Hello my name is Imogen or Imy, which ever you prefer! 

I am absolutely AMAZING (so I am told). I love to have fun and go on adventures! I like to share with you all my randomness that happens and things that I love to do on my beautiful blog!

I work as a Secretary and have done for many years, I drive a Mini

I get bored easy I'm like a little puppy dog I like to be adventuring and doing things, I can be very excitable, especially when I'm looking forward to things, I jump up and down and go very squeaky!

I have made quite a few YouTube vidoes about my condition and how it affects me, they have reached out to a lot of people and helped them. 

Follow me on Twitter @imysworld 

If you want to contact me to do a review or anything please email: imysworld20@gmail.com

Nice to meet you!

At the moment the Filofax I am using is  not actually a Filofax, it is a Gillio Fuchsia Croco Matt Medium Compagna with Smythson inserts which are beautiful! 

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