sat down to chat to my lovely friend Louise on Skype, I decided I was going to relax with a nice bottle of Berry Rattler, which is a lovely Cornish Cider!


As I was sipping away at this cider I looked at my Filofax and I started thinking, what if my Filofax had the potential to hold a bottle of cider or wine etc......

Which led me to think about if my Filofax could hold my Cider the world would be a better place.

I realise I am sounding like an alcoholic with all this talk about my bottle of Cider but I will tell you the following information:
  • I was tee-total for 4 years! NO ALCOHOL for 4 YEARS!!!! 
  • I hardly ever have alcohol as it makes me ill, I can't really drink one, it just messes with my body
  • I only had one! 
  • I am old enough, being 21, and ugly enough!
  • I NEVER  have binge drink, if I am planning on having alcohol I have ONE DRINK! 
Now I have cleared that bit up back to the blog post....

So I sat there and I played around a bit...



But I could not get my Filofax to close no matter how hard I tried... SO Filofax you need to think about this when making future Filofaxes...will a bottle of Cider fit?

I look forward to seeing the new Cider Fit Filofaxes in a shop near me soon!

Pocket V Person - Revisted


Last night me and the lovely Tracy @icclewu were up until 11:45 on FaceTime on our iPhones discussing pocket Filofaxes.

She is craving the Enigma in pocket, but the discount code for City Organiser - 15% off andy15 is not working! I realised last night after we finished on the phone it says discount codes are not accepted on this idem or something?

I had a look and the first thing I saw was a POCKET FINCHLEY! Finchley is my Favorite Filofax at the moment, I have an Personal in Vintage Pink and a A5 in Imperial Purple. This is in Imperial Purple so in theory would be a lovely addition to my collection, AND it is half price! I am really tempted but first of all I thought I would do a blog post and ask what you think.

I did have a lovely Grey Pocket Malden, which I LOVED! I used it over the Christmas period with a 2 days to a page diary, but the colour really depressed me! I have noticed that if a Filofax is not Pink or Purple, I CANNOT USE IT!


During my little choosing between Pocket and Personal I have done a few blog posts.....here they are:

Pocket V Personal - HELP 

Grey Gravy Granule Pocket Malden, What's in it?

Pocket V Personal - Diary Comparison - 2 Days To a Page

Last night Steve Tweeted to me and Tracy a link from Philofaxy - Pocket is where it is happening!

And as  you can see in my most recent blog post I do not really write much in my actual "diary" part of my Filofax:



Tracy and I were discussing how it makes us feel a bit down that we have nothing written in and she said that if she had smaller pages there would be less white space so would not feel as bad, and I have to agree that it would work for me too!

It would be less of a weight in my handbag too, and there is just so many bonus features to having a Pocket again. I know I just sold my Pocket Malden, but I did not like the colour.....

So my plan is, ORDER the Finchley Pocket Imperial Purple, see how it goes with that, then if me and the pocket get on sooo well, I buy the Pocket Malden in Purple! As I LOVED the Pockets in the Malden, but I hated the colour.

But I did notice that there was a Vintage Pink Pocket Malden for the same price?? So what shall I do?? 

So what do you think?? ENABLE ME BABY!


17 April 2012

Guest Post - Caroline - Filofax Competition Winner! Domino Pocket!

Hello All

Last August I had a competition with WHSmiths, and also a competition to win a Pocket Filofax.

Caroline won the WHSmiths competition, but she had entered both!

The competition she won was the Domino Ultra Violet Review Giveaway here is the announcement!

To enter the competition to win the other pocket Filofax everyone had to send in a picture of their diary doing something or in a random place, as she didn't have a Filofax at the time she used her little diary, which I will put a picture of below!

caroline archer

I was so happy when she won the second competition! As I thought she really deserved it!

I asked if she would do a guest post so we could all see what she is doing with her Filofax prize....and here it is!

Hi, I'm Caroline and I won a Personal Domino (in beautiful Ultraviolet) by entering a competition on Imys Blog/Facebook Page.

