25 March 2011

Nintendo 3DS unboxing!!!


So I just got the Nintendo 3DS today, and so far OMG it is AMAZING

Its really creepy how it is actually 3D I actually cannot believe it, I now kinda understand those over the top videos of people going wow, is this real etc…It does actually look better than the 3D you get when you watch a film with glasses, I find those glasses bugger everything up anyway here is my unboxing: -

Subscribe as I'm going to be doing as many 3DS videos as I can over the next few weeks anything you want let me know and I will try and do it, will try with a tripod tonight as using an Iphone is SOOO HARD!!!! Canon 500D or 550D tonight on a tripod I'm feeling…..this could all go so wrong or be soooo right! Lol

Anyway, I will do a review next week, so talk later.

Much Love <3 xxx

21 March 2011

Filofax Shopping

On Tuesday last week i went to the Conduit Street (i dont think i have spelt that right) Filofax Store, in London and it was amazing!!!

I spent so long looking around at all the filofaxes, i probably could of spent all day, but i didnt!

I was looking at a few filofaxes but then i saw one that caught my eye! I dont know the name tho, it looked like the Amazona like i have but was in purple, A5 and alot more expensive!

It was beautiful, just such a lovely thing, i wish i took a photo or bought it (if only i had the money), but yeah i left wanting it!!!

I bought the Dividers, but they have clear slots so you can change the names to be what ever you want, ive not got around to using them yet, but will be doing so soon, then i will do a "How i use my filofax blog", and some of the organiser stickers, they are amazing, they even gave me a bag that has Filofax on the front....mmmmm

But i could of bought so many different things for inside my filofax, oh i love that shop.

I cannot wait until my next trip there, going to take at least £30 to spend on stationery for my filofax, pages etc...


Much Love

<3 xxxx

What's in my Louis Vuitton

Day 8 whats in your bag by imysworld
Day 8 whats in your bag a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

Inside my handbag there is the following: -

Mechanical pencils
lip gloss
model mirror
deman hair brush compact thingy
amazona filofax - Personal
pauls boutique glitter wallet
lips post it notes
chanel lip gloss 98 galatic

Things you cannot see: -

Moo Business CArds
Jot Pad
Walkers Plain Crisps
Ipod Shuffle
iPhone 4
Flower Hair Band
Hair Band
Subway Vouchers

There is usually alot more in my bag, i carry it everywhere, this was for Day 8 on the 30 days of lists.

Much Love <3 xxx

P.s if you have any requests let me know xxx

Mulberry Alexa

  by imysworld
a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

I also tried on the Alexa on my second trip to London, but tbh i thought it made me look a bit fat, as it drew too much attention to my muffin tops.

I love the bag and i love the inside, but i dont think it hangs all that well, i think it would even look this bad when it is full and has all my stuff in.

I know it only had the dust bag in but still, im not 100% on how it hangs.

I think the strap would also dig in so much and be so uncomfortable.

Its a beautiful iconic bag that will always be beautiful but the more i think about it, its not really the bag for me, i guess maybe its "too casual" which by the way im dressed may seem a bit of an odd statement, but inside i feel VERY formal if that makes sence.

I would love to have an Alexa one day but maybe as more of a collection piece rather than a everyday bag.

Still leaning towards the Chanel.....Coco Rider and PST and GST....MMMMMM

Much Love <3 xxx

20 March 2011

Chanel PST

  by imysworld
a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

OMG i went to chanel with my friend last friday and fell in love......

we spent 2.5 hours in the store, trying on watches and bags, (mainly bags for me) and it made me realise, I need to buy one lol

so im planning on getting this lovely Chanel PST in black with Gold Hardware

or the GST ahhhhhh

or i saw this bag called the Coco Rider flap and OMG it was beautiful similar price too

Hmmmm Chanel i love you

Please let my 21st be full of Chanel boxes (well only one) lol

Much Love <3 xxxx

08 March 2011

Day 7 - Blog Goals

Day 7 - Blog Goals by imysworld
Day 7 - Blog Goals a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

My Blog Goals, its exactly what it says on the tin, its my goals of what i want to do with my blog :) Enjoy!!!

06 March 2011

Day 6 - words I don't like

Least favorite words of the 30 days of list.

At first i couldnt think of words but ive kinda used words i dont like because what they are and their meanings and just general wrds i dont like, because they are either used the wrong way or i just hate them

So yeah

Much Love <3 xxx

Day 5 - What are your weekend Goals?

Day 5 by imysworld
Day 5 a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

These are my goals for next weekend, as i wasnt doing anything this weekend.

Its all mainly about me going to london and not missing the train and finding what i want.

i thought i would give it some pictures and colour seen as its nearly spring

Cannot believe were on day 5 out of 30 on the 30 days of lists :(

im going to miss this

Much Love <3 xxxx

04 March 2011

Day 4 - Today's Play List

Day 4 - Today's Play List by imysworld
Day 4 - Today's Play List a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

This is my play list, it is supposed to be what you listen to during the day, the only song on it i have listened to today is Candy man, and Radio 2 play that every friday after the weather (the lady i come in with likes Radio 2).

<3 i got the ipod heart on the internext adds to the page

Much Love <3 xxxx

Day 3 - Things I'm Looking Forward To

This is all the things im looking forward to, it goes from the serious to the not so serious :-)

Much Love <3 xxx

Day 2 - Things im good at

Day 2 by imysworld
Day 2 a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

Here is the things im good at, i would type it all out but dont have the time at this very minute, i will do it over the weekend.

Much Love <3 xxx

03 March 2011

Day 1

Day 1 by imysworld
Day 1 a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

Day 1 on the 30 Lists

Omg this is so exciting, I love making lists, i dont want this to ever end! :-)


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

02 March 2011

Written by hand – I’ve been tagged


I have not posted on here in a long time, been very busy with so much and a lot of youtube videos.

But I was Tagged by Steve - http://steve-morton.com/2011/03/02/written-by-hand-ive-been-tagged/

To do this so I though I would as I like to do random things of this nature.

I had to answer these questions on a piece of paper (above) in my hand writing, now I have awful hand writing if I use a biro and my fountain pen is a home so here is what it should say as I know some is a bit squashed.

1. Your name/blogger name : imysworld
2. Your blog name/URL: imysworld.blogspot.com and youtube.com/imysworld, which is where I blog or vlog more
3. Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
4. Favorite quote? ; a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous, well I don’t have a favourite quote really, I just always seem to remember this one from the purse forum and the chanel pages… ooo so nice to think about, please buy me one for my 21st someone! J
5. Favorite song? White lines – grandmaster flash
6. Favorite band/singers? – pendulum…..ummmm (only as I'm not 100% sure, I don’t have a favourite).
7. Anything else you want to say? I'm hungry, as I haven’t eaten yet today, so I'm really hungry!!!!!!!

So that was it.

Hope you enjoyed it, I will tag someone else to do it J

Much love <3