I really wanted a Filofax, so much so, that I was part of Imys Filofax College on facebook, without actually owning one, this seems a little sad I know.
Imy hosted a competition for a limited edition Swarovski Filo, it was beautiful, and all you had to do to enter was take a photo of your Filo/Diary and post it to the Facebook group.  Unfortunately I didn't win this beauty, but I wasn't gonna give up, after visiting Imysworld again, I saw that WH Smiths had donated a Pocket Domino, which Imy was offering up as a prize.  All I had to do was comment on her review of what would be my baby, to possibly win.  Below is my entry:

I would love the gorgeous ultraviolet filofax for a number of different reasons:
1) my current diary is pants and has fallen apart (this is the diary i photographed for the filofax college competition)
2) purple is my most favourite colour, it would look wonderful in my purple bag, with my purple phone and my purple purse.
3) i desperately need a filofax to get my life/social life in order
4) i'm in a filofax college without owning a filofax...wtf is that about!
Please please please pick me to win this gorgeous piece of handbag candy
- Caroline x 

So after a couple of weeks waiting, I found that not only had I made the final 3, but that I had won.  Imy promised to send it as soon as she could (wrapped in Moshi paper no less).  She did make me promise that I was to let her know how I was getting on with it (if you ask me, i think she expected this months ago.... eeek).

Me & My Baby
So here goes:
Filo Front

She's beautiful, if not a tiny bit battered from being in my massive handbag, which holds my life in it.  As above, she is an Ultra Violet Pocket Domino.  At the moment she suits my needs perfectly and I'm so glad that she is my first Filo, I decided a while ago, that if I got on with her, at some point in the near future, I would either upgrade to a larger size, or a more formal Filofax.  

Open Filo

So, on the inside, she has 4 slots for cards (business/superdrug points card/mirror etc) as you can see I make use of these, I have my dads work information, two copies of my contact card and a print out from moneysavingexpert.com about consumer rights.  She also has a flap which is where I keep my most current prescription.

I have a plastic pocket, which holds a couple of silly things, the "well hello pretty lady" card, a mini sized birthday card, and a couple of vouchers from the Sun newspaper for free Alton Towers tickets.  Next is my contact information, now i'm not sure how many of you fill this out fully, but I just have my name, mobile number and email address.

Open At Diary

Now I know that these pages look a bit too neat, but this is how my Domino is used, I'm currently trying to lose weight, and my Filo gets used to remind me of classes/gym times, this is so i can track my progress and keep an eye on how much I work out.

As you can see, I've been cat sitting for my parents this week, which has given me the time to sit down and write this, take the photo's and finally sent it to Imy,  I use sticky notes almost every day at work, and this has rolled over into my Filofax, I use organisation stickers (the tiny dots in the picture) and also coloured tabs/notes to remind me, to do tasks I don't normally do (i.e take the bins out).  The Organisational Stickers were purchased from the filofax.co.uk website.

Sticky Tabs

My notes section is split up by 6 dividers, I have attached stickers so I can hand write over them, and they are listed as follows:

To Do Lists
Random Notes

They are mostly quite self explanitory, I keep a list of the things I normally forget in "Random Notes", things like my oyster card number, and the contact information for my bank etc.  In Holidays I have two trips listed, Marbella (hen party) and Mexico (family holiday), I have listed how much I have left to pay for both trips, and a running total of how much I have saved so far for both. 

At the back, is the Names/Address/Contact info section, organised into A-Z, I keep everyones information in here now, I used to use my mobile phone,but after a few mega crashes/breaks, I like to use my phone, as a phone.  I purchased some extra address pages and also some blank paper, which were from my local WH Smiths, when they last had a sale.

As I mentioned in my contest entry, my Filofax is used to keep my life in order, I am lost without it now, and would highly recommend the Pocket Domino for anyone looking for a starter Filo.  
Thanks for having me, and I hope I haven't bored you

Thank you for that Caroline, it was great to see how a new person to using a Filofax has set it up and got on with it :) I am so glad you have loved using it!

I hope everyone else has enjoyed this blog post! And if anyone fancies doing a random guest post let me know! I love them! 

P.s. There is a competition coming sooooooooooooon